NZ Journalist receives threats of violence. (Reveal: it isn’t me)

Social media was named by someone with a sick sense of humour.  The number of direct and indirect death threats I have received over the years for something I published is beyond count.  I report them to the Police of course, but it’s basically just background noise to me.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is now spilling over to other people in the media

A Taranaki newspaper columnist says she has received threats of sexual violence from leaders in the agricultural community.

Police are investigating a complaint by Rachel Stewart, who says she got threats online and by email.

Ms Stewart said the threats began last Monday after the Taranaki Daily News published a column in which she responded to a Federated Farmers claim that the Environment Court treats farmers worse than murderers and rapists.

She says she received sexual insults on Twitter.

“They discuss things like a bull should artificially inseminate me but the bull would need blinders on which I kind of found slightly amusing – but horrible.”

Ms Stewart, who herself was once the president of Federated Farmers in Whanganui, said the tweets were favourited by several elected officers of Federated Farmers.

She said she went to the police on Thursday after receiving a note in her mailbox saying: “We’re not so dumb, we know where you live bitch.”

It appears Taranaki has its share of ferals too then.

News is something that someone, somewhere, doesn’t want people to know.   Unfortunately, the majority of these people don’t understand the process of law and argument.  They go directly for violence.

The fact that elected officials from Federated Farmers “liked” a post that crass is a pretty sad sign that people aren’t engaging their brain.

Ferals are everywhere, and they aren’t just beneficiaries and inbreds.   They can also be found in within ‘respected’ circles.   I hope these people get outed.


There is some sad irony in this situation.   The “Journalist” involved happens to be the same one that wanted Labour to get on with killing me.


At the time, I contacted the Taranaki Daily News and asked if that was the sort of thing they condoned from their Journalists.   This was their response.

Rachel Stewart is not an employee of the Taranaki Daily News or Fairfax Media. She is a contractor.

I then asked if they would continue to use her services.  The associate editor responded

That’s not my decision to make. Our editor is on annual leave.

You might think I’m sitting here full of joy that she’s on the receiving end of this sort of vile crap.  But no.  Rachel, like anyone else in this country, should be able to write what she thinks without being subjected to vile threats of physical harm or even death.

Have we not just gone through a whole situation in Paris where we, we as journalists, all kind of got on the same page on this issue?  Free speech is free speech?   Killing someone because of something they write or draw is not cool?

Unfortunately, what the ferals and Rachel herself did was break the law.  You can’t go around threatening people’s lives.  Free speech is one thing, the law is another.

If nothing else, perhaps Rachel has grown a little as a person, and a journalist through this experience.

She may vicariously wish me dead, or even just wish “the blog” goes away, but I’m actually on her side with regards to her column as well as me believing that no one deserves death threats.  Wait until they start singling out your family to get back at you Rachel, it’s a whole other dimension.




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  • Murray Smith

    Having been on the end of abuse over a published view of mine, I can sympathise with these views. It’s not nice but to be able to express ones views, through media, then some form of counter view must be expected.
    However, there is never any need for violence to be threatened. It seems the feral reactions of some overtake common reasoning.

  • Jaffa

    Well said!

    • Caprice

      I agree. Nice post.
      I know this will not add anything meaningful to the thread – but I had to say it. Sorry.

  • Don W

    This feral attitude is something not dissimilar to what comes from the Muslims.

    • Nige.

      Its a primitive response to an emotive situation. But that’s where the similarities end. I don’t think the agricultural community of the naki are going to behead anyone anytime soon.

      • Nige, someone went to her home and stuck a threatening letter in her letterbox. Whoever did that has so little impulse control, what’s to say she doesn’t face something more serious?

        I hope you never get to experience this. I get to see most of what Cam faces, and it doesn’t enhance your quality of life I can assure you. Especially when they tell you your daughters are next. If it’s you and your daughters under the gun, I bet you wouldn’t shrug it off like that.

        • Nige.

          You are right. Violence is violence. None of it in either situation is acceptable.

          I shrug off that the two are not comparible. The death threats should certainly be followed up on and a prosecution made.

          • Don W

            I never used the word farmer in my comment.

          • Nige.

            sorry. I got carried away.

  • PeterPumkinEater

    Those Fed Farmers and their ilk have very thin skins. It would seem some should have used head protection as the sun appears to have addled their brain. The Stewart article was pointed but essentially correct. Socialist bludgers expecting the greater community to pick up their external costs via ratepayer funded water quality protection programmes or uneconomic irrigation on dry stock land.

  • la la land

    What goes around comes around I am afraid. It is not ok for people to publicly threaten others and wish them dead… but perhaps Ms Stewart might think twice before wishing others dead in future

  • Rachel Stewart

    Cam, your article above is level-headed and fair.
    Yes, I did tweet that, and can assure you it was NOT anything other than joining in with the twitter herd on some relevant news story about you on the day.
    But, you are right. Knowing what I know now, about how receiving relentless threats and abuse feels, it is something I will never do ever again. Please accept my unreserved apology for ever doing so in the first place.
    By the way, I’m thoroughly enjoying your views on the Ruataniwha!

  • The Whinging Pom

    I comment on blogs via a Disqus pseudonym, but my Twitter account is in my own name. Given the way in which some people react to views with which they disagree I’m now beginning to wonder whether that is a wise thing. So far I’ve only suffered abuse, but these days you never know what’s around the corner.

    • KinaRolf

      You never know, but I bet you, the chances are just too good it is either a government NSA or GCSB agent, or a criminal, all in the same category, all looking for money and power to control you.

  • Hans

    It’s just not PC to have an opinion that the left disagrees with, they want freedom of expression as long as you express the ideas that failed in Russia after WW2