Let’s lift up the Burka and have a peek at Sharia law: Part One


Example one: Pregnant young woman flogged in public

Example two: Gay men forced into hiding as law passed stating that anyone caught having gay sex  will be sentenced to 100 lashes.

Location: Indonesia

Example three: UPDATE removed as turned out to be fake.

Example four: Colorado School Requiring Girls To Wear Islam-Compliant Clothing During Trip To Mosque

Location: America

Example Five: Sharia Law: Husbands Must Know Passwords For Wives’ Facebook Accounts [Video]

A Palestinian cleric has said that women who keep Facebook, Twitter and other internet account passwords secret from their husbands are violating the Islamic Sharia law.


Location: Palestine

Example six: Faceless ‘Sharia-compliant’ doll launched in UK


Faceless Muslim Deeni Doll

Location: United Kingdom

Example seven: ISIS Sharia Punishment Guide Calls for ‘Stoning’ Women for Having an Affair

The ISIS penal code based on the Sharia law draws out some violent responses such as execution, crucifixion, mutilation, stoning and other forms of punishment for petty crimes such as stealing or even insignificant issues as a woman using make-up


Location: Syria and Iraq


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  • nzspambot

    #3 not only is a broken link but appears to be false: http://www.snopes.com/politics/satire/sharia.asp

    • Eiselmann

      False or not as soon as I read the example I thought ‘Dearborn’, some of the stuff that goes on in that city is unreal…want to see a real Islamic apologist at work listen to interviews with their mayor.

    • spanishbride

      Thanks for that I have removed it now. Snopes helped me yesterday as it identified some photos I was going to use as being a confidence trick.It is very helpful.

    • TSD

      Yeah, it’s satire. If you look up michigan sharia you’ll find the article. It’s published in the National Report, a satirical site ironically.

      Some of today’s articles, “Exxon Temporarily Shuts Down Niagara Falls For Fracking Operation” and “Sarah Palin’s Search For Elon Musk Cologne Adds To Lamestream Media Dogpile”

    • It problem stems from the incidents with the AnsweringMuslims chaps

      • spanishbride

        That is an interesting link and the actual incidents described there no doubt led to the piece of satire that I thought was fact.
        The way the police treated the Christians in a Western Country despite the Christians breaking no laws and doing nothing wrong morally either is disturbing.

  • mike

    Nothing wrong with number 4. That’s just a sign of respect, like removing your shoes when entering a Maori meeting house.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Was about to post same thought. Visiting the Vatican, you’re asked to abide by their rules and dress code: http://www.papalaudience.org/dress-code

      • JKV

        Yes, but the Vatican has a dress code for men and women. Why is it that the Islamic dress code only applies to women and girls when visiting a mosque?

        • InnerCityDweller

          I guess my point and those of others was merely that it is not uncommon to be asked to dress according to tradition and/or faith at places of worship, not a point of boys and girls v girls only.

        • Goldie

          Its not. I had to change into trousers and a long sleeve shirt whenever I visited mosques in the Middle East.

    • spanishbride

      Ok but my point is that if Sharia law is allowed in New Zealand all girls will be forced to wear compliant clothing every day. Also think about the reasonling behind the girls having to cover up but not the boys. Girls/women are held responsible for preventing males ‘ base ‘ rape nature. if they show any flesh they are causing the male to feel desire and are therefore responsible for being sexually assualted. Think about that.

      • Citizen

        This is the case now in Sweden, the rape capital of Europe. Almost 100% of rapes are committed by immigrants.

        • mike

          Can you please provide a link to the data you are using to make this claim?

          • Citizen

            One of many, many, many articles. But like the UK and others the trend is to report only nationality and not race (even though race or religion could be a contributing factor) Because to do so would make them racists and or Islamophobes. But for example if you were to take a crime map of the UK and overlay it on a map showing areas where there is a Muslim majority…I wonder what you’d find.

          • mike

            Ah yes an article… Not quite the hard data I was looking for. Yes he had used BRA info but he had also extrapolated them to fit his agenda.

            As I understand it 62% of reported rape in Sweden is committed by someone who was not born it Sweden. And yes Muslim men make up a large number of these assailants as do African males.

            In the current climate it is possible that a woman who is raped by a Muslim man is now likely to come forward add opposed to one raped by a white European man.

          • Citizen

            If the rate of immigration is matching the number of reported rapes, then if it looks like pork…oinks like pork…its good enough for me. Incidentally, if you do a google search there only ones refuting the figures are complete numbers. IMO.

          • mike

            That is circumstantial. Without hard data you really cannot substantiate such claims.

      • Can you imagine some finger wagging mad mulluh venturing into a suburb like Wainuiomata – every kiwi town has one – and telling a stroppy kiwi girl to put her girls away? She’d deck him sooner than you could say bugger off, and rightly so.

      • Curly1952

        I don’t know why we even mention Sharia law in this country SB. There is already a law of the land and only one law there should be. Any Government that changes the law to placate these horrible people will lose my vote whether they be left, right or centre!!

        • Cadwallader

          There are laws and their are common courtesies. To visit a mosque is to visit a private property, hence the proprietors are entitled to establish and maintain their standards. These standards offend the local law once it is sought to grant them primacy.

        • spanishbride

          I mention it because there are now Sharia law courts in the UK. That is a fact. I do not want it ever to be here in NZ so want to educate people as to what Sharia law is so that if the government tries to do what they have done in the UK people will oppose it strongly enough to stop it ever getting a toe hold in our society.

          • Curly1952

            I understand. You will get plenty of support from this quarter!

          • I think, SB that the so called Sharia Law Courts are outside the UK law – unlike the way they sound. It seems more appropriate to describe them as groups of Muslims agreeing that they will be bound by decisions of the so-called Courts just as we could agree, for example, with arbitration. They are not sanctioned by the law as such.
            I do, though, take the point that the precedent is dangerous and many of the participants, especially women, would be arguable under duress to conform.

          • Sir Brucey

            But have all the potential victims of the Sharia Courts (especially women) agreed to these barbaric punishments. I think not, unless coerced into it. It is like judges agreeing to hand out death sentences when society as a whole hasnt voted for it.

          • Droit

            As above, elements of them are infact sanctioned by law.

          • The sanctioning is not relevant to the Sharia aspect, though. It applies where the law would already sanction the parties to the agreements. My description was inadequate. Thanks for clarifying.

          • Droit

            Those Sharia ‘courts’ are actually arbitration panels as allowed for under English law. There is no reason why CoE or any other body couldn’t run those same panels. They are typically to do with property, inheritance etc. They have nothing to do with punishing people guilty of crimes against Islam (to the best of my knowledge).

      • mike

        Do you have proof to support your claim that boys were not told to wear appropriate clothing? As I understand it Muslim culture looks down on anyone baring too much flesh. As does many parts of the Christian religion…. hence why nuns and priests traditionally wear long habits and robes, both Judish and Christianity in their orthodox views also have the view of covering heads (both males and females).

        As I have asked before if we are going to condemn a religion then can we please do so in an honest manner.

        • spanishbride

          In the article that I linked to it says….

          The trip is inclusive of the three major monotheistic faiths, with students set to visit a synagogue and Greek Orthodox cathedral in addition to the Denver mosque.It is only the Islamic house of worship, however, that warranted a specific dress code. Some of the standards apply only to girls taking part in the trip.

          • mike

            The dress code as per the article was for everybody to wear long pants and long shirt, women had one difference the requirement to wear a head scarf or hoodie.

            Not exactly the end of the world.

  • Droit

    #4 – and? If you are inside their place of worship, there is nothing wrong with showing respect to individuals and cultures, even if you disagree with them. It’s exactly the same if you go and visit Churches in many parts of Europe. Men are asked to wear trousers while women are often asked to cover their heads with head scarves. The only issue would be if the Moslems tried to force those requirements into the streets and areas surrounding the Mosques etc.

    • Cowgirl

      There are certain cultural traditions around visiting a Marae too, so I agree that showing respect is mandatory on someone else’s patch. However, respect is a 2-way street so they have to get on board with our traditions too.

  • LinkinHawk

    Example 8, if you don’t follow the rules …http://theync.com/murder/women-stoned-to-death-by-isis.htm

    • spanishbride

      Please remove your link as it leads to porn videos as well

    • [MOD] there will be no 2nd chance if you do that again.

      • LinkinHawk

        do what? have a link that could lead to porn? as suggested by spanishbride

  • Cadwallader

    I visited a Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka in 2014. It was a very hot day and my wife was skimpily clothed. She was politely asked to don a thin veil while inside. The requirement was fair as we were entering the Buddhists’ realm and honoured their protoccols. As I see it Sharia inists that their requirments re clothing are to pertain to all 24/7. This is high-handed and oppressive.

    • SlightlyStrange

      I happily donned a pashmina over my shoulders on swelteringly hot days so I could go into St Marks in Venice, and St Peters in Vatican City. We were warned this would be the case, and it was only required AS the threshold of the church was being crossed.
      To be honest, in the cool of the church, it was actually needed!

  • pirate vs ninja

    Example 6, faceless dolls are common in many cultures and are particularly promoted by the Steiner movement. They encourage flexible and creative play as the child is able to project their own emotions onto the doll. It might seem a bit whacko to some – but isn’t a 2 year old cuddling a Barbie or a Bratz doll just as odd?
    As for example 4, teaching children to respect another’s cultural norms is to be applauded.

    • Guest

      In the article that I linked to it says….

      The trip is inclusive of
      the three major monotheistic faiths, with students set to visit a
      synagogue and Greek Orthodox cathedral in addition to the Denver mosque.
      It is only the Islamic house of worship, however, that warranted a
      specific dress code. Some of the standards apply only to girls taking
      part in the trip.

      • mike

        The dress code (if you read the article) was for everybody to wear long pants and long shirt, women were requested to wear a head scarf or hoodie.

        Not exactly overly demanding. It would be like me having to wear a Yarmulke if I attended a service in a Synagogue.

  • crosstherubicon

    I urge followers of these boards to take a look at the ‘Sharia watch’ website to get even more perspective of Islam and the cowards that make excuses for it.

  • And just in from Saudi Arabia, building Snowmen is Anti-Islamic.


    • NotGandalf

      Those Imams need to let it go…..

  • CheesyEarWax

    Islam’s treatment of women and girls is grotesque, worse than some animals treating their mates and offspring. Even the wearing of the burqa, seeing them around Auckland makes me angry against their husbands that forced them to wearing it.

  • conwaycaptain

    I have been told by people that have flown from Saudi to Europe that these women get on board a non Saudi Air flight all covered up. As soon as the pilot says that they are out of Saudi airspace they all trot off to the toilet and hey presto these beautiful women dressed in haute couture appear.
    In 1969 I joined a ship in Jiddah and in those days basically it was Saudi Air and BOAC that flew in and out. The Saudis flew Saudi Air if they had not been able to get a seat on BOAC. As soon a the plane was out of Saudi airspace the bar opened and these buggers knocked it back.
    They go across the causeway to Bahrain get tanked up and drive back and cause havoc and mayhem on the roads. There is no drink driving charges in Saudi as ‘we don’t drink”

  • “A radical Muslim wants to behead you.
    A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to behead you.”

    • Intrigued

      Yup you got it – it is incredibly sad but true.

      And those who bury their heads in the sand on this issue and refuse to see the truth of it just make their behinds into a big fat engaging target for those bent on further perpetrating their lie that Islam is a religion of peace when that is so far from the reality it hurts!

  • Nz front

    They should take this to the world criminal court and make it illegal to be a Muslim. They treat their women like rabid dogs. Very sad indeed.

  • crosstherubicon

    The spineless Cameron has put into law that police dogs are not allowed into Muslim households. Britain is truly finished!

  • spanishbride

    I removed my example about Dearborn in America as it turned out to be satire but here is a very short video from Dearborn that is not satire but fact.

  • kloyd0306

    If Muslim immigration increases, then it is only a matter of time before their numbers will be sufficient to have their demands met by the government of the day.

    Will our gutless politicians learn from France and The UK? I doubt it.

  • sandalwood789

    It is very important to remember that Muslims regard shari’a law as “coming from Allah” so they see it as being superior to *any* man-made law.
    That includes democracy and freedom of speech.

    Oh, and shari’a law includes slavery (among other things).