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Where Foreign Fighters in Syria come from


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  • Bartman

    That’s about 12,000 idiots less in the rest of the world who we need to worry / care about, hope they all perish painfully and find Allah in a hurry!

  • Jimmie

    All they need to do is make the system a one way valve – Encourage jihadists to feel free to travel to ISIS as long as they are forbidden to return.

    Heck you could offer them subsidized travel – $1000 per one way trip. Could encourage family groups to go as well. This would help solve the demographic problem of what to do about jihadist communities.

  • 250 from Australia. And those are just the radicals that went. Think about all of those still there.

    • hamsap

      and only 60 from Indonesia, the world’s most populous muslim nation…