Lyin’, loopy, lusty, lascivious Len wants to run for mayor again

Someone needs to tell Len Brown ‘e’s dreamin’.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has told an inner circle of friends and advisers he plans to seek re-election next year.

But rather than throw their weight behind the under-fire mayor, it is understood some supporters have told him he has no chance of winning a third term and should step aside.

They do not see any way back for Mr Brown, who has struggled in the wake of an extramarital affair and widespread criticism over management of the city’s finances.

Mr Brown would not answer questions about his political plans

I’m going to let the pictures tell the story



len brown code of conduct






NZ Herald front page

NZ Herald front page


via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB


Len Brown

Len Brown Smack face

And then….


Oh dear oh dear.   Used Bernard Orsman to test the waters, and found them to not only be frigid, but also toxic.

I wonder why?


The NZ Herald’s attempt to resurrect Len’s chances of becoming Auckland’s mayor in 2016 hit a brick wall.

The pushing of Phil Goff is interesting.

If Brown does stand again then Phil Goff certainly won’t stand, but there are doubts over the relevance of claims that Goff will stand anyway.

Labour people I’ve spoken to tell me that Goff’s ego won’t let him stand for the mayoralty, he believes that New Zealand needs him in a far bigger role offshore. A lame mayoralty won’t suffice to quell the ego in Phil Goff.

Added to that the loose scratch available for Goff is thin, and he was always tits at fundraising.

Basically anyone pushing Goff’s barrow is either being deliberately mischievous or interviewing their keyboard, the latter though seems to be the M.O. of Herald staff.

Personally I hope that Len Brown does stand again, the third party campaigns will be awesome.


– NZ Herald, One News


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  • LabTested

    This from the original Herald article:

    …with law changes preventing mayoral candidates keeping donors’ identities secret.

    First I have heard about this. Have Trusts been banned?

  • Greg M

    This is no joke. Unless a credible candidate from the right steps up, this dropkick will get back in. I will be standing in my local ward, simply because I’m sick of what’s happening to Auckland.

    • Just a thought …

      Absolutely, but who do you think could be swayed to take up the challenge …… How about we start a list and then the WOBH team can actively partition them …..
      ed grama

      • Just a thought …

        I’ll vote first and how about Steven Tindell…….

        • Greg M

          Nope. As soon as he climbed on the living wage bandwagon, he blew it.

          • Just a thought …

            Good point, but should we hang him for that alone …..

    • Moonroof

      Totally unfunny. The unmitigated gall of the creature to even entertain running again when council spending is out of control, likewise the debt. I’m not sure how much I care who replaces him so long they don’t regard the ratepayer as an endless ATM. Certainly we are being treated like that now.

  • SVlover

    I don’t like any of the candidates the Herald has put up for voting except perhaps John Banks. I really do hope there will be a couple of strong able people putting their hands up.

    • Builder

      I like John too but think it will be difficult for him to try again. It would be interesting to see a poll with good Whale Oil approved candidates.

      • Terry

        What’s wrong with Michael Barnett?

    • Just a thought …

      Sorry but I really think he is past his use by and has way to much bad baggage to make him a serious contender …… I am right wing but would really struggle to vote for him….

  • Builder

    Rodney Hide. He would make a great Mayor of Auckland

    • Just a thought …

      I really like the idea and would have ” no problem “……. what do other people think ? ….

    • Greg M

      Agreed. It would also be a good opportunity for him to fix the pigs ear he made of the super city legislation.

      • I asked him about that, and he says he didn’t get to finish the job properly as others diluted what he was trying to achieve. He’s still getting all the credit for it mind you.

        • andrew carrot

          Exactly. Ask JK and Joyce who got in their ears.

        • Greg M

          A “guest post” from Rodney I’m sure would be very interesting.

          • That’s why I was talking to him. He wasn’t interested then. Of course, we don’t pay, and I’m sure he has better things to do with his time.

          • KGB

            Rodney should be eager to point out this isn’t his making. I have always wondered why he hasn’t spoken out about the Super-City mess, if indeed he didn’t create it. Come on Rodney tell us your side of the story!

          • I suspect he’s put it behind him and he doesn’t care to go back. He’s got a different life now.

      • Albert Lane

        I don’t know if that’s entirely fair. I think that if Rodney was still an MP, he would have introduced legislation to sort out the problems of the super city procedures. What bothers me is that nobody in the Government seems to have even thought of introducing any changes, which suggests they must think it’s perfect. But we, the ratepayers, know that it’s nothing like perfect. It needs sorting. And so does Len Brown, who, because the legislation is faulty, is still in power. And talking about Len, why did we even need a Ngati Whatua room?

      • KQ

        Its too late now. It can never be fixed without major legislative changes. It wont get the support of government in our lifetime.

    • Rodney lives in Wellington

  • Honcho

    The poll reads like the people want anyone but Len, although this shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone.

  • Good to see the TV-cook wannabe is damaged beyond repair also.

  • Warren Murray

    Isn’t it obvious, Len has no Plan B and hopes to hold on using the benefit of incumbency. He also has to warn off any left of centre candidates from running.

    • You’re right. Add to that he is trying to soften up the public by getting it out early, getting all the outrage ground down, and then hopefully we’ll all be used to the idea by the time he ‘really’ runs.

  • cows4me

    Go Lenny, don’t listen to them Len, they really really love you.

  • Mick Ie

    Dear Mayor Brown,
    Personally, I support you running.
    I would llike to see you running as far and fast as possible away from Auckland.
    Yours faithfully
    Mick Ie

  • Warren Murray

    What off shore role does Goff expect?


    He won’t be replacing Moore, surely? I don’t see Key giving him a diplomatic post a head of a senior national MP.

    • cows4me

      Ambassador to Syria.

    • STAG

      I don’t mind if he’s sent to Venezuela, he and all the other Socialists can enjoy the fruits of his wonderful system. One way ticket only.

      • Huia

        Or the Ukraine even, theres a thought.

    • Moore is pretty sick…coming home soon I hear

      • Warren Murray

        Well that’s a shame for Mike Moore, but he’s been in Washington for approx five years, so his time must be nearly finished regardless of his health. Considering what he held prior to that role, it was a meritorious appointment.

        Can’t see that Goff fits the bill.

  • Captain Darling

    I’d like to see Len run, then maybe, just maybe, it’ll get past his ego that Aucklander’s don’t want a bar of him. I’m sure he still thinks he’s popular.

    • Huia

      Id like to see him run too, right up past Waiwera, then on up to Whangarei, past Paihia, zip through Kaitaia and up to Cape Reinga, then take a flying jump and start swimming.

  • McGrath

    Who here is honestly surprised by this? The man simply has no shame.

  • Grizz30

    Just putting it out there, but if Len Brown had not made an absolute pigs ear of the mayoralty and managed to halt rates increases then he probably would have got away with the extramarrital affair.

  • Grizz30 message to Auckland ratepayers RE: Len Brown

  • shykiwibloke

    Tell the council what you tink of their ten year plan and the mayors management so far. go to and fill out the online feedback form. Please note they are interested in ANYONES feedback – even those who do not live in Auckland.

  • mommadog

    I actually find it fascinating that a) he wants to and b) thinks he has a chance. I know there have been discussions about narcissistic personalities and such but this man is one out of the box when it comes to denial. He should be studied by psychiatrists who look into abnormal psychology to see what makes him tick. Once you get past the annoyance – its fascinating.

  • sandalwood789

    Can someone persuade Cactus Kate to run for mayor?

    She’s intelligent, takes no nonsense and would surely get spending under control.

    Cactus for mayor!

  • GT

    You have to remember that this is the person who turned up at the Nine’s last year got booed & in his mind was being cheered & even said later that he spoke to a lot of people there & they were all supportive. Just goes to show if you can change booing into cheering in your mind then maybe all the negative comments become a positive comment & he really thinks he is the most popular person in Auckland. People with these issues used to go to a place out the back of Karaka called Kingseat surely someone has got him on meds at least.

  • damm good thrashing

    I would love to see him run again. I want to see the thrashing he would get.

  • Effluent

    I reckon that if A Hitler had been on that list, he’d have polled higher than PDB. 4% is well into “margin of error” territory.