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  • cows4me

    What happened to the poles, bet the thermometers are frozen.

  • This is weird. NIWA reported an average drop of 0.7 degrees against normal for NZ. The above map doesn’t back that up.

    More climate data lies.

    • BloodyOrphan

      Record warmest = 1.24 Deg F (.69 Deg C) above the average from 1980 – 2010

    • BW_Lord

      Exactly, ‘much warmer than average’ north, ‘warmer than average’ south, but our overall total is actually lower than average?. Someone is lying here, no other excuse possible.

  • Cadae

    You have to be careful with those designations of “Record Warmest” in the regions. The ‘record’ claims are trivially small – so small that some of the temperature data errors are greater than the amount by which the record is claimed.

    For instance, 2014 is a global record warmest year by a figure less than the known error in the data – it’s the warmest year by only 0.04C, but the data error is +/- 0.09C: see NOAA table in . In other words, these claims of record warmest are not reliable.

    • All_on_Red

      Exactly – the detail describing the margin of error is missing from all the Newspaper reports – quelle surprise.