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  • peterwn

    And the Rena?

    • Pete

      Phil Goff tidied that up with a shovel and bucket in his suited photo shoot. “hey Phil, come and give us a hand mate”

      • dgrogan

        Responds, Norman. “Mate, you’re dreamin”.

  • Canucktoo

    Remember the Green Taliban predicting the end of the world when the Exxon Valdez hit the rocks!

  • The Whinging Pom

    So, according to the mis-infographic it takes 50 years for the average 35,000 tonne oil spillage to be cleared up.

    Which means that we should still be seeing significant effects of the Torrey Canyon spill (119,000 tonnes, 1967) today.

    In fact, when we used to holiday in the Scillies 20 years ago there was no evidence of the spill even then, at least not on the beaches we used to go on on St Martins. Yet the Sevenstones reef, where the Torrey Canyon floundered (not between Iceland and Norway as shown on the map) was so close as to be visible without binoculars from the Daymark on St Martins.

    The effect of the Torrey Canyon on the nearby Scillies certainly wasn’t significant enough to stop Harold Wilson (who clearly had many options) from continuing to holiday at his bungalow on St Marys.

    Yet I wonder how many greenie lefty schoolteachers have used this poster in their classrooms as part of their campaign to warp the minds of the young and impressionable.

  • cows4me

    Oil is a natural substance, it leaks into the ocean and on to the land and has done so for millennium. The Melons are fruitcakes. We used to mark rugby fields out with waste oil and in a space of a few months it would disappear, biodegradable !! you Melon noddys. This pathological hatred of oil is insane, it’s a natural product , comes from the earth and returns to the earth. It’s effects as far as a large scale spill are temporary and in fact many ego systems have had a resurgence after an oil spill, it just takes a bit of time.

    • dgrogan

      Precisely. What could be greener than hydrocarbons?

    • I.M Bach

      I have to say I chuckled at that last line and while I know I shouldn’t poke the borax at typo’s the word ‘ego’ kinda fits. I too have no problem with the oil industry. Whe you look at the volumes pumped against the volumes lost it’s pretty damned safe if you ask me. My brother-in-law works on rigs in the North Sea (and was in the Gulf of Mexico when the DW Horizon fell over) and he’s always going on about the safety drills they do. Nothing is 100% safe and never can be but if mankind didn’t take a (calculated) risk sometimes we’d get nowhere.