NZ Junk food manufacturers in for tough 2015


Companies making ?junk food? look as though they?re in for a tough year.

If it wasn?t the Aussie council seeking to ban chips, chocolate and sugary drinks from parks, it is now UK ?experts? calling for a ban on junk food adverts.

The usual health experts suspects are calling for bans on junk food TV ads, saying they shouldn?t be aired before 9pm in the hope that parents will stop getting pressured by their kids wanting ‘unhealthy food and sugary drinks’.

The British Heart Foundation is saying ‘seven in ten parents with children aged four to 16 have been pestered by their children to buy junk food they have seen advertised on TV.’? ?

And as usual, there?s alarmist language being used to promote their views.

‘Regulations for TV and online advertising in the UK are weak. Loopholes in the system mean that every day millions of children are exposed to sophisticated marketing techniques specifically designed to lure them into unhealthy eating habits.

?This evidence shows that junk food ads are having a detrimental impact on children?s behaviour and are hindering parents? efforts to get their children to eat healthily.’

No comment on parents being responsible for their own children. Of course not.

No doubt we will soon be seeing a New Zealand equivalent poster like this one from Australia.


Maybe they are just waiting for a new grant for hundreds of thousands from the Government before producing one.

The thing is no one is even proposing a Fat Bastard Tax that addresses the real problem at the root cause…fat bastards stuffing their gobs with excess.


-?Daily Mail