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National IQ Scores


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  • Carl

    I’m glad we have got David Cunliffe with his massive IQ or we could have been in the yellow section.

    • johcar

      I’m glad we have such high Chinese immigration – bringing the average IQ of New Zealand up!!

      Scary the average IQ in NZ is so low. Maybe if we ejected lefty voters the average would go up?

      • Krauss (Waihi NZ)

        The above surprises me not. FOUR Ministers of Religion have opined that “With my Philippines wife here, the intellectual and moral standards of New Zealand have been vastly and significantly enhanced.” Inter alia, any children that she might have borne from her marriage to me would have been sent home to Manila where the standards of education both academic and moral far outweigh those obtaining in New Zealand. I wonder if “Angry Andrew” would want a polyglot spin-doctor who IS a qualifed Journalist???????

  • M C Chinaman

    I thought Germany and India would rank a lot higher; and Mexico and Australia would rank lower.

  • D.Dave

    It was once said “if the aborigines devised an IQ test, most of the western world would fail it..” I don’t put much store in IQ tests. I have always done well in them, but, I know plenty of ‘intelligent’ people with no common sense, and plenty of “lesser abled” people with lots of common sense.

  • zotaccore

    I doubt this is accurate at all. Most countries don’t make IQ tests compulsory and it’s pretty disingenuous to put a whole country into a slot as the psychologist has done.

  • Wallace Westland

    The NZ/Aussie one is out of date. Surely with all those Kiwis returning home the NZ map should be turning yellow?
    Thanks Rob!