Mark Steyn blasts media and many outlets cower in the face of terrorism

Mark Steyn wishes that the media would try at least to find their testicles.

The Sunday Star-Times gets a dishonourable mention in the segment.

We saw yesterday the cowardice of the NZ Herald in publishing only those Charlie Hebdo cartoons that offend politicians, Christians and Jews, but not a single one that might offend a muslim.

David Farrar found his courage though, which puts the New Zealand media to shame, and this same attitude seems to prevail worldwide where legacy media lack courage and new media exhibit it in spades.

With few exceptions, it has been digital outlets like The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Vox, and Slate that have exercised their constitutional right by republishing the cartoons that are thought to be the basis for the attacks. In contrast, many “legacy” organizations, from CNN, to The Washington Post, to The New York Times, largely withheld the images. In explaining its decision not to distribute any of the images, the AP’s spokesman, Paul Colford, was quoted as saying, “It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.” Bloomberg, meanwhile, published a slideshow that included many of the incendiary covers. 

Whether the decision to show the photos was a pure display of solidarity for fallen comrades, a play for page views, a reflection of persistent differences in editorial culture between “legacy” and digital-native outlets, or a combination of the above, is impossible to know. But one way or another, the outcome is praiseworthy.

As Daily Beast editor Noah Shachtman sees it, the decision not to publish, on the other hand, is deplorable. “For the media organizations that decide to cut these pictures or blur them out, I just find that to be reprehensible,” Shachtman said. “It’s hard to interpret that as anything but giving in to the monsters that just massacred a bunch of people.” The Daily Beast re-posted an updated gallery of cartoons originally published in 2011, under the headline “16 Most ‘Shocking’ Charlie Hebdo Covers.”

Washington Post media columnist Erik Wemple seemed to agree with Shachtman, in criticizing CNN for saying that it was continuing to consider whether or not to publish the cartoons hours after the event (for the moment, it appears to have decided not to). “Those conversations shouldn’t take so long,” Wemple wrote. “Show it all, whatever the consequences.”

We must never give in to terrorists.

Anyone who caves to terror enables the terror.

This issue may well be the bell wether issue that proves once and for all that the old legacy media are morally bankrupt, cowards and nothing more than corporate sellouts who are simply seeking page-views without actually making a proper stand (hoping to hoodwink the public along the way into thinking they are heroes of free speech when the reality is they are shirking and censoring), and that it is new media carrying on the roles of speaking truth to power, not just against corporates, politicians and government but also those who seek to impose their will by force on the free world.


– Columbia Journalism Review


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  • Cadwallader

    He is terrific. The interviewer looked genuinely lost for words….

  • Just a thought …

    Loved the line about how the ” media” tediously love giving themselves awards for bravery,far more that ever get awarded to soldiers or fireman and yet throughout this issue they are being exposed for the true cowards they are ………
    Give this man a medal and media hold your heads in collective shame…….

    • Cadwallader

      I’ll say one thing in favour of the interviewer: she didn’t interrupt or say “sort of” or “you know” as a well known bimbo “journalist” in NZ does. I think she allowed Mr Steyn a worthy latitude indeed.

      • Carl

        I agree let the man speak, don’t interrupt and put your own spin on it. It is the people being interviewed we want to hear not the tv presenter, a lot of NZ journos could learn from that.

        • Cadwallader

          Completely agree. It is finding a “journalist” in NZ which is the stumbling-block.

      • sarahmw

        Yes professional correspondents on CNN and Fox and it shows. Ask a question and allow an answer without interruption. Can’t see the smalley/mutch um ah u know even understanding the concept. Oh and balanced reporting too.

  • Effluent

    The silence from the left on this issue is deafening.

    All their pet causes including feminism, homosexuality, free association, freedom of religion, etc will be amongst the first targets, as they have already become targets in the parts of the UK where the majority of the population adheres to one the more barbaric strands of islamic thought.
    Likewise the freedom of the press itself, not that it is used to any great extent for useful ends by the NZ media, who already practice one-eyed self censorship. I wonder, for instance, how long the “rape crisis” meme will be aired in the NZ press once the islamists have cowed their tame journalists slightly more than at present.

    • Sailor Sam

      Yes I noticed to the lack of comment from Red Russel, John Minto and others.
      Their lack of backbone and balls is showing us that they are the real “hollow men”

  • Mark Chapman

    Steyn for Prime Minister – of the The World !

    • JKV

      Totally agree with you Mark. Here’s the thing – why don’t people like Mark Steyn stand for Parliament. He would be brilliant. Maybe, one day.

  • conwaycaptain

    Boko Haram strikes again Hundreds killed.
    Apparently 16K in the last few years.

    • bristol

      Workplace violence – nothing to see here.

  • cows4me

    I wonder if our delegates on the UN security council will take a call to point out the evil that is infesting the world, they’ll have to put the caviar down first.

    • Cadwallader

      It must be difficult to swallow caviar while you’re mouthing off about climate change and other fictions?

      • cows4me

        It’s called fiddling while Rome burns Cadwallader and they do it so well.

  • johnnymanukau.

    Mark Steyn even mentioned the gutless NZ press not reporting the undeniable truth that `these terrorist Muslims are just a small part of a huge mongrel army trained and waiting to slaughter all of us infidels at the first opportunity . It is now well known ,that to call yourself a Muslim [ Sharia] you agree with what they wish to establish and that is a Sharia dominated world by any means.
    Hold your breath as they are coming our way some time soon, no matter what the gutless MSM tries to foist upon us. It is going to be too late when you find a camel or a goat tied up to your front fence with a black clad excuse of a human being with an AK 47 screaming at you to come outside because he or she wants to remove one hand and foot from your family of non believers. Muslims a peaceful people–B/S.

  • Andy

    Mark Steyn has been a voice in the wilderness for so long. I highly recommend his (somewhat depressing) book America Alone

  • johnnyB

    when the Press losses’ its ability to openly report due to the perception it may offend or attract retaliation it has lost its ability to cater to its wider audience and has surrendered its role of delivering truth and freedom of expression. The public needs to be the judge of what is right or wrong, however due to the dominance of Left learning Journalism we are increasing being delivered what the Press believes we should be hearing not what may actually be occurring. It has reached a point where they barely conceal this – ie Katie Bradford’s ‘no matter what we tell them’ or the Dirty Politics saga. I can imagine in the new schools of Journalism they must be distributing Charts of ‘level of offence that may be caused’ with White Christian Males on the top (any things goes – they should apologise for existing) descending to Muslim Males on the bottom (ok for male journalists to publish preapproved dictation).

  • Citizen

    Well said!

  • Sweet Lips.

    What a great true straight shooting guy, and little old New Zealand gets a mention, you gotta say the Herald have really lost what little they did have.