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  Legal Drinking Age in Europe (as at 2015)

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  • In Vino Veritas

    I note Finland and Norway have low limits for lower levels of alcohol. It doesn’t make any difference, beer, wine and spirits are brutally expensive. There wouldn’t be that many 16 -18 year olds that could afford it!

  • Jas

    And the fact they have the Purity laws which means you don’t get that chemically enhanced beer you get here. Which I believe is one of the reasons binge drinkers in NZ act a lot worse

  • The Accountant

    I offer my kids a drink whenever I am having one. They refuse everytime, and accuse me of drinking too much. I sometimes think it is the restricting of booze that heightens it’s appeal. The French are on to this. Wine is a normal part of their meal and as such doesn’t tend to be abused.