More proof Labour and Green messages were as pointless as they were ineffective

The constant barrage during election year that people couldn’t afford to live due to increasing prices, especially on food, was paraded regularly.  The removal of 15% GST on fresh fruit and vegetables was even a policy plank for two parties.

Why did the electorate not react?  Could it be because in spite of Labour and the Greens with the help of a compliant media telling New Zealanders that they were really badly off, not enough actually saw this in their own pockets?

Monthly food prices have edged up in latest official statistics, led by more expensive fruit and meat, while dairy products fell.

The food price index rose 0.3 percent in December, following November’s 0.5 percent and a static October, according to Statistics New Zealand.

The index was 1 percent higher than December a year earlier.

That’s 1% of food inflation for the whole of 2014.

December quarter CPI figures are scheduled for release next Wednesday, with the Bank of New Zealand forecasting a drop of 0.2 percent, the first quarter of deflation since March 1999.

Thursday’s data shows prices rise for all but one of the five food groups in December, with fruit and vegetable price climbing 1.4 percent, as fruit climbed a seasonal 4.2 percent while vegetables slipped 0.8 percent, reflecting cheaper tomatoes, broccoli and lettuce.

Meat, poultry and fish prices increased 0.9 percent, with chicken up 2.6 percent to its highest level.

Non-alcoholic beverage prices rose 1.6 percent, while restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food prices rose 0.2 percent.

Here is the kicker:

Grocery food prices, the largest contributor to the overall measure, fell 0.7 percent, led by a 10 percent drop in butter, while cheese declined 5.1 percent and fresh milk fell 1.7 percent.

Labour and the Greens simply assume that if they tell enough people they aren’t doing well, they must find fertile ground.   This is true, if there are enough people that are actually in that predicament.

Turns out that few were.

If there is a marked difference between National and the left, is that National is constantly listening to the electorate to see where it’s collective mind sits.

Labour and the Greens simply pick what they want to achieve, and tell the electorate how to act, think and feel.

We’ve all seen the result.

National was returned with the largest majority of any MMP election, and a third term at that.

Can Labour fix this?   Of course.   Will they?   Signs so far are that they are building their strategy on the same flawed foundations.

A 4th National-led Government has better than even odds.

– NZN via 3 News


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  • R&BAvenger

    The opposition are noticeably quiet on this issue, as well as privacy during the holiday period, focussing on well, nothing important really.
    The terror attacks in Europe and need for upgraded security measures? Greens completely missing in action.
    Mind you after predicting petrol and $10 per litre by 2016, that’s not terribly surprising either.

  • ozbob68

    My family got fed well by a modest suburban garden, and I can recall falling asleep to the sound of a trickle hose watering dad’s tomatoes outside my window in summer. I am moving to a new flat next week that has a garden, so I will be trialling how much effort and reward it takes to run a garden, and figure the profit and loss.

    • Reaper

      I think it would be pretty hard to work out and depend on many different factors. Things like producing your own compost and saving your own seeds makes it much cheaper, but these systems take a few years to get going properly. I am able to keep a large vege garden going relatively inexpensively, but have the space to grow carbon crops and companion plants, feed a pony for manure, and raise many of my own seedlings from saved heirloom seeds. If you are going to be buying seedlings, compost, fertiliser, pesticides, etc. and accounting for your time you may find that the only benefit is the satisfaction.

      • ozbob68

        That’s ultimately what I am hoping to work out, like which factors are high-cost vs high-effort. I don’t expect to make much the first 2 years (if anything) but I will keep up the workload (and eventually scale it out to what family of 4 would consume) to see what the long terms benefits are. Plus my time is free, I can only count that as a loss if I could reasonably use that time to actually earn money elsewhere.

        • Reaper

          It can certainly be done, and I find it worthwhile. It’s a shame more of the ‘poor’ don’t bother. The satisfaction, of course, is priceless.

  • sandalwood789

    I get the feeling that there is a lot of optimism on the streets.

    In fact, the only “cloud” that I can see is the government’s lack of action against the danger of Islam (that has been clearly shown on this blog).
    The economy is ticking over and there are many hundreds (if not thousands) of jobs out there for the taking – a look at Trademe’s jobs section shows that.
    The Nats have also introduced charter schools as a much-needed alternative to the state-run schools.
    All in all, things look pretty good.

    • ex-JAFA

      I’m pretty sure that Partnership Schools is an ACT initiative. Nothing to do with National. At best, you could say “the government” introduced them, but certainly not National.

      • sandalwood789

        Fair comment, ex-JAFA.
        Credit where credit is due….. :)

        • Morgy

          Agreed, although it was National who had to deliver it under a sustained barrage from the union, opposition and compliant MSM. They do deserve significant credit.

  • Hard1

    Labour is symptomatic of the greater NZ malaise, blaming someone or something else for their own predicament. They are shirkers, evading work, duty and responsibility.
    IED Andy is the ideal figurehead. Always blaming someone else.

    If you are not catching fish don’t blame the fish.

  • conwaycaptain

    One of the greatest threats at the moment is that of deflation on a large scale in Europe and the PRC.
    Luckily we have a person who knows all about international finance etc in JK.
    Little Andy and Cardy Grant and the other numpties in Labour/NZF and Les Vertes haven’t a clue.
    In the DT they are saying that the UK Greens are overtaking UKIP in Party numbers.

  • jcpry

    Louisa Wall was quoted in our local rag spouting that there was a shortage of state houses. I remarked to my wife that it should have read a “surplus of no-hopers and losers”.

  • Christie

    I have to agree with this. These days supermarkets run some amazing specials – $1 bread, $2 biscuits – OK – maybe you can’t get everything you want, but so long as you buy the specials, and what is in season, food costs are really quite manageable. And it is unlikely to change – we are possibly seeing deflation on the horizon – and that will only depress prices even further. You do have to be able to cook, though….

  • Tom

    Um who are the greens. Never hear of them these days. Maybe because they’re so far down the spectrum.

    • Rick H

      And yet Wussel and Material seemed to be in our faces on the tele all the time – whinging about everything they had absolutely no clue about.
      Why do MSM keep giving these “never ever won an election” fools airtime?


    “…fresh fruit and vegetables was even a policy plank for two parties”.

    Surely that must have been a spelling mistake….shouldn’t that read ‘policy prank’?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    “A 4th National-led Government has better than even odds.” – Angry Andy must be fuming…..Deputy PMs Norman and Turei must be screaming…