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  • Orange

    I’m betting the explosion was fireworks.

    • Wayne McDougall

      And I think the explosion was caused by a fire.

      A fire in a fireworks factory.

  • KGB

    It should have happened after dark !

  • cows4me

    When I was a kid the whole road use to get together for fireworks night. My uncle who was drunk at the time dropped his smoke into a wheel barrow full of fireworks. It was a very short lived spectacle but it was good while it lasted. I’ve never seen so many people move so fast.

  • Lord_Montrose

    So if there are thousands of fireworks aimed at you, just climb on top of a truck and you’ll be safe!

  • nervus

    It looked to me like ISIS in a real firefight.

  • rantykiwi

    I seem to remember KDC paying for a lot of fireworks a few years ago – they backfired on him too.

  • Platinum Fox

    Risk minimisation processes – apparently non-existent.
    I have a vague memory that back in the days when there was NZ manufacture of fireworks, the “factory” comprised a number of small huts scattered over a large area.

  • Grocersgirl

    All their New Years came at once? It certainly beats the dog turd firework from yesterday (or the day before?)

  • Wallace Westland

    Well yeah…but where did the kid on the crutches come from?

  • kiwihornplayer

    Typical of modern camera pointers – can’t hold a good steady shot when the action gets going – all over the place and even trying to hide behind a vehicle. There’s that kid on crutches fearlessly wandering around in the thick of things.