One is offensive, the other is offensive. What is the difference?

Mainstream media have no problem deciding what is offensive and what isn’t.  See if you can work it out.

Dancing genitals in Swedish kids' show spark outcry -

That’s entertainment, even.   


This, on the other hand, isn’t entertainment.

Tell me if I’m wrong, because to be honest, I can’t seem to get this straight.

The only explanation that continues to fit is that the media in general bend to the threats of Islam, while not caring about offending anyone else.

If offending is the true test, most of the media reports wouldn’t be able to run.


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  • Isherman

    Being happy show images offensive to some, but not to others does not really suprise me. What suprises me far more is the the use of the term ‘outcry’. Isnt it supposed to be the MSM trade stock term ‘outrage’, a typo surely.

  • Geoff

    I find the penis cartoon far more offensive than offending people who believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden.

    • Cadwallader

      Then how do you run with a fairy’s penis?

      • caochladh

        I seem to remember “The Magic Roundabout”, but I can’t recall “The Magic Penis”.

  • spanishbride

    I made this today.

    • Cambo

      That drawing would definitely offend Muslims. I can see a depiction of the cross in it…

      • Salacious Crumb

        The second one looks Jewish. That’ll send them into a spin….

        • Cambo

          Of course it also looks like it was drawn my Muhammeds wife (being 6 years old and all)

  • twr

    Have the people who did that cartoon ever seen genitals?

    • Garbageman

      Just about to go check mine for one eyebrow or a tash, thats just disturbing

  • caochladh

    I have never taken much notice before, but all this talk of penis’s made me see the Mullah in a new light. Is the caricature of the Mullah deliberately drawn to look like a penis head? If so, well done!

    • Geoff

      Never thought about it but suspect you are correct.

  • Justsayn

    I think if there is a rational argument that publishing the Muhammad cartoons was “wrong” (and I don’t mean to suggest the response was right) it may be along the “do unto others” theme.

    If it would be wrong for people to mock Christians in a way that is deliberately hurtful to them, then it must be wrong to do so to muslims. Sure, what might be hurtful may be differ from one group to another, and ignorance may lead to unintended offense, the cartoons were done in a context where the offence they would cause was known and deliberately invoked.

    I think the problem we have now is that skins seem unreasonably thin, some are looking for an excuse to take offense, and they reactions are tragically, irrationally, horribly disproportionate.

    • dgrogan

      If you can’t speak out in satire or parody, what actually is there to say worth saying?

    • Steve

      ……’I think if there is a rational argument that publishing the Muhammad cartoons was “wrong” (and I don’t mean to suggest the response was right) it may be along the “do unto others” theme………etc etc

      My brain hurts…….

    • Andrew Gibson

      It’s not that skins are ‘unreasonably’ thin, but ‘conveniently’ thin. Taking offence is part of the power games that many minorities play, as a way of shutting down dissenting opinion or getting what they want. Fair enough, but I wouldn’t have thought the next step was murder.


    The media are and will always be inconsistent in the way they approach certain ‘sensitive’ issues…what’s new. Aren’t we flogging a dead horse?

  • Nebman

    I’ve always understood offense to be something that is taken not given. If that is true then the onus on the response to the offence is always on the offended party. No ifs, buts or maybes. No exceptions.

    These howling savages that threaten to drag the entire planet screaming back to the dark ages seek to shift the blame for their actions to others. But they are playing a bigger game. They desire the publicity more than anything to help advance their cause as they know the West will in the end attempt to placate them. North Korea have done it for years. Concessions will be given.

    My solution would be simply to let them run rampant in their own patch of sand. Anyone choosing to go play with them can go but never return. Anyone caught carrying out these barbarous activities immediately gets exported minus their passport. But they must never be allowed to leave Iraq/Syria. In the end they will run out of puff.

    Until the West force the hand of the so called moderate Muslims to deal directly with these radicals then we will always be on the back foot fighting a war we are totally ill equipped to deal with let alone understand.