Mana and single issue nutter protests against Waihopai and GCSB

Great timing.  In an international climate where non-Islam related lone gunmen are killing fellow countrymen and women, these nutbars want to turn our eyes and ears off so we’d be blind to any potential attacks.

Around 50 protesters marched through the streets of Blenheim today, demanding the Government shut down the Waihopai spy base.

The rally is an annual event, but protestors say New Zealanders are starting to listen.

The message was loud and clear. It was the same one the anti-Waihopai protestors have been repeating since the spy base opened in 1987.

Organiser Murray Horton believes that after 27 years it’s a message that’s finally getting through.

“Everybody knows about the Five Eyes alliance, which Waihopai is part of,” says Mr Horton. “Everybody knows about the National Security Agency.”

Organisers say thanks to WikiLeaks and other spying revelations, New Zealanders are more aware of what intelligence services are up to.

“The whole country knows about the GCSB, Waihopai and what it stands for,” says activist John Minto. “Three or four years ago people had no idea.”

The spy base has often been the subject of controversy. In 2008 three men were arrested for causing more than $1 million-worth of damage.

Today’s protest was more low-key. Police were on-guard and two protestors managed to breach the fence. Neither was arrested.

Mr Minto says he’s confident their message will now be heard by the Government.

“I think it’s inevitable that it’s going to close, and it’s going to close because there is mounting public concern about surveillance.”

He says they won’t stop until the Government shuts Waihopai down.

This is more or less Green Party, Internet Party and Mana Party policy, while at the same time Labour and NZ First have been extremely tentative about supporting anything to do with the GCSB, preferring to reduce its powers.

Although nobody has reported this as a Mana party protest, people present where clearly flying their colours.   Somehow, they have learned nothing from their election loss and are still trying to prepare New Zealand for a time when we have no eyes and ears and the first we would know about terrorist activity on our soil would be because it’s actually happening.

There are many people in politics I can respect for having a different solution to a particular problem, but to basically neuter our security services has to be as close to betraying your own country as you can possibly get.   How on earth can they justify this as being good for their neighbours?

– 3 News


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  • Harry B’Stard

    Can we send the poor little dears to protest in Raqqa?

  • Hard1

    Everybody knows that surveillance is a primal human instinct essential to survival.
    To pretend otherwise is a dangerous game. Minto himself uses surveillance to find out what our security services are doing, building up a stock of intelligence to then attack the state. What a drip.

  • cows4me

    The funny thing is that if there ever comes a time when we are unfortunate enough to be governed by these nutters probably the first thing they would do would be to expand the surveillance state. To live under a communist state, for that is what it would basically become, the lives of the people would have the be tightly regulated and the technology available these days would be a dream come true for the likes of the Melons and Mana.

    • The Accountant

      Too right cows. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy.

    • ex-JAFA

      They’d massively expand the SIS (who watch us), and close the GCSB (who watch those who aren’t us).

      • Albert Lane

        Yes, but the present people who run the SIS would not be there. Instead, the 20,000 new employees of the SIS would be wearing uniforms purchased from the war surplus shop in Moscow, and they could be worn with all the old USSR badges on them. He’d be smiling. His job done.

  • The Accountant

    Ha ha ha. 50 people protesting, in a country of over 4 million. The message is really getting through. That the protesters are absolute nut bars.

  • Chris EM

    Minto says there’s mounting public concern about surveillance. I call bollocks on that one. The only people concerned are the likes of those numpties out protesting today. Thing is, the only people Minto talks to are the morons who share his head in the sand ideals.
    I’m quite confidant his message will NOT be heard by government.

  • caochladh

    Minto should be rewarded with the Ambassador’s posting to the ISIS held region where he can use that relentless mouth of his to talk them in to submission.

    • Cadwallader

      In the absence of his skull (read: screaming skull) he wouldn’t get to advocate much. Bring it on!
      ISIS may complain to the UN on the grounds of cruelty as NZ would’ve committed an atrocity in sending the idiot there.
      What a joke he and his supporters really are!

      • caochladh

        Yes, after listening to Minto rave on through a megaphone for 24 hours, even the most hardened jihadi would lose the will to carry on.

        • Albert Lane

          His first action would be to tell them to attack Israel, because he hates Israel more than anything in the world. They would then be martyred, and they’d each get 57 goats to play around with. Minto would have the bad luck to get done-in by a woman, so he wouldn’t even get the goats, so he’d have to stand around with a banner protesting inequality.

    • TKT

      Seriously I think thats the best idea so far JK should offer him a post

  • Lemuzz

    It’s moments like these we Don’t need Minto’s

  • Nige.

    Here’s your 50 protestors, 3 news. I think there were about 15 and 5 of them were children who looked most uncomfortable standing alongside mana protestors in Islamic dress.

    • Wallace Westland

      Hahaha Clearly 3 news still can’t count.

    • pak

      Truth will out – pitiful turnout! Although I suppose for lefty reporting 10 plus 5 kids is pretty close to 50 and hope no one will notice ..

      • The Accountant

        Suppose it did have a 5 in it. After a 1 instead of in front of a 0. Still pathetic what ever way you look at it.

    • Blue Tim

      Why am I not surprised that TV3 are talking this up?

      • Michael

        Did they play spooky music over it While they intoned about big brother control?

    • sandalwood789

      Thanks for that, Nige.
      Fifty people…… yeah, right……
      Maybe a dozen at the most.

      • Question is: why are media covering this?

        • sandalwood789

          My guess is that the whole thing is just a TV3-created mediafest.
          “You guys hold the banners while the camera and sound guys are grabbing a chardonnay…… “

          • Pete

            Rent a mob gives the perception of hard working business people, struggling to earn a crust, where a better description would be “a bunch of sad and lonely misfits, with nothing better to do on a Sunday” is a far better, and accurate description,

        • Pete

          A question I just asked myself…! and we all know the answer, and that is, the MSM need to keep hammering the Nats and JK, and today, all they could find in this wonderful country to do that is a sad, lonely, bitter and twisted anti establishment protestor who belongs in flares and the 70’s, and his rabble of misfits and idiots.

          What a powerful and hardworking media we have !…we need a change.

      • Nige.

        well to be fair i had a better look at my photos and you COULD say that there were 18 – 21. But I am uncertain whether 3 of them were protesters or not.

        • sandalwood789

          I reckon every single one of them would have been paid and bussed in by TV3.

          • Nige.

            That was truly a rent a mob. i was sickened by the look in the children’s eyes. It reminded me of westbro baptist church. Among a bunch of crazy ranting adults with a strange and dangerous message that goes counter to their beliefs, wondering for what reason it was that they were there. Standing in the sun and the fumes. They looked like slaves, towed behind their radical parents, made to be as human shields so that no one who objected to what the message was would dare make a confrontation in their presence.

  • Rocket

    I apologise to you all for not pushing Minto off Marsden wharf 35 years ago: I had the chance when his “rent-a-mob” was protesting a S. African flagged yacht “Xargo”in round the world race, and the cop there assured me he would have seen nothing.

    • sandalwood789

      Heh….. *that’s* the kind of cop that this country needs.
      People who “know which way the wind is blowing” and will let a community “sort troublemakers out”.
      A lot of policing used to be like that at one time.

    • Albert Lane


  • Blue Tim

    Over 30 deg in many places in Marlborough Saturday and Sunday. They would have fried out at the Spy Station. Perhaps they’re now in a cafe in Blenheim having a chilled Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc; an excellent drop made just 3 miles from the spy station

  • Don W

    We need an intelligence system to keep tabs on the likes of Minto.

    • Albert Lane

      I understand he’s a teacher. Would you want your children taught by this idiot?

  • GMAK

    Wow…after 27 years they are upto 50 protestors. This thing is really sowballing

    • Albert Lane

      And there was even an item on them on the National News. Are there no depths that our left-wing apologist news media can sink to? Can anybody explain why we need a bigoted, politically-biased, left-wing, state-funded broadcasting system? It’s time for them to go. They provide nothing of any usefulness to our society. They should rename themselves ‘Labour and Greens Radio”.

  • munzrat

    ok Minto , over the last few decades what has it cost this little country to keep tabs on this one man . The surveiled footage , behind the scenes planning by police and spy agencies would not come cheap . And for what , just a divisive , deluded commi . An ugly man who is the definitive waka jumper . I do not believe history will hold him high, more likely to account for subversion . A guy who taunts the young and impressionable with his own brand of fear . Not well meaning , person who spits hate is only there for themselves , nothing well meaning in rage . And the continued disharmony over Waihopai , bloody fool , if I had my way we would be building more . Lots of hip operations keeping an eye on John .

  • sandalwood789

    What must it be like to have spent *every second of your life* in perpetual hate as Minto has?

    Having a face that is the very personification of “scowl”.
    Sour, bitter, enraged.

    What a waste of a life. Thank goodness there is only one of him.

    • Dumrse

      Sorry, I think there are two of them as your words equally fit Mr Little.

      • I.M Bach

        That’s a bit harsh, Stuart was an ok guy.

  • MAWG

    The person just in front of the Landrover looks like he’s escaped from a third rate christmas pagent.

  • SP

    Do you think these guys honestly believe the paff they spout “..message that’s finally getting through…” and “’s inevitable that it’s going to close..” or do they know its crap and they just keep telling themselves they’re having any impact so they have the will to go on?

  • Rex

    Minto! What a sad individual he is. He attacks the east targets. But when something like ISIS or Boko Harem or some such appears he tucks,his head under the sheets and says “I see nothing”.

  • independant

    I think complaining is the only thing keeping that muppet minto alive, what a miserable world he lives in, god I would hate waking up each day being John Minto, surely his blood pressure must be of the scale? lol

  • I.M Bach

    I don’t have a problem with Waihopi, especially in today’s climate. (No, not the supposedly warming one.) If NZ, or any country come to think of it, is to allow immigrants whose core values are vastly different to those of the host nation then those individuals need to be monitored, as do their communications to (probably) their leaders/mentors and extended families. This isn’t playground tiddlywinks, this is big-time.