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  • Hans

    Great that we are all united – oops sorry Le Penn Jean-Marie are not invited by main stream gutless politicians, she warned that this would eventually happen and still with the writing on the wall they have there heads in the sand. The people know better that these attacks were carried out by Muslim extremists and the day will come when it will be taken out of the powers that be hands, I”m concerned what will replace main stream politics if they don’t wake up soon.

    • grumpy

      You are talking about the next President of France.

      • Hans

        I don”t know much about Le Penn, i hear some good stuff and bad – it can become very hard knowing where the truth lies at times

        • Stuarts.burgers

          It would be good to get a bit of an over view of French Politics, can Nicholas came back, Hollande (the accidental President, Strauss-Kahn was to be the lefts pick) can he win again, Marine Le Pen has she done enough to take the rough edges of her party and so allow her to become the first female President much to the displeasure of Hollande’s ex ex parntner

          • Edward_L

            Briefly, less than half the Socialists support Hollande. He says he will not run in 2017 if unemployment does not move.
            Sarko is popular on the right,and regained the leadership of the UMP a few months ago but Alain Juppé from the UMP is more popular with the general public and would easily beat Hollande.
            Sarko is someone the left can hate, as too flashy and ‘not French’ enough.

          • Edward_L

            Marine Le Pen has picked up a lot of the former unionist vote for protesting against the loss of French jobs. She runs on protecting the right to free speech, to practise beliefs, and French values etc and also portrays herself as a solo mum.
            At 29 percent in the polls, she will make it through the first round for President but lose the run off.
            There is huge discontentment right now with unemployment stuck at 11 percent.
            A lot of people have left France, feeling constrained by the heavy bureaucracy.
            Compared to NZ, France is incredibly socialist, they voted for the 75% tax on the rich but can’t understand why the money isn’t rolling in.

          • Mags

            The tax has been dropped last week.

          • Effluent

            France must be in a bad way – the professionals are moving to the UK in large numbers.

            I am a great admirer of french culture, and even as an englishman, I can sympathise with them having to move out of their native culture to an english-speaking one; on the basis of the performance of their forebears, the Huguenots, I say bienvenue to the UK, as they will no doubt make a positive contibution, and fit in well.

          • Stuarts.burgers

            Thank you This is what I love about Whale Oil there always seems somebody out there who can comment with intelligent and thoughtful remarks.
            I found your comments about the UMP interesting,if they can not get behind their candidate, who ever, they could get a lame duck, as per Hollande, come through the middle.

    • Effluent

      the problem is that Le Pen’s Party is anti semitic.

      ‘The Jewish school shooting in Toulouse in 2012, in which four people were murdered at point blank range by a French-born jihadist trained in the Middle East; the growing support for Marine Le Pen’s National Front; and the mass popularity of anti-Semitic public figures such as comedian Dieudonné, are all part of the undercurrent of anti-Semitism that frames French life’

      excerpted from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11335980/Antisemitism-in-France-the-exodus-has-begun.html


  • Citizen

    I live in Paris. Even the most hardened lefty’s are aghast at President F Hollande shutting out the right….But isn’t that what the left do?

  • grumpy

    Let’s put this in context! This article clearly points out what nobody else has, the futility of hashtags and their use as purely to make gutless people feel better.

    • ShoreRight

      Thank you for sharing that article.

  • Sweet Lips.

    President is very weak, just have too look at his speeches, I would say he is on his way out, at a time like this you need each other, and that goes for politics.

    • conwaycaptain

      Francois H is another product of the “elite” schools that have governed France since WW 2.
      We have a product of one of these “eleite” schools. here Julianne Genter!!! She went to Science Po.

  • Edward_L

    The Interior Minister Bernard Casseneuve was a hell of a lot more impressive than François Hollande. I listened to the Friday morning statements and the other pronouncements via BFMTV. It was clear who was in charge.
    Good investigative journalism from that channel. Having the terrorists on the phone but not broadcasting them until after they were dead. Confirming who financed them and who they followed and confirming that both sets of terrorists were linked and confirming what they had done.

  • Yep all these hashtags and slogans and marches will really intimidate all the muslim terrorists. They will be herding their goats up a mountain in Afghanistan in much haste.

    • Michelle

      these marches mean alot of people in one place close together, alot of damage can be done by a few suicide bombers, scary stuff

  • grumpy

    Perhaps it is now time to offer French Jews a home in NZ? They are intelligent, high achievers and would not be the drain on the taxpayer that our current crop of refugees are.
    Poetic justice in a way.

  • Andy

    There is some interesting aspects to this via the Algerian aspects (the gunmen were Algerian apparently). About 50 years ago there was a lot of conflict between the French and the Algerians which led to widespread slaughter in both camps. I’m not jumping to any conclusions here, but some historical context helps too.

  • LesleyNZ

    The French President also says the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-9WgNDjAsI&feature=youtu.be&t=42s

  • timemagazine

    No marches, no matter how big will stop these evil jihadist.
    Any marches this week end from the moderat Muslims in NZ?