Looks like the NZ Herald has re-invested in Kim Dotcom

As is usual a Kim Dotcom story has appeared in the NZ Herald and as is usual they have used their tainted “journalist” David Fisher to shill for Kim Dotcom.

Welcome to New Zealand – unless you’re here to see Kim Dotcom.

That seems to be the message for those arriving in the country after yet another guest visiting the businessman was detained by the Customs Service for hours.

A connection to the accused copyright pirate has been linked on another occasion with a long stay in a detention room – and a lot of strange questions.

Graphic designer Sarah Torrent, 22, spent seven hours being quizzed by officials after landing in New Zealand yesterday and telling border officials she was staying at Dotcom’s house.

She had met Dotcom online and he invited her to travel to New Zealand for a holiday.

Dotcom said more than a dozen visitors have been isolated by the Customs Service after declaring his home address for their stay in New Zealand.

Not surprising, the man is a wanted criminal fighting extradition to the United States on money laundering and racketeering charges.

Anyone who associates with him is a suspect in on-going crimes surely?

David “tainted” Fisher takes his usual agenda of distrust in government officials/unfair treatment slant but it isn’t really surprising.

The only thing surprising is that the NZ Herald still seems to be invested Kim Dotcom. I should have thought that their deal was null and void when Simpson Grierson walked as his lawyers.

Dotcom called the hours of questioning an “interrogation”.

“Whenever I have visitors who are truthful about where they are staying, it is always the same. They are harassing these people. It shines a really bad light on New Zealand.”

Ms Torrent said she told border officials she was planning on staying at Dotcom’s and was instantly led away to be questioned.

She said questions included the nature of her relationship with Dotcom, whether she knew why he was not perceived in a positive light and what the pair had talked about.

She was also told to surrender passwords to her laptop and phone for curious border agents.

Ms Torrent claimed she was warned that refusal to hand over the passwords voluntarily meant she would lose her equipment and it would be breached anyway.

Hmmm…someone who met someone over the internet and visiting them in a foreign country…red flags right there…there is a fellow in a Bali prison who did the same thing.

A quick look reveals some other interesting and salient matters that might also have led to her being turned over.

She is Syrian. She was or still is a Bitcoin trader.


Sarah Torrent Sarah Torrent A

She also states on her LinkedIn profile:

As an American who has lived and traveled extensively across the Middle East I write and speak Arabic flawlessly in a multitude of regional dialects.

So…a young (22), Syrian born, fluent Arabic speaker, current or ex-Bitcoin trader comes to visit a person she met on the internet who is nearly twice her age and is wanted on federal felony charges in the United States…nah that’s not suspicious at all…at least not to the shills at the NZ Herald.

The NZ Herald obviously still thinks that there is mileage in being a shill for Kim Dotcom.

What does Kim Dotcom have over the Herald?<

What is sad is that the NZ Herald have become anti-government and pro-criminal.


– David “tainted” Fisher, NZ Herald


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  • Cadwallader

    I would’ve expected that whatever KDC has on the Herald it will be revealed/disclosed as part of the unravelling of “Dirty Politics?”

  • Jimmie

    Hmmm. Maybe working on the contacts for Escape Plan ‘C’?

    Perhaps DC is considering joining ISIS as a warlord so that he can receive the adulation from the ‘underlings’ that he is so obviously entitled to.

  • NotGandalf

    Her name is Torrent? really? Birds of a feather I suspect…..

    • Yeah, and she’ll shortly change it by deed poll to Bit Coin

    • johcar

      Doesn’t sound very Syrian, does it?

      I wonder what she’s hiding

      (Edit: additional thought)

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    No doubt there were other indicators that rang warning bells with Customs. Good on them for doing their job.

    • If you read the end of the article, it actually says that. But that didn’t fit Tainted Fisher’s spin. Customs did their job. No news, actually. But look, the Gurnard managed to deliver on contract.

      • Dave

        Serious question, is he still contracted to deliver positive spin for DotCom? Perhaps only on the back of the book contract?

  • Salacious Crumb

    Undisclosed assets perhaps? Discussion over expatriation of assets via a new currency? Good on Customs/NZ Police for being onto this.

    • From her picture I think she very much discloses her assets!

  • john Doe

    Coming here on a holiday? My guess is that she had the tools of her trade in her handbag.

  • Pete

    Nothing to see here…no wonder she was stopped. Check out some of her FB pics.
    https://www.facebook.com/sarzitron?fref=browse_search ..

    • Sally

      Looks like she shares an interest with KDC. One of her likes is The Hacking Quarterly

    • Amanda Atkinson

      haha .. it’s shut down already! I wonder if they read Whale Oil!

      • yoyoyo

        worked for me

      • Odd Ball

        The link worked for me as well. Basically, she appears to be some sort of young, gullible, bambi like character, with some weird pictures that would probably be of interest to some authorities. I’m not sure that the lift goes all the way to the top floor, thou.

    • EvoDriver

      Oh wow. That’s disturbing. Customs have done a great job here.

    • Cowgirl

      Gee I hope those are not examples of her graphic design work. Looks like another ‘money-trader’ who likes to hang out with the super-rich (and is happy to take their money) masquerading as a pseudo-anarchist. How original.

    • kayaker

      Hmmm, Facebook page has disappeared.

      • mommadog

        Yes – I guess KDC is still reading WO and gave her the heads up that someone was looking.

  • Sally

    Going just by her twitter account she definitely needed Customs paying attention to her. They were doing their job.

  • ozbob68

    Hmmm, I’m not a “freetard” like Assange and co, but I believe all that Customs can ask you to do is power on a laptop or phone to prove it works but not to login or unlock information without a warrant.

    • Second time around

      They are allowed to inspect goods brought to NZ and to determine her purpose in travel. The rules are different once you get through Customs and are legally admitted to NZ.

    • peterwn

      NZ citizens or residents, yes a warrant might be needed – however AFAIK the customs have the power to check for downloads in breach of copyright or for porn. For others, there is a choice, take the next plane out of town.

      • ozbob68

        I am trying to figure the level of reasonable suspicion of breach of copyright / pr0n required before they can exercise that option. Or is it a blanket right already on their part?

        • peterwn

          Customs have absolute power to search anything to be brought into NZ , diplomatic bags being perhaps the only exception. This would include checking pages of books, checking images on movies, playing gramophone records etc. So the precedent would be there for checking IT media for banned images, books, etc. There was a legislative proposal some years ago to impose some legal curbs on Customs powers, but Customs convinced the pollies that it would unduly hamper their work.

          • symgardiner

            Even for NZ citizens returning home Peter?
            I’d be inclined to tell them where to get off if they wanted to rummage through my computer.

          • ex-JAFA

            Tell them what you like, but either cooperate or forfeit possession.

          • no bullswool

            Not only computer but any electronic storage device for example camera, mobile phone as well as computer.You can tell them where to go but if you do not cooperate they can take them for further examination by forensics.Why would you hamper Customs carrying out their job at the border to protect this country?

          • symgardiner

            With the deepest of respect to people working at Customs… I doubt they are the sharpest cues in the rack (given my experiences while travelling). I’d be concerned they would break things.
            Anyway… you would have to be a muppet to have anything on your laptop. Encrypt it and then stash it in the cloud.

          • ozbob68

            Interesting, I am flying to Australia this year for a work conference and a bit of a holiday. I will ask my employer what the rules are for forced disclosure of the contents of commercial equipment by Customs agents of other nations.

        • Dairy_Flat

          A surname of Torrent coupled with staying at Dotcrim’s renter would be enough to make any Customs officer look closer.

          • andrew carrot

            Yes, it would be interesting to see if “Torrent” is the name on her passport. Methinks not, esp if she’s using a US passport, as they include previous names in the bio data. Maybe she’s travelling on a Syrian passport, which won’t impress her adopted land’s border control when she lands back there?

  • Pluto

    “What does Kim Dotcom have over the Herald ?”
    It’s entirely in keeping with his nature that as he finally realises he’s off to talk to Uncle Sam that he will start throwing his former mates and plotters under the bus.
    The Herald is simply doing what any fool and coward would do, perhaps if they are nice to the crocodile it won’t eat me.

  • STAG

    The Fat Man can’t even keep his attempts at dodging the US government a secret.

    Bittcoins, the only reason she is here is to help him hide I’ll gotten gains.

  • yoyoyo

    Torrent meet Dotcom… must be a MEGA business deal with many BITCOINs.
    the new priatebay? what planet do these people live on?

  • caochladh

    Well, she certainly fits the DotCrim profile judging by his previous history. Maybe she is here to explain why the bozo lost 32% off his Bitcoin investment.

  • Thank goodness for WO shining a light on this specious article from David Fisher. Just the information detailed above is more than sufficient to ring alarm bells. The woman is obviously here for a purpose, not a vacation. I despair that the Herald no longer represents the thoughts and feelings of law abiding kiwis, whether of liberal or conservative leanings. Thus as a news outlet they have made themselves irrelevant.

    • Rod

      Just calling them irrelevant is too kind. Irrelevant and dangerous.

    • spanishbride

      Don’t be so mean. It is obviously true love. A lonely fat man with lots of money has a meeting of the minds with a hot 22 year old Arab who obviously has difficulty finding love In America which is so short of lonely fat rich men. Of course it makes sense that she would accept an invitation from a man she has never met to travel to NZ and stay with him if he offers to pay for it all no strings attached. With her stunning looks and body she must be very lonely herself and really struggle to find love.I bet she is already practicing her new signature Sarah Dotcom.
      Is it only me or isn’t her current surname ( Torrent ) very ironic given that Kim is an internet pirate.

      • Gaynor

        Not an Arabian name is it?

      • Cowgirl

        A deed poll surname I reckon – be very surprised if that’s her given name.

      • Orange

        The only name that would be more ironic would be Sarah Piratebay.

      • mommadog

        And we know he likes women with an “exotic” look. Although with his other interests I am always surprised he isn’t into pale looking blondes. Maybe none would have him.

    • Orange

      If one was to guess… mine would be that Kim has significant funds in bitcoins and desires someone to physically carry them out of the country hidden on an sd card.

  • fred flintstone

    It is not only the Herald. TV 1 is anti every thing.
    Bet they have this storey on their news tonight.
    I think the big fellow is paying the media for the coverage he gets.
    When will the media get to understand we are all sick of hearing this garbage.

    • Aucky

      With a common NZME ownership the Herald virus has spread to Newstalk ZB.

      • fred flintstone

        Newstalk ZB have been contaminated for ages. Soper leads the charge there.
        Not as bad as Campbell or what ever his name is.

        • Aucky

          It’s got worse recently Fred. Previously the ZB news was pretty unbiassed but since the NZME buyout they just seem to regurgitate the online Herald’s headlines and call it news.

          • fred flintstone

            There news hits an ultra low at the weekends when Tim Dower reads directly from the Herald in a way he sounds as though he invented the news himself.
            That is why I have converted to internet radio and youtube instead of the tripe that is put on tv.

  • What I find very significant is: if Fisher/Herald failed to find the Bitcoin link researching this article it was a Journalistic Fail. If the connection was found, and then left out of the published story, it was an Editorial Fail.
    But, whichever explanation, it was a FAIL!

  • 1951

    Well that’s a relief. If it wasn’t for this piece in the Horrid we wouldn’t know if Our big Boy was still in the country. He could quite easily have snucked-away while we were distracted by Christmas & Lone Wolves. I would hate to see him leave without first being shown the way by our Judith.

    • peterwn

      Judith is out of the picture now on this one – it is Amy Adams who would do the final sign-off, although it is possible but unlikely (nothing personal) Judith could regain Justice.

      • 1951

        I hope she will but if she didn’t it would leave her free to kick his chained ankles with every step he takes towards his seat on that plane out.

  • Kevin

    Ha! Looks like the Fat One is trying to dump his Bitcoins.

    • ozbob68

      I thought they were in Mona’s name now?

      • Kevin

        With where bitcoins are at now I doubt she’d be interested in them.

  • Mav E Rick

    It seems that the only items Fisher reports on now is Dotcom. He is obviously very much a one dimensional writer (I cant use the word reporter as he just publishes what he is given) and is obviously a lap dog to Dotcrim. Is anyone in NZ interested anymore what Dotcrim might think of NZ Customs and our protocol? The NZ Herald obviously still think that we really care what Dotcrim thinks. In a perverse sort of why Fisher is actually revealing that NZ Customs is doing a jolly good job in having “the finger on the pulse” for possible security breaches. Thank goodness Customs are profiling people coming to NZ and then checking them out to make sure they are legit and have a legit reason for being here. Isn’t that what any prudent country would do?

  • CheesyEarWax

    I have more trust in NZ Customs to do their job than D Fisher to do his.

  • Wine Man

    ‘accused copyright pirate’ well thats a change of reference to KDCrim. Now if only the Horrid can get the rest of the story straight it might almost be a newsworthy article.

  • Nebman

    I’m curious as to what the Herald thinks Customs should be doing about visitors coming to see a convicted criminal facing extradition to another country?

    Considering they led the charge in apparent outrage at various NZ ministries (AKA the Government) not doing their jobs properly and letting Philip Smith out of the country, why the faux outrage when they start doing the job properly?

    As my lawyer would say “I’m confused” which is lawyer speak for “You’re a Muppet”.

  • JustanObserver

    Saw that the Horrid had re-invented his description as “Businessman”, and I thought … Here we go again !
    My first reaction was that maybe the criminal had changed his preferred flavour from Rice to Kibbeh

  • oldmanNZ

    The NZH should be ashamed, if not, disgusted with itself.

    So Customs doing there job, as there are red flags, and get crucified by NZH as harassing a guest?

    They only telling half the story and ignoring everything else, they obviously been to her facebook page as they got the photo.
    They know her background but choose to ignore it in the artical to make her like some sort of victim of custom over bearing authority.

  • Dog Breath

    How did David Fisher even know this had occurred. Its not as if he is waiting outside customs to interview each person. I suspect this a KDC originated story.

    • Sally

      KDC was spouting about this on twitter yesterday. Fisher just picked up on this, KDC PR stunt.

  • Rodger T

    With the Herald staffs penchant for picking losers,they must be a welcome sight waddling into Skycity and the Tab.

  • Catriona

    So, she’s 22, meets him on line and jets to NZ for a holiday at Coatesville.
    Something not quite right here.
    This girl has no brains.
    Or, maybe, Kim Schmitz is looking for a bit of loving or maybe a new Mrs Schmitz?

    • andrew carrot

      Moving east from the Phillipines, you might say.

  • Precisely what i thought when i ventured onto the website this morning. It has been a long time between stories but there are always dead horses to flog i guess.

  • Lance Ralph

    I have this mental picture of Herald writers saying, in a huff, ‘Of course you can prove anything with facts’.
    So. Congratulations to Whale Oil for doing a bit of basic research and providing some much needed counterbalance to another stupefyingly one sided and sloppy bit of writing from a Herald hack.

  • kayaker

    Great (and comforting) to see our border control doing an excellent job!

  • andrew carrot

    “Future cyborg”! Looking at her headshot I’d say she can cross that off her bucket list

    • kayaker

      With Google as my friend, I now know what that means. I wonder how many there are in the world?

  • kayaker

    This Twitter thread is worth a read. And it seems she as a boyfriend (as of last December anyway).

  • Rodger T

    Staying at the Scroatsville mansion is an obvious red flag to NZ Customs,maybe she was there to buy his book collection?

  • Curly1952

    To save all this hassle with people wanting to come and visit the fat german why doesn’t he go and see them?

  • la la land

    Do you think David fisher even bothered to check her background? If it is innocent she is one dumb woman…

  • Dave

    So, THANKS for pointing out th efacts Cam, i wonder why7 a lovely slim trim 22 year old choses to come visit and holiday with someone who is probably over 4 times her weight, is and is of dubious character.

    Oh, perhaps its the BitCoin, Dot Krim getting his illegal stash of BitCoins out ASAP before fleeing NZ. Best we let him go, then slam the door shut. I wonder if th earabic world is of interest to DotCom, compliant subservient women……

    • andrew carrot

      Will bitcoin even exist in 25 years when he eventually gets out of Leavenworth?

    • zotaccore

      I don’t even want to consider what he’s going to do with her during her stay. Yuck, what a slob.

  • Reaper

    So the headline could have been something along the lines of Customs Questions Syrian Neo Nazi Entering NZ as Guest of German Fraudster, but of course that wouldn’t quite have generated the response KDC is looking for (poor Kim is getting bullied by the nasty govt again). David Fisher is still under the Dotcom thumb.

  • Goldfish

    Why has everyone seemingly missed the bleeding obvious here?

    She is/was involved either in BitCoin trading or development around BitCoins.

    Kimmie owns Megacoin, his own version of BitCoin (http://www.megacoin.co.nz/).

    Sure Kimmie has a stash of BitCoins, but he’s obviously also expanding his interests around Megacoin, and part of that will be operating an exchange for them.

  • Left Right Out

    I’m betting Torrent isn’t her real last name either