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Martyn Martin “Wrongly Wrongson” Bradbury’s Unite Union, Mana Party, Internet Party and Dotcom supported blog appears to be the true victim of Dirty Politics.  Having hyped the demise of Whaleoil, and delivering the exact opposite, its supporters are finally seeing that in reality that blog did nothing but make Whaleoil even more popular.

Oh the unintended consequences…


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Where are we at then?

12 months ago, we clocked 2,064,075 pageviews during December.  L’;ast month, we clocked 3,008,922.  That’s 50% growth in 12 months.


Meet the team

Full credit to Mrs Slater who writes as Spanish Bride (SB).  She picked up a lot of the slack last month to give Cam a well deserved rest, and what is both exciting and concerning, she’s building her own fan base.  We’re also ably assisted by Lux, James, EWWBL, Roger, Sonovamin and Nige.  We are joined by Alex (AS) who has picked up the Map of the Day duties.  All these people volunteer to support Whaleoil.  They are unpaid, but their help takes the load off Cam and me to the point where we can continue to produce a “Whaleoil” for you every day, all year ’round.   Even during the holidays.

Thank you all so much for your support.


A quiet nudge…

I hate to keep harping on about financial support, but this time of year is always expensive for everyone, and as a result your support slips too.  If you have a spare few dollars, and January is your birthday month, please consider flicking a few dollars into our begging bowl.  Thank you.


And thank you, again

The thing that tickles us pink is that you keep coming back out of your own free will.  It annoys our opponents that whatever they try to do to interfere with our rise and rise, they can’t convince you to stop coming back for more.

It is clearly a symbiotic relationship – we wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for you, and you wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t for us.  But somehow, together, we’ve become and remain an unstoppable force.

Thank you for your support.  It’s why we work so hard.  And it’s why we are successful – all of us.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Roughly 10 x what the Stranded gets.
    When will we be FREED

  • 1951

    50% increase since last December. There is a way to go yet, I still have friends who think they are being ‘informed’ by watching the 6pm news.

    • The2Game

      The 6pm ‘News’ isn’t really ‘News’, 1951.

      Take ANY night as an example.

      The 60 minutes available RAPIDLY dwindles when you factor in:

      * The introductory Speaking Clock. ‘Right now, it’s Six O’Clock…’
      * Four or five breaks for General ads.
      * Promo ads for One News itself – the needless two to three crosses to Clone of Jimmy to tell us what the weather is like or what sports news is gonna show or what the Autocue Mannequins have already told us…
      * ‘Teasers’ for shows that One will be running later that night, week, year…

      And when it does get to the News, what do we get lumped with?

      * A ten second story on a disaster that has happened somewhere in the world (and, ooh, lookety, they’ve shown us a map of where that disaster happened) but which didn’t have the decency to get itself filmed so we won’t spend long on that, WILL we…
      * A one minute story on a disaster that has happened somewhere in the world that has happened in a place where a TV camera happened to catch pictures of.
      * A New Zealand story that is introduced by the Autocue Mannequins before we are ‘live crossed’ to a cub reporter. ‘Why are we bothering to interview Tom when’s he’s just going to repeat everything I’ve said?’ ‘Um, but he’ll be repeating it live from the scene.’
      * A New Zealand political story that will proceed exactly as per the New Zealand story just referenced except that this time the reporter will be the ‘political editor’, invariably standing outside Parliament Buildings, who will put his spin on just what the story means.
      * Those little moments of conviviality and chit-chat between members of the news team, the little asides of mutual congratulation and gratitude and commiseration that are supposed to make us see how wonderfully human the newscasters are.
      * The obligatory ‘warm fuzzy story’ to finish with.

      I’ve not taken a stopwatch out to check but I’d be quite willing to wager that over the 60 minutes of One ‘News’ there is considerably less than 15 minutes actually occupied with News.

      • 1951

        Nice to meet you The2Game. It has been some years since I wasted any of my time watching the TV news, so thank you for your summation. Things haven’t improved then. I gather from many a comment on here that John Key gets the blame for something nearly everyday, so you may want to add that to your description. Look forward to more of your comments.

  • jay

    This is hilarious actually. The attempts of the left to destroy Cam and bring down the government, and all of the ensuing free publicity has doubtless contributed to this result. Of course Whale Oil is superior to all the other blogs so people will keep coming back once they’ve had a look, hence the result.

    These stats probably won’t get a mention in the left wing blogs, but will nevertheless have them all grinding their teeth.

    • Apparently the stats are all doctored. Even Kim Dotcom ran an “analysis” to show our traffic all comes from a network of “bots”. And as you know, Dotcom knows his stuff.

      • The2Game

        Same as at the 2014 General Election, Pete.

        All of the 22.1% of those registered to vote who didn’t bother to participate were CLEARLY all going to vote Left, weren’t they? but were so disenchanted with the ‘Dirty Politics’ that they stayed at home…

        Yeah, right…

    • Nige.

      There’s no probably about it. The lefts whole mantra is to “deny, deny, deny” or “ignore, ignore, ignore”.

  • The2Game

    Never let it be said I am one-eyed, ha.

    Clearly, Cam and the Whale Oil team are doing many things right … but that also implies that the other bloggers on the Top Ten must be doing a lot of things wrong.

    I shall spend my spare time today having a quiet perusal of the latest articles in each of the other 9 Top Ten-rated blogs.

    How does ‘Desiderata’ put it? ‘Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story…’

    Will report back…

    • Nige.

      Best of luck to you. It will be a short journey im sure (i have tried several times but have not been able to either a) understand what the hell they are going on about b)where i am supposed to be clicking or LOOKING even c) what the message is that they are trying to get across. And that goes for right wing ones too…AND the transport blog!

      One thing you have to give WOBH is that it is layed out in a sensible way which is both accessible and transparent in the way that you can see all that is there by way of comments and its not hard to access to comment and there is not much chance of being bombarded with the foul language.

      hey and dont stop there! have a look at some of the ones in the low low 100s. there are some scary whack jobs out there.

  • Rightsideofthebed

    Sorry I was away for a couple or days – it’s all my fault you didn’t hit 3mil :)