A message for Shayne Currie and other cowards

Caroline Fourest appears on the U.K. outlet Sky News to discuss the cowardice of UK journalists and editors in not showing the Charlie Hebdo front page.

She expresses her disgust at their cowardice and  then she holds up a copy on live television, and the host obligingly demonstrates Fourest’s point:

The gutlessness of many media outlets in the face of terrorism is despicable.

They have sold out their brethren and ceded editorial control to terrorists, ranters and shriekers.

These outlets, like the NZ Herald deserve to watch their readership decline dramatically and fail financially.

They are despicable cowards.

I guess we ain’t all Charlie!


– via the tipline


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  • cows4me

    What’s so stupid about the whole situation is if these lunatics were to take over the so called free press would be the first to feel their wrath. It wouldn’t matter a hoot whether they have put up pictures of the towel headed idiot or not. The Herald should invest in Arabic font, verses of the Koran will be the new headlines.

    • David Moore

      What makes you think the Herald has not already done so in anticipation of welcoming our new lords and masters?

    • Damon Mudgway

      The irony of the entire situation is wasted on the MSM and their producers/editors. If they think not offending Islam is going to save them from being targets, they are sorely mistaken. They are already dispised by the Muslim world. There is no place for them in a world controlled by true Islam.

    • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

      and when the rag heads have finished with the press they will be asking Grant were will they will find Alf.

  • roxo

    Sort of like : I’m a little bit Charlie, or I know Charlie or Charlie was a friend of a friend.
    Charlie had an opinion, that opinion was actually shared by a lot of people, which is why WE are standing up.
    But at the Herald they don’t have an opinion, other than anti-key, so they will express outrage but only a little bit. There are more pressing issues such as just who did play golf with Max? Or cartoons of John Key.
    Note the protests in Pakistan demanding the new cartoonists be executed. So drawing a picture of your god means death but murdering 100’s of children in a school is OK? FUBAR.

    • wooted

      As in “some of my best friends are Charlies”

  • Watcher

    Ah well, when they poke their heads out from under the bed, where they have been hiding to escape the Big Bad Monster, they will find that despite their best efforts to remain below the radar, the Big Bad Monster will still want to eat them up. What then Shayne?

  • Bombastic

    The apologists and appeasers are winning in the UK. And the terrorists will be thrilled.

  • R&BAvenger

    Pope Francis has sided with the Muslim community saying there are limits to Free Speech and no religion should be mocked etc etc. He did say no-one should kill in the name of God too, but his statement is most unwelcome and no appreciated in the Western world.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      I’m sorry, Mr Pope, but the heinous atrocities being committed, even as I write, in the name of, and yes, even the behest of Islam, demand the strongest possible, and most public condemnation, ridicule, and mockery.

      • Damon Mudgway

        As do the crusades and burning witches at the stake. The same, but separated by years of enlightenment. Humanity is still aged 5 in human years. I fear we will have destroyed ourselves before we even reach our teens.

  • El Diablo

    I like the way Andrew Stiles put it:

    Journalists: These French journalists are so brave!

    Readers: What did they do? Can I see?

    Journalists: It’s our policy not to show you.

    Jim Treacher has an excellent suggestion: “Note to anyone who’s ambushed by Sky News: If you want to be left alone, just hold up the Charlie Hebdo cover,” Van Helsing-style.”

  • Roger Roger

    Someone who is not afraid but hard to see anywhere that is publishing this picture too.
    BTW look at Helen’s stare (it says a lot)

    • bristol

      Sorry, I’d be a lot more impressed if all the pencil wavers, and Je Suis Charlie placard carriers, were holding up one of the Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons.

      • JKV

        Me too bristol. It’s sickening to see poseurs like Helen Mirren and George ‘climate change is real dontcha know’ Clooney with their ‘Je suis Charlie’ placards. ‘Look at me, I’m one of the brave bien pensant left’ would have been a better caption.

        • la la land

          I think it’s shows the same solidarity personally.

  • bristol

    Ponder this. The cowardice of the MSM by not showing the cartoons has actually sent a message to the small players, the Charlie Hebdo’s of the so-called free world, The message is, “you’re still on your own guys, and although we are now applauding what you do, we’d rather you, not us, remain the focus of attention for outraged religious psychopaths.”

  • NotGandalf

    Wow – just shows how poop scared Sky News was of potentially ending up in some loonie’s sights. Looks like they were scrambling to appear objective which I sort of get, however freedom of speech is the central theme of the whole story, and they seem to have missed that point.

  • Nic C

    (Sorry, but I have to get this off my chest after just watching this clip… please excuse the ranting nature).

    What an absolute abomination.

    Sky News, their editorial management and every person working in that organization (I can’t bring myself to say ‘Newsroom’, because it couldn’t be a more inaccurate designation), should hang their heads in shame. After that disgraceful demonstration, none of them in the future should ever be allowed to use the title ‘Journalist’ again, when stating their ‘supposed’ profession.
    When that spineless, cringing, pathetic excuse for an anchor, apologized “for any of our viewers who may have been offended by that’, my immediate, instinctive reaction was one of ‘deep embarrassment’ at having once been a part of the News and CA journalistic establishment; but that shame was quickly replaced by anger… anger at the stark realization (encapsulated so completely and apparently ‘live’ on air in that clip) at just how far down into the abyss the neo-liberal, politically correct, bovine fecal matter has taken the craft of journalism in the ten years or so, since I last worked in network newsrooms.
    Not only do I find it personally offensive that these spineless show-ponies have the utter gall to think they still have the right to call themselves ‘journalists’ after such appalling displays to the contrary… but worse, they are an utter disgrace and affront to those true professionals of the trade, whose passion and unwavering dedication built what they beleived was an necessary and essential, non-partisan 5th Estate… the integral pillar to an open, fair and transparent civilized democracy.
    These ‘pretenders’ who now appear to have taken the editorial reins in newsrooms the world over, have systematically and recklessly torn down every last vestige of journalistic ethics and integrity through their professional treachery and personal cowardliness; all in the face of some misplaced fear being whipped up by a small number of religious fanatics/zealots/bullies (call them what you will). In this act and those like them over the last decade or so, they’ve destroyed a critical institution that was meant to serve us all and help be a crucial ‘tool’ in the fight to eliminate the exact thing that we see them pathetically cowering from so publicly today.
    Their acts have left us all worse off and in a far more dangerous place than before. I can only say ‘Thank God for the likes of CS and WOBH’… whether you know it or not, you’re becoming more and more important by the day… on numerous levels. You and those like you in this space, have the great responsibility of ensuring that the dreams and ideals of those great newsmen and newswomen of the 50’s to the late 90’s, are kept alive and burning… albeit in whatever medium or form applies for the age.
    Good night and good luck WOBH… you’re needed more than ever.

    • la la land

      I couldn’t agree more – I felt so angry watching this and your post expressed all of my anger – thank you.

      • Nic C

        Sure thing La La Land… figured it wouldn’t just be me.

        I’m still bloody well seething even now!

  • Sweet Lips.

    Now you can understand why we have Charlie Hebdo, the so called newspapers are a pack of no we not going too do that it will offend, we are law abiding people, yea well as far as I m concern forget even printing your paper, who will read it. This Sky News is bit like this with Labour and National, Labour when it does wrong there is no news when National pass wind there is a front page saying a storm has happened.

  • Isherman

    Now the BBC and their policy of not publishing CH cartoons or images of Muhummad is just confusing me. The article attached shows a 16th century image of the prophet, albeit with face covered, so which is it. The article itself proveides interesting food for thought on the topic itself though.