Lets talk about Tax baby, let’s talk about you and me…


Lecherous lascivious lyin’ Len is starting to feel the pressure of time.  He no longer has any friends in local or central government, but he still want to have his train set.

What can he do?

Try and start a groundswell of demand from the people themselves.  And this is how he started

Aucklanders are about to take part in an unprecedented debate, over whether they are happy to pay new taxes and motorway charges totalling hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Unprecedented only because they can’t force it on it any longer.  Suddenly we’re all back to being democratic and wanting to debate things openly.

The council is floating the idea in its Long Term Plan consultation, saying a list of important transport projects and initiatives, will be unaffordable without new sources of funding.

The traditional sources of property rates and fuel taxes will leave a $12 billion shortfall in paying for the list of transport projects which the council says must be built.

Included in the list needing extra funding is a busway on the northwestern motorway, new park and ride facilities, transport interchanges and additional service.

Beware the Trojan Horse!

We’ve gone from the train set being unaffordable to all transport upgrade being unaffordable.  And they’ve tied things like park and ride facilities and roading extensions as part of the big “Transport” banner.

But let’s not be fooled.  These issues didn’t exist last year, and now they do.

That’s because they are the fluff around the true objective:  to get the rail link back onto the public agenda and drive a ground-up need for central government action by paying for it all.

At the same time as that debate is running, the mayor Len Brown said he would be pushing for agreement on a new approach to funding transport in the city.

“My work at the beginning of this year is about bringing the minister, his Government, our council, NZTA, Ministry of Transport and Auckland Transport, into the same room to get a comprehensive agreement around what we want to fund, the projects we want to move forward on, and try to put something in place for next ten years.”

“In Denmark central and local government are about to form agreement or accord for ten years of funding or building an agreed transport programme,” said Mr Brown.

Auckland’s struggle to pay for its needs, underlines another issue – whether property rates can continue to be the main funding source for local government around the country.

I have to give two-minute Len some credit.  Having no respect, no family and no support from Labour or the Government, he’s hanging in there like a Terrier with lockjaw.

But it’s not going to work.   The rest of New Zealand is not going to pay for Len’s loopy train set, no matter how much Aucklanders “debate” themselves a share of the consolidated fund.




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  • MrBarrington

    Yep… on point there Cam… “Triple L Len” is making his last grasp attempt to force through his favourite project… the lefties and greenies will be all for it until some of them start to do the math… then… well Triple L would be better off buying Powerball tickets I suspect….

    • In Vino Veritas

      Lefties and Greenies don’t do math. And don’t jest MrBarrington, lotto tickets are just the sort of thing Len would have a budget for….

  • Graham Pilgrim

    I wonder if the stupid, counter-productive Ti Rakau Drive bus-way will now be unaffordable!

  • Isherman

    My pick: some greenie will come out with the argument that now petrol costs are coming down we can all afford to contribute a bit more towards the public transport utopia, and so now would be the time to tax petrol further.
    edit: added word

    • Michael_l_c

      No guess there, lll has already suggested it & been told where to get off by the govt.

      • Isherman

        However if it meant a few seconds of airtime, I’m sure the Greens would take it regardless, lol.

  • Pluto

    The Super City was established to breed efficiency, yet under Len’s “stewardship” it’s become a heaving bloated monster, rendering not only the nice to have projects unaffordable, but putting at risk even core services.
    It is fixable, but the longer Mayor Brown remains the bigger the clean up job.

  • In Vino Veritas

    And in Burkina Faso, central and local Government is not agreeing to ten years of funding or building an agreed transport programme. Nor are central and local Government agreeing to ten years of funding or building an agreed transport programme in dozens of other countries around the world.

  • Asian_driver

    Why doesnt he just buy ALL the lotto tickets and use the millions in winnings to pay for the trains, then buy all the lottos in Austraila and use all those winnings to repay all of Aucklands debt, eventually auckland will be sooo rich China will be borrowing from us Muhahahaha

  • Michael_l_c

    Cunning as a politician. Will LLL bundle the whole wish list as one? ‘Busway on the northwestern motorway, new park and ride facilities, transport interchanges’ & by the way the train set. So the choice will be all or nothing.
    I want acomprehensive agreement around what we want to fund, the projects we want to move forward on.’ Means the ratepayers are getting uppity, lets get the government lend us the money & we will pay it back with rates increases over a thousand years. Don’t think the govt would fall for that.

    We need a good mayoral opponent for the next local elections.

  • Whafe

    The Len Brown needs to learn when a dead duck is a dead duck!

    His train set concept has no traction at all anymore… Move on, Auckland have widened up….

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Waddles like a duck and squawks like a chicken . . so Len thinks it’s still alive . .

  • Davo42

    Loco Lenny wasn’t happy, “Fizzling Fireboxes” he exclaimed, “without some new train tracks I won’t be able to show the Fat Controller that I am a really useful engine, oh well I can always get my pistons pumping and do some more shunting” Lenny puffed.

  • simon

    It seems to be presented as a given that PDB’s loopy rail loop will be funded no matter what, and then we ratepayers get to choose how much extra we want to pay, and how to pay it, in order to fund the things we really want. IE, all the other stuff.
    Well, as a Rodney resident who works on the North Shore, my message to PDB is that the CRL is last on a long list of priorities to spend my money on. I don’t want regional fuel tax, road tolls or regional income tax and I’m more than happy if the train set is scrapped as a result

    • Reid

      No it’s not like that. National didn’t believe the business case so it told Loopy Len that it would fund it but not for ten or so years. The calculation of course being that by that time Len has moved on. It obviously thought that declining funding outright would give the lefties too much room to accuse it of all sorts of things in NZ’s largest political market. That has to have been the calculation, there is no other.

      Thing about the Mt Eden termination is: where is everyone going to park, and if they build a parking building, which will be huge, it will destroy the savings anyone makes by using the train instead of parking in the CBD. Why this obvious point isn’t made by the Herald, no-one knows.

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        This just didn’t cross the minds of Herald senior staff.
        Obviously they’ve never had to park their cars at a train station either, probably just take the lift from their eco-friendly air-conditioned inner-city apartment down to the office.

        • OneTrack

          The Herald senior staff are probably planning to keep driving their car. The train is for other people.

      • DangerMice

        I doubt people would be flocking to Mt Eden, you’d still get on at the station closest to you

  • Pete

    I guess Len and the council could give all you Aucklander’s who own property a haircut, a bit like the Greek govt did with people who had savings in the bank, how much did they take..30-40% ??

    The council could look at your new property values, and borrow (in your name) say 50% of the equity you’ve made in the last 3 years!! ..hey presto, train set paid for, you still have 50% of the equity…everybody wins !

  • Macca

    I just can’t believe how thick skinned Brown is!

    If someone found out I had been nailing something less than half my age on a boardroom table, I think I’d actually be quite proud of myself. Yet if someone found I had been molesting myself at work, I would be so mortified and embarrassed I doubt I could ever show my face again in public – but this clown struts about like the cat that got the cream, seemingly oblivious to what people are thinking or saying about him!

    The man has absolutely no shame. It must be a left thing!

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Macca – Fully agree, but must sadly draw your attention to the fact that you have used one excess word in your comment.
      Please just remove the seventh word, and read it again.
      ;) :)

  • Dave_1924

    All the classic tactics. tag along bundling it with other stuff that will get support, the big lie of without nothing will get done without it, the attempt at the guided conversation when the force through hasn’t worked.

    Mr Brown…. the CRL is not wanted by the people who count… the ratepayers. Do something useful like culling stupid “state house” statues on the waterfront, 100k curtains in libraries and focus on your councils core remit of potable water, waste and storm water disposal, local roading, parks and libraries, and undertaking the regulatory roles as set out by parliament.

  • Davo42

    You are right, The rev Audry would be turning in his grave to see this vile bastardisation of his beloved Thomas. I don’t know what I was thinking, and the image is creeping me out a bit. At least I didn’t put headphones on a picture of Buddha, that would have been really bad form…

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I believe it is ‘Ernest and Friends’ a parody on Thomas.
      Is your Google Fu strong? or Youtube prob the best

      • Davo42

        Baahahahaha! Thanks for the link, I have just spent most of the christmas break being brainwashed by my boys thomas and friends dvds.

  • Goldie

    “My work at the beginning of this year is about bringing the minister, his Government, our council, NZTA, Ministry of Transport and Auckland Transport, into the same room”

    Hopefully not the Ngati Whatua room.

  • Grumpy of Onehunga

    But Len says most Aucklanders want the CRL. How does he know, he has never done a survey, or does he just get told that by the people who will profit from it?

  • Barnacles2

    Ok, there is a (supposed) funding shortfall for transport. Then put all expenditure up for review, I’m sure there are some projects that may not be so essential once under the microscope? How about the manukau white water project, or some of the funding currently going into non core council services?

    This council needs to get back to core business, a lot of what is bening funded is not essential, or should be met by private enterprise.

    • Platinum Fox

      One obvious example of meddling in matters better left to private capital is AC’s intention to create a new CCO, to be called Development Auckland, which according to AC’s CEO will be mandated “to stimulate urban regeneration in partnership with both the public, philanthropic and private sectors” (The Horrid (native advertising), 9 December 2014).

      Mr Town went on to identify “town centres such as Avondale, Otahuhu and New Lynn” as obvious candidates for “such renewal”.
      I am of the view that if those town centres no longer serve a purpose, because other developments (such as Sylvia Park in the case of Otahuhu) have usurped or replaced their previous functions, then they should be allowed to wither away. The appropriate time for their redevelopment is when land values reach a point where a commercial developer is prepared to invest in a redevelopment without any need to trough at the ratepayers’ expense.

  • Graeme

    His problem amongst others is that he expects all his pipe dreams to begin at the same time. Tell him he,s dreaming

  • stanman

    This sod has to go.

    Im not a rate payer in Auck,yet i am affected by this fools stupidity.

  • The Accountant

    “Terrier with lock jaw”, got to the quote of the day!

  • Backdoor

    Actually it is not in the interest of the rest of NZ to pay for the answers to Auckland’s transport woes. Auckland has benefited from the increase in house prices for many years. In many other parts of the country house prices have hardly moved, and in some places even fallen.

    If Auckland becomes gridlocked then maybe industry will relocate to other parts of the country.

    Therefore let Auckland pay for their transport services. They have benefited enough already.