At least he picked a windless day


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  • Murray Smith

    Being rather petrified of heights, I’d rather volunteer to clean sewers with my tongue, than climb up there.

    • 1951

      I’m with you, I could only watch for 1.08. Cold chill now.

  • The wildman

    Just thinking knowing my luck i would have forgotten the light bulb.

  • InnerCityDweller

    Wouldn’t mind trying. Be interested to see how far I’d get. The top? Doubt it very much. Still…

  • Garbageman

    Not sure i would be fit enough to make it to the top let alone worry about how high it is

  • dumbshit

    when you get to the top you are only half way,

  • zotaccore

    It’s interesting the topic of fear. Imagine if you forced yourself not to either look down, or around for that matter, would it make a difference – would your fear be allayed? Regularly people are happy to be in a metal tube at 40000ft flying along at M0.82 and have no fear at all. Interesting human nature isn’t it.

  • ex-JAFA

    Neither man nor nature have yet to contrive circumstances under which I could even contemplate climbing that.

  • hunk4hire .

    Like climbing a tree, going up wouldn’t be too bad. It’s coming down that’s the hard part.