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  • Dave_1924

    Yeah nah…… NZ was discovered by the Maori and Moriori, Australia by the Aboringinals etc etc …. very Euro centric view of the world….

    • Goldie

      Discovery also means telling others about it. Sure, Polynesians found New Zealand. Only no-one else knew about it.

      • The wildman

        Interesting threads from a few days ago about celts discovering nz.unfortunately the evidence is being suppressed.check back 2 Days re “do maori really own the moa”.

      • Dave_1924

        No again incorrect Goldie. Maori came to NZ in waves. Meaning someone came and found the place and then went back and said I found new land. Then a wave came, then another. Ditto Australia. The northern coast was being visit by peoples from Indonesian archepeligo regularly before any European new about the continent… Sorry for late reply – I have been out being a tourist…

    • AF

      I agree – I think all native peoples around the Pacific rim would have something to say about that map! I get places like Greenland and Antarctica, but places already populated? Yeah nah.

  • Nechtan

    I’m sure that Norse explorers discovered Greenland not the Portuguese

  • Pharmachick

    I accept that the Dutch discovered NZ – but what’s up with the Spanish Flag? Can anyone enlighten me?

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Yep – started with that nutcase Columbus who believed the world was round, and those greedy entrepreneurs on the Spanish throne who financed him.

      Turned out he was right and they made a killing, exploring all over the place and grabbing the Phillipines – they were after the Spice trade there.

      Then Portuguese and Dutch and British joined in, and only a few rocky places were left for the French to find (like Akaroa), plus Tahiti, which they still enjoy.

      And the Russians couldn’t get through the Baltic so they went east and found and grabbed Alaska, but later they sold it to the Yanks at a quarter of a cent per acre. And the Germans? They were slow, but had Samoa for a while.

      • Pharmachick

        Ta, I understand all of that (and knew most of it … LOL selling AK to USA was the DUMBEST thing the USSR/Russia ever did).

        But again, to the best of my knowledge there’s no documentary evidence of the Spanish discovering NZ … is there an account of it?

    • JMC7

      Well the theory is that Juan Fernandez discovered NZ before the Dutch. Make of it what you will.ández_(explorer)

      • Pharmachick

        Many thanks – was completely ignorant of Spanish and Portuguese claims to discovery.

  • idbkiwi

    Dunno about Spanish, but it was strongly believed the Portugese were here circa 1550.

    Not sure how my image is going to show, but it’s from the National library of Australia. Apparently this map was endorsed by the British Admiralty till 1821. You should be able to see under “NEW ZEELAND” “known to the Portugese 1550” Also Cook’s Straits named as “Gulf of the Portugese 1550” and East Cape also carries the parallel name “Caba Fermoso 1550”

    Fully zoomable original here:,0.7810107198,0.8871349645,0.9035222052&width=400&cmd=pan&x=400

    Oops, should have been reply to Pharmachick.

    • Pharmachick

      Thank you! Fascinating – I was completely in the dark about that.