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What every country in the European Union is worst at

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  • Interesting about Germany having the lowest home ownership rates. So home ownership rates as an indicator of economic performance doesn’t really work out then.

    • The Whinging Pom

      Decades ago I had a friend who taught English in Germany.

      When he made the comment that he was surprised that so many well off Germans rented the roof over their heads a German friend of his replied that ‘You English buy things you can’t afford, and rent the things you can. [Renting TVs was very common in the UK in those days]. In Germany we buy what we can afford, and rent what we can’t.’

    • InnerCityDweller

      Rentals in Germany are very much “hands-off” investments. A large number of tenants are in the same apartment or house for years, sometimes decades. It’s commonplace that tenants redecorate their rentals, put in new kitchens and bathrooms, flooring etc. What you’re renting is a shell to pretty much do with what you like. Regular inspections are pretty much unheard of. It’s been working rather well it seems.

  • The Whinging Pom

    Interesting to see that Holland has the most cyclist deaths amongst road accident fatalities. And yet the cycling lobby in NZ keeps holding the dutch up as model we should follow here.