NZ Junk food manufacturers in for tough 2015


Companies making ‘junk food’ look as though they’re in for a tough year.

If it wasn’t the Aussie council seeking to ban chips, chocolate and sugary drinks from parks, it is now UK ‘experts’ calling for a ban on junk food adverts.

The usual health experts suspects are calling for bans on junk food TV ads, saying they shouldn’t be aired before 9pm in the hope that parents will stop getting pressured by their kids wanting ‘unhealthy food and sugary drinks’.

The British Heart Foundation is saying ‘seven in ten parents with children aged four to 16 have been pestered by their children to buy junk food they have seen advertised on TV.’   

And as usual, there’s alarmist language being used to promote their views.

‘Regulations for TV and online advertising in the UK are weak. Loopholes in the system mean that every day millions of children are exposed to sophisticated marketing techniques specifically designed to lure them into unhealthy eating habits.

‘This evidence shows that junk food ads are having a detrimental impact on children’s behaviour and are hindering parents’ efforts to get their children to eat healthily.’

No comment on parents being responsible for their own children. Of course not.

No doubt we will soon be seeing a New Zealand equivalent poster like this one from Australia.


Maybe they are just waiting for a new grant for hundreds of thousands from the Government before producing one.

The thing is no one is even proposing a Fat Bastard Tax that addresses the real problem at the root cause…fat bastards stuffing their gobs with excess.


– Daily Mail


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  • Just a thought …

    Bloody gummint ,. munch munch munch, bloody advertisers , munch munch munch, bloody peer pressure , munch munch munch………. if only it was up to me I wouldn’t eat all this crap , munch , munch munch Buuuurp…..

  • Harry B’Stard

    So with all the poverty and obesity only about 25% of kids in NZ are normal. If we could just get the fat kids to share their lunches we could reduce the figures in both camps.

  • Drhill

    After Climate Change is this becoming the next big thing to go against?

    • Just a thought …


  • Whitey

    Hang on – the photo says poor kids are twice as likely to be fat as kids from affluent families, but the MSM keeps telling me poor kids are starving?

    • Just a thought …

      Starving is a relative term.
      When Dad can only afford a 10 piece pack instead of a 15 piece pack then I am likely to be left ” starving “……..

      • Whitey

        Oh, of course. I knew there’d be a sensible explanation.

    • Reaper

      Maybe it comes down to sheer laziness – people who are too lazy to go to work are also too lazy to cook a decent meal and rely on junk food.

      • Just a thought …

        I’m offended……. ( where’s Dame Susan when I need her ) ……. I struggle with work but have no problem cooking up a ‘feed’……..

  • timemagazine

    Junk food does not exist. It is simply food. It is up to everybody to put a limit on how much you eat and how much you allow your kids to eat a certain product. But the left has no clue what self responsibility means.

    • johcar

      Damn! I can only upvote this once!!!

    • Just a thought …


  • oldmanNZ

    every time i see Kate Upton advertising for Carls Junior Burger, do I get the jeebees for a burger?
    Its not just that people are eating more junk as they too lazy to cook, they also too lazy to excercise.
    How many of these lower social ecomomic household have sky or a PS3, xbox?
    How many of them in rentals get a contractor to mow the lawns?

    Did kids still bike to school?
    However, I see a lot of primary kids on scooters in my area.

  • johcar

    So where should the FBT kick in?

    Should we be charging in our hospitals for obesity-related illnesses? Seems a little late in the story at that point – there’s no incentive, since everyone thinks they are ten foot tall and bulletproof (until they’re not). So this would be more of a punishment tax (not that I’m against it for that reason).

    Charging FBs more for airline tickets I am heartily behind – FBs should be paying their way, since every kilo carried costs the airline to transport…

    And for the cost of dying as a FB, no burial, just cremation (although that will bother the warmists) – but there’s no point in taking up additional valuable real estate…

    But where is the cut off for a FB? How is it measured? BMI?

    Putting a tax on ‘junk food’ is not necessarily going to help – I know some obese vegetarians.

    It’s not necessarily what you eat – it can definitely be how much you eat…

    • Jas

      Would also need a skinny loser charge in hospitals too. There are just as many skinny people in hospital as fat people.

    • jcpry

      This is a typical ambulance at the foot of the cliff scenario. The object has to be stop kids getting fat. It will be easier to achieve that than educate the already morbidly obese.
      I am involved in the administration of a large sports club and we have over 600 under 14 year olds engaged in regular activity. The first line of our strategic plan for the junior club is:
      “Encouraging children to choose to be active and assist with promoting this.” Once you have them then you can talk about nutrition, fitness and healthy living choices. It has to start somewhere.

      • justhinking

        It is happening in school also withnutrition and healthyliving being topics taught

  • jcpry

    It is all very well to sit back and take pot shots at the messengers of doom on this issue but if something – education, legislation, or compulsion – isn’t done we as taxpayers are going to pay and pay and pay.
    It is much like education. If we don’t educate the lower decile pupils we are going to pay again.
    Flippant responses and pointing at shortfalls in parenting and budgeting skills is not going to make this issue go away and if something isn’t done don’t expect to get your hip operation any time soon.

    • Harry B’Stard

      One advantage I can see, fat kids don’t make good burglars so you house and contents insurance will go down.

      • jcpry

        Yep and you just solved the whole problem in one comment. How do you solve this problem given the state we are currently in? Just saying I’m healthy isn’t enough it is going to cost you.

        • Harry B’Stard

          the choices we have are legislate and or educate, or pay via insurance and tax

      • Whitey

        Quite so. It’s no good jemmying open a window if you can’t fit through it.

        • andrew carrot

          The father of a family trapped in their house during the massive Queensland floods a few years ago said his collective blood line couldn’t get onto the roof of their house because (his words) “we were too fat to fit through the window”. It was clear they’d spent many years on the Aussie Bogan Diet.

    • Jas

      By far and away the number 1 highest cost to the health system now and into the future is looking after old people. The cost to keep someone alive for a few extra years is massively high.

      • jcpry

        Maybe but fit and healthy old people are one hell of a lot cheaper than those with diabetes, cardio difficulties, heart issues and replaced body parts due to excessive wear and tear from obesity.

        • Wheninrome

          Yes, and generally speaking they are still paying tax. Forget the argument the wealthy elderly shouldn’t get the pension, anything they receive from the State goes into their total income and they are taxed accordingly on the whole amount of income they receive.
          The “chronically ill” younger people never pay tax – too sick to work, or too fat to work or whatever, and get more and more of the health budget.

        • Jas

          Yes and No. A lot of cardio and heart problems and cancers come purely from old age and have nothing to do with obesity. A lot of the time it is simply just wear and tear and the fact they are healthy previously means they hang on longer which in turn uses more resources.

          • jcpry

            Agreed but the lifetime cost of an obese person is likely to be much higher than that of a fit an healthy one. When a fit and healthy person requires medical treatment they are more likely to be paying having “credit” for not having consumed medical costs over their lifetime or like a lot of us used medical insurance to cover costs.

    • TreeCrusher

      I wonder if there are similar economics to smoking involved here? I.e. All people cost the health system at some stage, unless you die young in a car accident or something. Obese people cost the health system earlier in their life but because they won’t live as long end up dieing before they have the traditional elderly ailments.

  • Jordan Campbell

    Do a google search of ‘sugar content of apples compared to cola’.

  • GoingRight

    We have noticed a difference though with this generation of parents, many are reading the back of packages and rejecting anything with too much sugar, so in a way the market will sort itself out. Some of these parents are obsessional it almost becomes irritating!

  • McGrath

    There’s no such thing as personal responsibility anymore. Don’t blame the pie maker if you’re stuffing your face full of pies.

  • KiwiM8

    Before a finger is pointed at the overweight children, have a look at the parents ….

  • “… with children from poor households nearly twice as likely [to be obese]”. Somehow makes a mockery of measures of poverty in this Country

  • sheppy

    ‘seven in ten parents with children aged four to 16 have been pestered by their children to buy junk food they have seen advertised on TV.’

    Maybe those seven out of ten should consider being a parent for once and actually saying “no”

    • Reaper

      We don’t have a TV, but my child still finds things to pester me about. Lately she has been pestering me about going to the beach – should we ban beaches?

  • When I’m away from home, I try to have a burger for dinner – but one made outside a burger chain. I ask for the works. Egg. Bacon. Coleslaw if they have it. Beetroot, mushies, cheese, tomato, onion and a handmade patty. The worst bit is the high sugar Watties tom sauce, but if you don’t eat the buns, you’ll dodge the high GI carbs and most of the sugar also. That’s a pretty healthy meal, if you look it up and down. It makes you feel full for long, has lots of fiber, and it was made with fresh ingredients bar the patty itself.

    OK, that didn’t help much with my diet. It’s a stretch until 6 pm now! ;)

  • TreeCrusher

    Who watches ads these days? I haven’t watched a TV ad in over a year now. These people astound me; here’s their train of thought, kid watches TV, kid sees ad, kid wants what ad is selling, therefore ban ads…. How about the other, free and non-nanny state, option, turn the flipping tv off! Or buy a PVR and tech the kids to fast forward the ads. Both options easy and require no government regulation.