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Date formats around the world 

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  • Rocket

    China & Japan are the most scientific and logical.

    start with largest and step by step refine

  • Pharmachick

    And the Canadians are busy offending nobody by using all of them ;-)

    • peterwn

      I suspect some Canadians (and others) use yyyy-mm-dd to avoid ambiguity. I personally use yyyymmdd if I want to include a date in a file name.

  • xennex

    yyyy-mm-dd makes the most sense. What would it be like if we recorded time as mm-ss-hh ?

  • I reckon until the UN sorts this out as a sign they can get the word to agree on a single issue, they leave everything else alone.

    • Michael_l_c

      Maybe the UN did sort this out that is why it is such a mess.