Lusty, loopy, lascivious and now SLIMY Len [UPDATED]

This is just beyond gob smacking

lbrownThe Taxpayers? Union are stunned that?the annual rates bill of Auckland Mayor, Len Brown?s?seven bedroom mansion?in Totara Park has been decreasing at the same time as the average Aucklander is paying much more.?Information obtained by the Taxpayers? Union show that Mr Brown?s annual rates bill has fallen by several hundred dollars since becoming Mayor ? from $3,994.05 in 2011/2012 to $3,693.76 in 2014/2015.
Taxpayers? Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says:
?When Aucklanders are feeling the pinch of soaring rates Len Brown must have the best deal in Auckland with a decrease of almost ten per cent in three years.?
?While everyone?s rates are going up, Len Brown?s are going down. It?s salt in the wounds of those whose rates have increase ten, twenty or thirty percent.?
?No wonder Len Brown?broke his promise?to hold rates at 2.5 per cent, it appears that Auckland Council?s inefficiency affects everyone but him.?
Rating Year Annual Rates
2011-2012 $3,994.05
2012-2013 $3,770.38
2013-2014 $3,676.12
2014-2015 $3,693.76


It’s beyond the joke.

Self serving, ego centric, empire building, duplicitous ratbag.

Auckland needs a better mayor, and the country needs recall elections at local government level. ?Time for a private members bill.


UPDATE 2011-2012 number was wrong at 3,394.05. ?It makes more sense now. ?