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Actual Size of the Worlds 24 Largest Islands

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  • Justsayn

    No Aussie? But it is girt by sea and everything!

    • FredFrog

      It can be argued that Aussie is a continent. Still doesn’t stop it being an island IMHO, however then the continents of N. and S. America together can also be taken to be an island, etc. Technically, due to the Suez canal, even Africa can be taken to be an island

    • dgrogan

      Australia is classed as a continent. The 7th largest I think. But by island definition it fits, except that it’s not sub-continental.

      • Justsayn

        I was just reading a site’s explanation of the difference between a continent and an island. It used the Greenland v Australia example to illustrate the different models, and also has some interesting facts about that comparison including: “The ethnic makeup of the two countries is polarizing: Greenland’s population is 89% Inuit and 11% Danish, while Australia’s population is 92% white, 7% Asian, and only 1% Aboriginal.”

    • ozbob68

      According to legend (my dad told me), Noah stopped the ark after 30 days when the guano was piling up, and he and his sons shovelled it all overboard. two thousand years later, Abel Tasman discovered it and called it New Holland.

  • Michelle

    looks a bit like jigsaw puzzle pieces

  • EvoDriver

    *Actual* size? You mean Greenland is only 2 inches wide? I always thought it was a lot bigger!

    I think you mean *Relative* size.

    • EvoDriver

      And since I’m in a pedantic mood, your “map of the day” isn’t technically a map.

      • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

        Correct lets get really pedantic,it’s actually 24 maps.

        • EvoDriver

          I jest of course, I actually look really forward to the map of the day each day.

        • Builder

          There are 26

          • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

            Worlds 24 Largest Islands,the other two don’t count.

  • Curly1952

    Very interesting map of the day.
    Each Island looks like, with a bit of imagination, could be likened to something else
    Sulawesi – Acrobat
    Sri Lanka – Teardrop
    Baffin – Charlie Chaplins hair
    Haikkado – Stingray
    New Guinea – Turkey

    • rugbyskier

      Tasmania – well, you know, ‘lady bits’.

  • Captain Darling

    I was going to ask where’s Australia?, then remembered it’s a continent.

    • andrew carrot

      Still not connected to anything else. So should be considered an island.