Let’s lift up the Burka and have a peek at Sharia law: Part One


Example one: Pregnant young woman flogged in public

Example two: Gay men forced into hiding as law passed stating that anyone caught having gay sex? will be sentenced to 100 lashes.

Location: Indonesia

Example three: UPDATE removed as turned out to be fake.

Example four: Colorado School Requiring Girls To Wear Islam-Compliant Clothing During Trip To Mosque

Location: America

Example Five: Sharia Law: Husbands Must Know Passwords For Wives? Facebook Accounts [Video]

A Palestinian cleric has said that women who keep Facebook, Twitter and other internet account passwords secret from their husbands are violating the Islamic Sharia law.


Location: Palestine

Example six: Faceless ?Sharia-compliant? doll launched in UK


Faceless Muslim Deeni Doll

Location: United Kingdom

Example seven: ISIS Sharia Punishment Guide Calls for ‘Stoning’ Women for Having an Affair

The ISIS penal code based on the Sharia law draws out some violent responses such as execution, crucifixion, mutilation, stoning and other forms of punishment for petty crimes such as stealing or even insignificant issues as a woman using make-up


Location: Syria and Iraq