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NZ_area 2014Area of NZ compared to the USA 

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  • Shows you how the Mercator projection makes the southern hemisphere look too small.

    • AM

      I believe it distorts things (to look larger) the further you get from the equator. So both hemispheres are messed up a bit; things closer to the poles look larger.

      • thehawkreturns

        Southern countries look smaller because they are generally closer to the equator
        than to the south pole eg Brisbane is 27 deg S and New York 43 deg N) So they aren’t stretched as much as Europe or North America. There is no bias North versus South otherwise. Interestingly, Christchurch is at 43 deg South but Charleston 32 deg North. Mercator projects The South Island bigger than the Carolinas for example.

  • thehawkreturns

    NZ land area is less than just North Carolina and Georgia combined, we wouldn’t even touch South Carolina let alone project across it with an appropriate redrawing. NZ is long, thin and constitutes – -wait for it… 2.7% of the land area of the USA (including Alaska) and 3.3% even if Alaska is discounted.