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 The Pacific Ocean is Huge

The Pacific Ocean is Huge

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  • conwaycaptain

    18 days Akl to Panama by GC at 15kts!!!

    14 days to Tokyo by Rhumb Line up through the Islands

  • Rocket

    3600 nautical miles in 26 days under sail; Manta, Ecuador to Hiva Oq in Marquesas

  • Martin

    When I look at the enormity of the Pacific I am reminded of William Manchester’s book “A world lit only by fire”. A whole third of the book is dedicated to Ferdinand Magellan’s incredible circumnavigation of the world, ending in the Philippines, where he went mad with religion and was killed. As I read this I was astonished I had not been taught it at school. I guess heroic pious pioneering men were not popular in the Ministry of Education policy units.
    Incredible leap of faith by Magellan setting off into unexplored territory with dwindling supplies mutinous crew and a much larger than anticipated Pacific ahead. Interestingly, given the reception the Pope has had there this week, Magellan is credited as creating the strong Catholic faith there. Worth reading about for the details on the Western world’s battle out of the Dark Ages, because we need to remember how important it is that we don’t get dragged back there.

  • cows4me

    Yeah there’s a lot of water out there, been on a large cruise ship and that is so insignificant.