So much for consultation on land transport, just two options and none that says “nick off noddy”

So opening the mail we find that Auckland Council has put out a consultation document on the Long Term Plan.

Unbelievably they have inserted this question about paying for public transport.


Firstly Auckland Council doesn’t own the motorways and will never get to use them for user charges.

Secondly they have also been told to rack off where it concerns fuel tax.

So why bother at all?

I[‘ll tell you why…Len brown will come out an say he consulted with Aucklanders and overwhelming they support one of those two options…never mind there wasn’t a third option of “Get Stuffed you thieving bastards”.

The rest of the document fails to comprise any meaningful information on how or what the Long Term Plan for Auckland is about.

Lots of graphic artist work but not much else.

So much for an open and transparent Council.

Sometimes the stupidity and belligerence reaches new levels.

Len Brown is so determined to try and pay for his  vanity projects he just can’t give up.

And his staff are no better.

The sooner they are all sacked the better.


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  • Quinton Hogg

    You are lucky, getting a letter from council wanting to “consult”
    I will, if I receive a similar epistle be responding in forthright terms telling the AC to get their thieving hands out of my pocket.

    • Albert Lane

      We’re also in Auckland. We haven’t received our questionnaire yet. I just wish the council would get their basic responsibilities sorted out. The rubbish and recycling collection systems in Auckland are still based on the systems in place before the establishment of the super city. And those of us that were incorporated into the super city still don’t have the same systems that “old” Auckland has. I just wish the council would put some effort into their basic duties. But no, there will be no mowing of berms, but we’ll spend millions on all sorts of other projects totally unrelated to our basic task.

      • Wallace Westland

        Yep. Either mow all the berms or none of them. Either everyone pays for a rubbish bag or everyone gets a free wheelie bin.
        Consistency across the board. That’s what’s missing.

        • Albert Lane

          It’s mind-boggling that they haven’t addressed the basic requirements for a council. I sincerely wonder what the 1,000 people employed by the council, and who earn over $100,000 each p.a. actually do. They have completely forgotten the basics.

      • Miss Daisy

        trouble is its not a letter just looks like the rest of the junk mail they stuff into our letterbox so you need to watch out for it

        • Albert Lane

          We’ve got a sign on our letter-box saying No Junk Mail, so it probably won’t arrive.

  • Grocersgirl

    The questions in Annual Plans are written by the “communications team”, frequently blonde bimbos, who have absolutely no idea about budgets, local government, infrastructure etc, but who have plenty of fluffy images of families in parks or romping by the sea, and who can lay out pages to make them look pretty but not necessarily to provide real information.

    • 40something

      As a designer I have to disagree with you. No doubt there is a ‘communications team’ but this will be very well thought out in terms of what to include and what not to. The mac operator putting it together is tasked with making it look presentable and yes they’ll be adding the fluffy pictures but only because it is in the the ‘soft sell’ brief they were given. This design work is contracted out, but the machinations behind the scenes – those that set the tone and content for the document, come directly from Len’s office. This is pure piece of PR with political intent behind it. There would have been exhaustive meetings about this I can assure you.

      • I can imagine what those ‘exhaustive meetings’ would have been like…even not being dirty minded, ‘Haha, I’m going to shaft these people and there’s nothing they can do about it until the next election. Oh well, tell them it’s all going to be tree lined artwork and about a “better future” for “all of us”. I’m off for another “meeting”, laterz.’

      • Grocersgirl

        I guess I should clarify that my comment wasn’t specifically about Auckland Council. However, after a career in local government since before annual plans were invented I have run the gamut of (mostly) blond bimbos who think a communications “degree” from a polytech makes them an expert on everything. I agree that those that set the tone and content of APs and instruct the bimbos mostly come from the mayoral office, the over-riding concern being that the council should look good, much to the despair of the staff who actually take pride in what they do and genuinely want usable feedback from the ratepayers on the projects they’ve been tasked to work on.

        • 40something

          I agree with you. I recently turned down work for a district council, who shall not be named, as I couldn’t stomach what I was expected to produce. Health sector is the same – complete tosh and endless committees. I guess my point is Len doesn’t want answers to certain questions so simply doesn’t ask them – it is waffle all the way down the line. I know the type you refer to – the PR girls – vacuous and stupid. They are the bane of the designers life. Often times the job will be done perfectly but for the sake of control they will change one little thing. It is the condescension of the stuff they produce that gets my goat.

  • disqus_DU7T1pNtzv

    maybe we should just cross out the two options and manually insert a third… saying that, I can think of somewhere quite appropriate to insert the third choice but the questionnaire will have to suffice. Or, maybe a poll here could get things rolling?

    • Albert Lane

      Why bother? Loosehead Len has already decided what is going to happen. You didn’t think that Auckland Council was a democratic organisation, did you?

      • disqus_DU7T1pNtzv

        ha ha ha.. so true, won’t change what’s happening one bit . MSM wouldn’t publish it either but could be interesting to have the issue canvassed with some alternate options and see what the real result was.

  • Sally

    I looked at the document labelled “you’re 7 ticks away from deciding the future of Auckland.”
    At first I thought why bother then realised that is what Brown wants. If we don’t respond then he will say we are in agreement.
    Then as Cam pointed out Q2 doesn’t give a choice of disagreeing. As it says 7 ticks what if I did 7 crosses would that imply disagreeing.
    The best I come up with is put a thick black line through anything I disagree with.

    • johcar

      Just did mine online – I was concerned that the form validation might have wanted one or other of the radio buttons ticked, but fortunately I was able to submit with just a comment: “None of the above” along with some other comments which I won’t publish here…

      However I also made a final comment, suggesting they get their thieving hands out of ratepayers pockets, stop coming up with grandiose schemes and go back to basics…

      I suspect any forms with negative comments about the current administration like this will probably be excluded from consideration, but at least I had my say! :)

  • Richard

    A 3.5% OVERALL rates increase isn’t really an OVERALL rates increase if you are going to then increase it by 1% every subsequent year is it Len?

  • Builder

    That very short line marked in box 1 will be counted as approval from the grinning councillors..

    • pak

      Correct. Better get some white out onto it pronto!

  • Iera

    That absent third option would surely be the “light rail” trams recently mooted, but then this questionnaire was likely already at the printers, or had in fact been printed.
    Why can’t the Auckland Council just get all their krap together in one place at one time?

  • pak

    Completed mine the other day and also did not tick either option in Q2b adding a comment along similar lines as above. Also disagreed with proposed overall average increase of 3.5% when Brown committed end of 2013 to “keep rates at or below 2.5%” and made the point that instead of bridge cycleways etc the City should focus on reducing debt starting with bloated staffing and the Mayor’s 7 or so media relations/advisors persons. Probably a waste of time even filling in.

  • In Vino Veritas

    There is also the fact that house owners shouldn’t have to pay for all non residential related services! Just because you won a house you should not have to pay the bulk of a transport system. How about they have an option that says “user pays”. Then we’ll really get to see if Red Lyin Len’s train set can pay its way.
    The good news is that there are a couple of places to put your own comments. So I’d suggest a free for all, and I am in!

  • BJ

    Wouldn’t have taken much to put a third box labelled ‘other’ or ‘neither’ if it was indeed a genuine consultation. Must think they are very cleaver giving the populous a ‘vanilla or chocolate’ choice only.

  • SkeptiK

    So the council thinks they have us on Morton’s fork. All these councils seem overwhelmingly staffed by fringe elements that feel entitled to spend as much of our money as they like in order to socially engineer there vision of Utopia. Central government needs to fix this by drastically reducing their powers, setting maximum rates and curtailing borrowing.

  • It was a fantastic feedback form. Absolute tripe and I emailed it to council as such. My personal favourite was Question 3. My response was ‘”A more active role’ is called Communism. Leave people to make their own choices.’ What a bunch of losers. The entire thing was a waste of my rates and will never lead to anything useful (they’ll just have a nice large ‘storage’ bin for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

  • JustanObserver

    You Aucklanders who are opposed to the current Loopy Dictatorship could engage a lawyer, form a collective and stop paying your Auckland Rates to the Council.
    Pay them into a fund (by due dates) and have your lawyer file a class suit against the council for breach of service.
    The collective Rates monies would be accumulating a decent whack of interest to pay for the lawyer, and at some point, the money would be there to actually pay the council, if and when you can get enough ratepayers to make the council listen to you.
    Just a thought.

  • Jimmie

    Probably rushed this out while fuel prices are low hoping the sheepies will tick the fuel tax option.

    Gotta give Brown some credit for low down political cunning.

  • mike

    What about the onramps or feeder roads? Could he be sneaky and put a toll on them?

    • Under current legislation, as I understand it, you cannot toll existing roads. It’s not whether they couldn’t physically do it, but that they have no current authority to do it (the same as they can’t decide to toll local roads either nor impose, on their own initiative, a petrol tax on petrol stations in the Auckland Region).

  • richard.b

    Those questions remind me of the Orewa to Puhoi Toll Road.
    Locals were given two options, something like:
    a) Do you want us to start the motorway next year and have a toll
    b) Do you want us to delay the motorway for 20 years and have no toll
    Nek minit “Majority of Rodney residents in favour of toll road”

    • Albert Lane

      Yes, and now they’re going to extend the motorway to Warkworth, and eventually to Wellsford. And guess what. It will also be a toll road. When I think of all the petrol taxes paid for by people living north of Auckland, and the rotten roads they have, and the fact that they will have the only toll roads in the country, and look at the other lovely roads around NZ with no tolls whatsoever, partly paid for by Northlanders, it makes me wonder what the heck is going on.

  • As my late great father used to say:
    You get the politicians you deserve by voting for them.
    So tough titty Auckland, get a spine and vote for a conservative for a change.

    • Chiefsfan73

      Also a fool and his money are soon elected, I can’t recall who this one is attributed to.