Mona Dotcom in trouble


Mona Dotcom’s claim of 50% of Kim Dotcom’s wealth is based on three ideas.  One, that she has had no part in any crime, two, that the assets claimed aren’t a product of crime, and three, that she is going to divorce Dotcom so that New Zealand’s “no fault” divorce.

It is not surprising that the lawyers acting against Dotcom don’t see it that way.

a new filing the U.S. states that Mona currently has no standing to make such a claim, arguing that her interest under New Zealand law remains “unquantifiable” until she obtains a New Zealand court order defining the extent of her marital property.

Noting that Mona herself previously claimed to have been “completely financially dependent” on Kim Dotcom since their marriage, the U.S. states that Mona has failed to provide evidence that she has “dominion and control over the properties” which give her standing to make a claim.

Highlighting Mona’s claim to one of the seized vehicles, the U.S. notes that “Mona Dotcom cannot even drive — and without that ability, it would seem nearly impossible for her to establish that she had dominion and control over the vehicles.”

However much I like to wish difficulties on Mrs Dotcom, I’m not sure if the latter statement has much credibility.  I can definitely own a plane, even though I can’t fly one.  

Also at issue is the value of the 50% claim itself. According to the U.S. government, Mona has already received assets “far in excess” of the value of her claim from her marriage thus far.

“Mona Dotcom has already received more than any possible marital interest claim from releases from the New Zealand Courts, as well as from a direct transfer to her from Kim Dotcom of assets not restrained by this Court,” the U.S. argues.

According to the filing, through successful court action the Dotcom’s have obtained 40% of the assets previously seized in New Zealand.

“As of December 2014, more than NZ$1 million (currently US$770,000) in restrained funds were released to the Dotcoms as ‘living expenses’ by the New Zealand courts,” the filing reads.

“An additional approximate NZ$6 million (US$4.64 million) in legal fees have already been released to the Dotcoms. Mona Dotcom has benefited from the attacks on the restraints and has continued to enjoy a lavish lifestyle as a result.”

Assets were hardly restrained when $6M in legal fees, $4M in Internet Party funding, $1M in Good Times promotions and all the other “smaller” expenses are added up.

The U.S. also references assets in cloud-storage service Mega which were gifted to Mona by husband Kim. The 17% share is estimated to be worth NZ$35 million.

“This gift, combined with the apparent proceeds of previous sales of stock in Mega Limited and [music service] Baboom, means that Mona Dotcom has been provided and still controls assets well in excess of the approximately NZ$23 million she is trying to claim in this proceeding as her marital assets.

“Because she has already been provided those assets, her claim that she is still owed half the interest in Kim Dotcom’s restrained assets cannot be established under New Zealand law.”

The Dotcom’s split may be real as far as the marriage is concerned, but it has provided the couple with a great vehicle for tying up assets and trying to save a portion of it as owned by Mona, with perhaps a verbal agreement between the Dotcom’s that Kim will be ‘gifted’ some of it back at some time when he finds himself in a tight spot.  He is, after all, the father of the children.

But according to government’s lawyers, it may not come to that. They say that Mona was one of the incorporators of the “Megateam Corp.” in the Philipines and had no less than six separate Megaupload accounts associated with her email addresses.

“Mona Dotcom’s claim is insufficient to give her standing because she cannot establish any concrete injury,” the U.S. concludes. “Until the New Zealand courts quantify whatever property interest she may have, the nature of her property interest is at best, inchoate and murky.”

Finally, it appears the U.S. is also concerned about the amount of cash being burned through by the Dotcoms. In December Kim Dotcom filed a request for further legal expenses (estimated by the U.S. as likely to run into “millions”) plus additional living expenses (US$77,000 per month) to be released. That hearing will take place next week.

They are the ‘brokest’ rich couple I know of, and going on form, this whole mess is designed, rather than one that developed through circumstance.


– Andy, Torrentfreak


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  • john Doe

    I have always been of the firm opinion that their separation was was part of a conceived plan to launder and hide money/assets from the claimants. Time will tell if they are clever enough to beat the weight of the legal system that is about to engulf them. I think not.

    • Rick H

      I understand she is still living on the DotCom estate – but in another house.

  • Reid

    Bitcoin’s recently crashed through the floor too.


    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      A used-car yard in Whangarei have a sign up, “Bitcoins for sale”

      Either they were trying to diversify from just used cars,
      Or they wanted to do some untraceable deals,
      Or they took a bunch of them as a payment and are now left with excess stock of (newly worthless) bitcoin.

      Whatever . . . . BUAAAAAHH !!!

      • Albert Root

        What was Hone paid with?

        • Pete

          Losing his seat, !

          • flutterby

            And speaking of Hone, nothing more seems to have been said about his car accident just before the election….or did I miss it? What happened to Hone and why was it hushed up?

        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

          Aha !!!
          “I’m Hone, your trustworthy used-car-salesman. Kar-pie.
          You know I’m a bit down on my luck right now, had to take this up as my other family business went a bit funny. I really deserved another twenty years on the honky’s tit but these stupid Horis around here didn’t vote like they’re s’posed to. And that fat maggot gave me some bit stuff he said was real valuable and I believed him, just like my ancestors with the beads and blankets”

    • Imogen B

      Gee, wasn’t the Internet party going to pay for all those free places at uni with the profit from investing in Bitcoins? Dodged a bullet! Whew!

  • Carl

    ” additional living expenses of $77,000 per month”. This from a man who got taught humanity from Hone,

  • la la land

    I’m sure there’s another sugar daddy out there if this one falls through… The woman is gorgeous

    • KGB

      Any man taking that on is a fool. Aside from her vast brood, she will always have KDC involved in her life. A new man would be entertaining KDC at every birthday party, graduation, 21st, wedding, christmas, christening etc, for life. She’s got MEGA baggage.

      • Jas

        Not only that but also her mother who is the number 1 person in here life.
        Any man who marries a woman from Asia should know that they are number 3 in the pecking order

        • Cadwallader

          Could be wrong but I understand there’s no such thing as a divorce in her homeland? Were she and KDC married in the Philippines?

          • spanishbride

            Since his first wife Lovely was from the Philippines there must be .

          • Cadwallader

            Begs the question: Are they married at all? Either way the property gets halved unlike his presence.

          • Jas

            There is but it is very expensive so most can’t afford it.
            An interesting result of this is that a lot of women whose husbands have done a runner end up working as maids in Hong Kong and Singapore and it is much cheaper to get a divorce there

    • mark14

      really?I’ve never seen a picture with more amateurish photoshopping of anyone than that one on the sadmag

  • Catriona

    Oh dear, things not going according to plan for Mona.

  • caochladh

    I suspect the very shrewd Mona is playing everyone off against each other here and our gormless MSM and a certain dud judge have been sucked in as well.

    • Albert Root

      I don’t think she’s shrewd but she is advised and directed by a good number of shrewd people.

  • Cadwallader

    Perhaps Mona’s new man should have direct access to the PM, have a blog and an ability to irritate the msm…..wait! Hire Cam a tux! We can chip in for the champers!

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Cam is way too wise for that.

      But, definitely we don’t want any little lefty squealer getting their paws&claws on any of that loot.
      She’ll probably do a bit more eye-fluttering at some judge then lose him HIS job and have to pay his divorce costs too. And will then cast him aside . . . .

      • Cadwallader

        It is a pity Mallard recently married I think he deserves Mona and her circus.

  • Timboh

    Mona is a lisa. She thinks she get a lisa half the property

  • Wallace Westland

    Vile little gold digging rat. If she has a claim to half his coin she also has a claim to half the crimes he is accused of.
    One way or the other she doesn’t fit the bill to stay in NZ and I hope she too will be being packed off on a a flight back home or off to follow his wish and park her carcase in the USA so he can be close to the kids.

    One way or the other don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out Mona.

  • Huia

    Well, she wont have to go back to pole dancing anyway.
    Its all just a bit too strategic, corrupt and manipulative from that camp for me, I think they are as bad as each other. Would never surprise me when the dust settles and the goods have been made over to her that they “reconcile”. Would like to see him, her and their family hangers on all get kicked out of the country. They are no assets to this country with their shady dealings and I think she is just as bad as him. I will always believe (unless proven otherwise) that she lied her head off in court re John Banks.
    Her and her bludging family will follow the pingers that’s for sure.