Oppressed Maori Derek Fox explains away today’s shootings

From Derek the Maori Party candidate’s Facebook page


So Derek.

I should not be critical of things, or poke fun at things, because when a crime is committed against me, or worse, someone takes my life, “I asked for it”?   I have a responsibility to not bring up issues because going on about them might see me dead?

By the way, nice way to hijack a French tragedy for your own Maori radical needs.  You’re all class.


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  • EvoDriver

    Not sure if it’s been deleted now, or if I’m looking on the wrong profile, or we need to have a mutual friend (I can see other posts), but I can’t see this post. Surprise surprise.
    Utterly disgraceful.

  • MrBarrington

    Stay classy Mr Fox…. btw do you know what satire is?? Any clues??

  • Muffin

    Oppressed Maori! Give me a break.

  • SkeptiK

    That post comes close to sanctioning terrorism in NZ, doesn’t it?

    • Cadwallader

      If it had been contributed here the mods would’ve removed it I suspect? The gross insensitivity of the sensitive eh?

  • Murray Smith

    Free speech seems to only be a right to some ethnicities In this case maori..

  • 1951

    Luv how the sunlight shows up everything here on WO.

  • Simon

    Unbelievable, and some other idiot actually ‘liked’ it.

    • EvoDriver

      I find that people that post this kind of drivel often like their own posts, as nobody else will!

  • Jas

    I guess he thinks it is ok now for non muslims to go around shooting muslims in Islamic countries?

  • Graham Pilgrim

    But it’s quite OK, Mr Fox, for the likes of Hone Harawira to mete out insults, as well as verbal and physical abuse, with impunity. A hypocrite supporting hypocrites. No surprises there!

    • Maori Party and Mana Party are not the same Mr P.

    • kiwibattler

      SO using Derek’s logic he and Hone should be killed as well for expressing racist & bigoted views in public??

  • Eiselmann

    My faith gets mocked all the time by the MSM , for me at least, the ramifications of that mocking might be ,at worse, one day sending a strongly worded letter to the editor, I couldn’t even begin to imagine a circumstance that would lead me to kill someone who mocked me…let alone justify murdering a stranger as ‘just deserts because they asked for it ‘….seriously…not even our judges would accept that defence.
    I didn’t have a lot of respect for Fox politics but he always seemed to be more a thinker than a shouter…..if he thinks killing someone over a cartoon is justified than he’s truly a lost cause.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Yes, the mocking we receive is most correctly met with a shrug of the shoulders – and the rhetorical “what else would you expect from where that came from?”

  • Canucktoo

    Derek must be suffering from lack of air-time over the holidays – any excuse to flog the white, anglo-saxon oppressor BS – pathetic man

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    I wondered when the race based bigots in nz would chime in.

    • Albert Lane

      There’s one that didn’t waste any time. He must have a very large chip on his shoulder.

  • dgrogan

    Just think about the logic [or total lack of it] Fox is displaying here.
    “The privilege of free speech bring with it responsibilities and has ramifications too.”
    So in Fox’s eyes, our speech should be censored so as to be sympathetic to the reactions of those it is directed at – a deliberate self-censorship to protect ourselves incase the message is not received well.

    Yeah. Like that will work against these Muslim thugs.

  • Cadwallader

    Mr Fox’s most used word seems to be “culture.” Culture without boundaries or measure it seems. It is just this type of “boo hoo poor-me” expression which fuels fires of retribution and hatred. I had actually forgotten about Mr Fox, when he was younger and less callous he could seem quite reasonable. Alas, his reason seems to have been tossed into the furnace of grievances.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Since the Ayatollahs of Iran and other Muslim countries have called the USA “the great satan” and ridiculed and lampooned various US Presidents, does this give the US carte blanche to terminate those countries leaders because these Muslims should pay the price for their assumptions of cultural superiority and arrogance?
    Should Hone Harawira suffer the same fate for bad mouthing the white population (and thereby assuming cultural superiority) of New Zealand?
    Typical leftist. The ends justify the means so long as it benefits his political bent. Otherwise its entirely illegal and unjustified. Derek Fox is unfit to sit in our Parliament, lets hope he never makes it.

  • Joe_Bloggs

    Fox has completely missed the irony in his own statement – the irony is that his words should be directed at the Muslim fundamentalists who place their extreme religious beliefs above everyone else’s. Those fundamentalist thugs are the real bullies in this story.

  • Cowgirl

    The apologists didn’t take long did they? Disgusting – even leftie journalists have had enough.

  • johnnyB

    If everyone in the world opened up on the French because they are insulted by the fact that they think they are culturally superior then the poor Frenchies are in for a hammering. Since when did Freedom of speech, women’s equality, religious tolerance etc fall under Cultural Superiority?

  • Rex

    So if this “person” fox says something others dont like they are then entitled to waste him and any friends with him at the time. The word “sicko” comes to mind.

  • metalnwood

    Looks like the post is gone, the heat was too much so he got out of the kitchen.

  • DavidW

    What stands out to me is that he feels so strongly about what he says that he has written such a long post. This is not a kneejerk “tweet-sized” unthinking blurt, but is the product of careful composition and thought. That worries me greatly as I now need to consider his more moderate utterings to be a cover for a deep rooted mental condition.

    • Dr Wang

      There is a name for Derek Fox’s deep rooted mental condition: “racism”

      • Albert Lane

        There is not yet a name for his deep rooted mental condition. I think he should visit Paris and seek help from psychiatrists there.

  • Dairy_Flat

    Derek, I am a Scot. We as a race are frequently on the receiving end of mocking, usually in jest but not always. The owner of this blog is not immune to casting scorn on us occasionally. I don’t care, I know not to take myself too seriously and it’s only words after all. You need to get out more and loose the huge chip from your shoulder.

  • stephen2d

    I am absolutely devastated by the events. Charlie Hebdo is not a bigots journal. It is not even right leaning, quite the opposite. But they mocked not the religion or culture but the impostors who pretend and use religion to kill people, yet get outraged when they are mocked. CH mocked the church, army, French state, corporates, there was no politically correct silence. So to this low life Fox, I wish you to experience the same what these masters of humour and top world cartoonist got, on your own skin, for sharing your own opinion.

  • Andy

    Nikki Kaye on Facebook just now:

    “Here is the Prime Ministers statement on the Paris Shooting. This is terrible, thinking of those who have lost people and those who are injured.

    Pretty shocked and dismayed to see Derek Fox’s comments. The victims and their families deserve to be treated with respect not this kind of horrific trash talk. Life is precious and so is freedom of speech

  • john Doe

    And so it continues. The oppressed and the down trodden will now jump on board and and claim they are getting the wrong end of the pineapple. Criticism is the best way to initiate debate
    Satire is also a very good way to express an opinion. All religions and cultures have been the target of cartoonists over the decades.

  • Nechtan

    Similar sentiments shown by Annette Skyes about the 9/11 attack. The old they were asking for it excuse. Derek is lucky he lives in NZ and can spout forth such tripe.

    • Lance Ralph

      Or Sue Bradford implying blame for the the murder of WINZ workers on National Governments.
      What I wonder about Derek Fox, who I understand still ‘stands by his comments’ is would he rationalise or otherwise justify the murder of any New Zealander who expresses disgust at Islamic violence.

      • Cadwallader

        Well the Ashburton killer of the WINZ workers was a loner. He didn’t portray his crime as a backlash to the National Government. For Bradford to even imply this, is a falsehood of the worst type to suit her own screwy agenda. The msm really needs to be cleansed of this type of over-zealous barracking by what seems to be a poorly read and poorly educated “journalist.”

  • Isherman

    How thoughtful of you Derek, to remind us about cultural bullying. But wait, whats missing here,..oh thats right, some of your own history. Start with with 1835 on the Chatham Islands, no cultural bullying involved in that wee incident was there..grow up.

  • Backdoor

    Derek does have a point. Along with the freedom of speech comes the responsibility of ensuring the contents of the speech are true and presented in a respectful manner. There is a difference between reporting and bullying

    • Nebman

      The truest definition of freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend with that same speech.

      The magazine was in fact satirical in nature and satire is very much about being offensive at times.

      I’m far more offended by what Derek Fox has said than anything else but his right to say it I’ll defend. What he has said, speaks far more about him than anything else.

      • The wildman

        Your so right.thinking of the phrase “give an idiot enough rope”………

    • Cadwallader

      The responsibility you refer to pertains to responsibility to oneself above all else. For that reason I disagree that Mr Fox has a point.

    • Nechtan

      A search of Goggle reveals that Charlie Hebdo is (and has been) taking the mickey out all religions, French politics and the like, for quite some time. It is a satirical publication, so highly unlikely to be respectful. So if all publications/media etc follow your post, that is the end of comedians such as Billy Connolly, Jim Jefferies and the like. If you (or others) are offended don’t buy it, watch it etc….to plan and execute this attack and kill 12 innocent people is beyond despicable (just because they find the cartoons offensive). Just as well the Monty Python cast weren’t gunned down over “The Life Of Brian” (but then that was taking the mickey out of Christians)

    • idbkiwi

      Are you sure? “Along with the freedom of speech comes the responsibility of ensuring the contents of the speech are true and presented in a respectful manner”

      So, no more satire, wit, humour, opinion, paradox, drama, comedy, irony, hyperbole or cartoons then?

    • Hoju

      Since when is making a joke about a religion bullying?

    • spanishbride

      Even if you consider a cartoon bullying do you seriously think that murder is a acceptable response? Think carefully before you answer as if you say yes then Cameron and I can go ahead and murder almost every political cartoonist in NZ after all the cartoons they drew mocking Whaleoil and Cameron himself.

    • What utter horse dung. Free speech is free because it is unfettered…your rules make that speech censored, un-free in other words.

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      So I guess you will be going to the broadcasting authorities to complain about the use of cartoons ridiculing polliticians, Whale Oil and anyone who just happened to raise their head above the parapet.

      BD, Surely under your definition the cartoon depiction of Cam on a leash is bullying? So you should exercise your right to complain on his behalf.

  • NotGandalf

    So to expand on Dereks theories, rape victims are asking for it because they provoke the appropriate response in rapists?

  • Blue Tim

    The irony of democracy

  • caochladh

    Fox forgets that had it not been for the intervention of the people he so obviously hates, his race would have barbecued themselves to the point of extinction.

  • Nebman

    I love the word “Mana” in Maori. In particular how it is generally defined by Maori and how it can be used often for non Maori as well. For example, Sir Edmund Hillary is attributed much Mana for his accomplishments over his lifetime.

    The flip side of it’s usage is those that assume they have it never can.

    I think Mr Fox fits the very definition of a man who believes he has much mana without realising he never will.

    In english, the term “Classless Jackass” would usually apply in this situation.

    • Albert Lane

      As long as you don’t insult the other classless jackasses.

      • Nebman

        I think it sits very well on his shoulders. Keep in mind he has an almost total disconnect between reality and his own world view.

        This is the same bloke who was a strong supporter of the Maori King’s second son being discharged without conviction as it would possibly affect his ability to inherit the throne one day.

      • johcar

        In actual fact, calling Derek Fox a classless jackass DOES insult the other classless jackasses….

  • HunuaRanger

    While religion is part of a culture along with arts, habits, values, behavior, customs, beliefs and material objects, it certainly isn’t all there is in defining a culture, and Derek…

  • Sgt Nussel Rorman

    Not sure who Derek Fox is but love the satire. It is satire, isn’t it?

  • Rodger T

    Interesting to see Derek use the jargon that the left love so much because it absolves them from having to actually think.
    Throwing in a cultural superiority, an arrogance,the tried and tested racism ,bigotry and finally a privilege as the icing.
    Jeepers ,Dr Bryce might even throw an honorary doctorate your way for a thesis like that.

    • twr

      It’s also forbidden to point out that Western culture *is* superior to Muslim culture in almost every way, because facts these days aren’t fixed – everything is a matter of opinion and all opinions are equally valid.

    • Albert Lane

      So if your master’s thesis was critical of the islamic fundamentalists, he’d probably give you a D minus.

  • Timboh

    Derek Fox is no stranger to violence. Only the domestic kind but I guess he had to start somewhere. http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/maori-party-confirms-foxs-domestic-violence-history-32948

  • Macca

    The most frightening thing about this post is that people like Fox can actually stand for and become members of our Parliament. Heaven help us!

    Did Fox ridicule those historians who were some how able to re – write history that the Moriori never existed and that Maori were never canabals? Surely they should have also been lambasted for their satire!

  • edee

    Derek Fox has never had and will never have any mana. He has proven that over the years with various scandals etc. He has just shown us once again his true colours.

    • Albert Lane

      His thinking processes need to go back to where they came from – the rubbish tip.

  • Mrs_R

    I would be ashamed if Derek Fox’s comment went global and people believed that is how all NZ’ers think. If Derek Fox truly believes that the victims are at fault here then I’m going to be arrogant and say that yes I am superior to him because I have obviously evolved higher in the human decency chain than he has. In fact I think even my dog is more superior.

  • Mark Chapman

    Race card – played.
    That is such a stretch Derek – and maybe you could tell me about how 911 was just like the start of the Maori land wars ?

  • Cambo

    Wow.. so according to Derek. It’s OK to kill someone if you are offended by them. So i can now “smack my missus” if she gives lip? Run someone off the road because their driving is shocking? Or perhaps knock off a few Muslims because I am offended by their barbaric behaviour?
    Sorry Derek, we want to live in a modern civilised society where freedom of speech however offensive is allowed.
    But.. I will respect your right to have your say, even though you won’t do the same

    • Albert Lane

      If he goes to the Waitangi Tribunal they will probably agree with him, and the media will have to compensate him and his iwi.

  • metalnwood

    Fox. He has inherited an english name that represents an animal hunted by the english upper crust for sporting pleasure.

    That must really stick in his craw.

  • lyall

    now that is racism at it’s finest! – someone who can justify unarmed people being gunned down in cold blood

    • Albert Lane

      Yes. So Derek Fox is now telling us that if you feel insulted by somebody who makes fun of your beliefs, the honourable thing to do is to knock him off together with anybody who is with him at the time. And if a policeman tries to apprehend you whilst making your escape, you can knock him off too. Which era of Maori culture did that belief come from? Mr Fox, I think it’s time you disappeared right up your foxhole.

      • Geoff

        Perhaps we are finally seeing what some Maori really believe. Doesn’t offer much hope for a peaceful resolution. All the treaty settlements have all been in vain.

        • mommadog

          Sadly I think you may have a valid point here. Some like to complain and make a living from it (versus actually working toward change), blame others for everything and expect hand out after hand out. Treaty settlements will not solve that.

  • spanishbride

    What a disgusting man Derek Fox is. I will happily insult him and his beliefs to his face and if he tries to kill me for daring to disagree with him I do hope someone will point out that murdering me is wrong and that I was not a bully who deserved to die.

  • HSV325

    Derek who? Nice of him to crawl out from under his rock and have a big spray….What a weapons grade idiot

  • munzrat

    Mori Hori

  • jude

    Our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost loved ones, those injured in this brutal attack, and the people of France.

    The targeting of journalists going about their daily work is an attack on the fourth estate and the democratic principles of freedom of speech and expression, which must be strongly condemned.

    – John Key

    In contrast …this from John Key posted facebook by Young Nats

  • Skene

    Uses freedom of speech to ridicule someone he feels is inferior to him for using freedom of speech to ridicule someone. Good one Derek

  • Huia

    Derek Fox is a fool and a tool, he should be sorry he is a man and a maori, this would embarrass most maori I imagine.

  • steve and monique

    Derek, you bring shame upon most of your people I am sure. You should hang your head. You are a disappointment and a disgrace. You have not an ounce of Mana and you and your words are reprehensible.

  • taurangaruru

    I would like to think Derek Fox is not a recipient of taxpayer dollars – please tell me that is the case. If I am wrong when can he be cut off the public tit? He clearly has a distaste for all that a “power culture” provides.

    • Huia

      I don’t know about now but in the past he has sucked fairly well at the public tit.

  • MaryLou

    He’s tried to do a bit of explaining it seems, and whilst he’s probably correct that a backlash could be expected – this was France, not Afghanistan, so surely French cultural “mores” should apply, not Islams. And THAT’s the problem with his thinking:

    • raumatirover

      Derek’s lost the plot, and, as Cam says,”if you’re explaining, you’re losing”.
      Note: Derek’s a journalist yet he can’t use an apostrophe correctly.

    • Cadwallader

      “There are a great many organizations that mock and ridicule others.” The correspondent could be referring to the Internet Party’s audacity in serving itself up to the NZ voting constituency last year. With the benefit of hindsight that entire affair now appears bizarre…its unlikely assortment of players, its apparent belief NZ’ers are stupid and its Star Trek posturing. I don’t like Harre or Hone but surely they are not so stupid to contend they had a worthwhile message and policy to present to the public. Did we just dream it all?

      • MaryLou

        But that’s exactly what they contended. Incredible as you say, that we should have ever seen such a mockery here. I don’t know if education is failing us, with the reasoning of Fox, Harre et al, or if maybe some of the ancients were right, and a little learning is a dangerous thing, and some people should be protected from it!!

        Wait for it…

        • Cadwallader

          So true, but of course the adhesive for this lowly bunch was KDC’s $$$: the honey in the pot for all lefties.

          • Kevin

            And I bet if a radical jew goes and kills KDC because of his anti-semitic rants Fox will not be using cultural relativism in an attempt to excuse it.

      • MaryLou

        Henare’s on a bit of a rant, calling bulldust on the likes of Fox. So I’m currently on a mission to convince him he should challenge for Maori Party leader!

    • Kevin

      So if I offend a muslim I risk having my head chopped off. Great. I’ll just kill him first just in case I offend him by accident.

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      I think He has mistakenly thought that being a muslim makes you a person of an ancient race, which you are not (islam is a religion, not a race). Anyone can be a muslim, from any walk of life, from any part of the world (western, eastern, southern or northern) so the old civilisation nonsense is BS. If you become a muslim that doesnt mean you depart from your home and head for a bedouin camp with camel and goats in tow. You dont depart from the civilised world so there is an expectation that you would remain civilised, if not does that mean you should be treated in a manner that you have now lowered yourself too?

      Christians come from an older civilisation than Islam (and the Jews even older) so does that mean we can revert to barbaric means to get our ideals across?

      • MaryLou

        You’re quite right. there once used to be at least enough respect from Islam towards Jews and Christians, being “children of the book”. I don’t know if that exists at all, any more, hard to tell with all that is going on.

    • Davo42

      “they did it intentionally to sell magazines to titivate people like yourselves.” Sorry Derek, I fail to see how reading satirical magazines could make readers look a little bit more dapper, I think the word you should have used is titillate.

  • Goldie

    “The privilege of free speech brings with it responsibilities…”
    No. Free speech is a basic human right – not a privilege. It brings with it no responsibilities at all – that is why it is free.

    • Not so. You have no right to shout “fire” in a crowded theatre ….

      • Cambo

        You do if there’s a fire. And with Islamic extremists, there is definitely a fire

  • Davo42

    How can any body take this clown seriously? he would fit in well as a Muslim with his history of wife beating and getting away with it scott free;
    “Maori Party president Whatarangi Winiata says election candidate Derek Fox’s history of domestic violence should not stop him becoming an MP.
    He has been guilty of physical abuse 30 or 40 years ago with his wife, and families dealt with that at the time,” Prof Winiata said.
    “Subsequently, 15 or 16 years ago, he and his partner at the time had an encounter and Derek reported that to the police.”
    Prof Winiata said Mr Fox received counselling on anger management after the second incident and did not expect there would be a recurrence.”
    Interesting that The dishonourable Tony Veitch had a very different outcome for similar crimes – Just Sayin.

    • I.M Bach

      Perhaps if Tony had appeared in court dipped in chocolate?

  • The wildman

    You can assume “cultural superiority” quite rightly when its your own country.if you move to another country “keep your head down and assimilate” or go back.

    • There is some irony in that, as we are to Maori what Islam is to Europe, don’t you think? We only took over because of the force of numbers.

      • The wildman

        Thats if you believe “they” were here first.another topic for another day perhaps?

      • Wallace Westland

        We “took over” because we offered technology and lifestyle unheard of to a stone age culture that didn’t have a single modern amenity including writing or the bow and arrow.
        It did however have a few chiefs intelligent enough to have recognised that their people were dying off and their culture was doomed (they were and it was).
        This on the other hand is a stone age culture trying to revert a modern and technologically advanced society back to it’s medieval way of thinking.
        No comparison at all and many Maori have forgotten that their existence was well and truly borderline when Cook and co. got here.
        And it’s well past time they were reminded.

      • MaryLou

        No matter how disputed the details, we did sign some sort of agreement to be here. Not sayin’ it was always honoured entirely, but we did say we was coming!

  • Geoff

    Derek Fox has just validated me taking up arms against Maori radicals I am offended by. Regretfully I don’t own a gun.

  • mommadog

    Didn’t take too long for another idiot to jump on this bandwagon. A caller to ZB talkback this afternoon somewhere around 1pm was spouting the same rubbish. Terrorism in NZ against the hard done Maori and against all of the poor starving Maori children. Thankfully he got shut down by Chris but unfortunately not soon enough. I had to go and disinfect my ears again.

  • Woody

    Not at all surprised to see Fran O’Sullivan leaping in in support of Derrick Fox’s view.

  • LesleyNZ

    How could Derek Fox say this? Just awful. Surely he doesn’t think that these evil, murdering, bullying terrorist thugs are justified in murdering the French editor, his colleagues and 2 police officers? The last sentence reads as a subtle warning to all those in NZ who are perceived (by some) as dominating, abusing and ridiculing those who then feel they are inferior. I hope the spies are already watching Derek Fox and friends. Dangerous, deliberate talk. Now we know the real Derek – so different than when he used to be a news reader on telly.

    • Kevin

      “Surely he doesn’t think that these evil, murdering, bullying terrorist thugs are justified in murdering the French editor, his colleagues and 2 police officers?”

      It appears that in fact he does.

  • papagaya

    At an age where Derek Fox could be an elder statesman, he’s instead trashed his own legacy. For someone supposedly so media savvy, he’s been done in by his own hand on social media.


    Shame on you Derek Fox…what a sad man!!

  • Beetle

    Between Sue Bradford’s comments re the Ashburton murders and Derek Fox’s cheap exploits today it really is a race to the bottom in the decency and humanity stakes. Both show no respect for the families that have been torn apart by people who are mindless cold blooded killers.

  • Wallace Westland

    I’ve always despised this bloke as a corrupt opportunist trougher. Seems my gut instincts are on the money.

  • Mav E Rick

    ….so the next time Hone is racist and disrespectful of my culture and calls my people “mf’s” does that qualify me to kill him? Of course not. It seems Dereck Fox seems to think the only people ever offended are his people. The difference is that we all get offended. Just that some races take it on the chin and accept it for what it is. Other races which seem to be more feral take it upon themselves to dish out hatred and violence.

    • MaryLou

      Except that Islam isn’t a race – but I take your point.

    • Dan

      Indeed. Offense is taken, not given. If one is secure in one’s beliefs, then any criticism or satire of those beliefs will be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Martin

    Annette Sykes is following a similar line of reasoning, or non-reasoning on
    “Freedom of Speech was something to defend now die for…. Reflective opportunity as those criminally responsible are now being tracked…. Words and caricature designed to ridicule do leave hurts too often with burning anger as well… Will this be processed in the mix of searching for explanations WHY?”

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Fox is not just racist, he is leftie, and lefties are born without a sense of humour.
    ‘Satire’ is a word missing from the leftie dictionary

  • Coffee Connoisseur

    Yeah Derek the civilized among us simply refer to it as murder.

  • Sir Brucey

    I think he was actually talking to Hone !!!!

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    They like Sun in the middle east. Maybe some portable air dropped ones as a reply is in order. It could be justified by the teasing of the west by the east – well according to Derek its provocation enough.

  • Tux


    • Tux

      ah – Main Stream Media in case anyone was wondering

  • luke

    This is an example of freedom of speech that most of us find repellent BUT no matter how repugnant, Derek Fox has the right to say it. All we can do is send him a message telling him we disagree.

  • damm good thrashing

    If Derek Fox wrote that then Derek Fox is an idiot.

  • coelacanth

    Stone-age religion, meet stone-age culture. I’m sure you’ll get on fine!

    Actually, I did not expect this from D. Fox.

  • Andy Brown

    Derek Fox – I had a pakeha friend named that.

    • I.M Bach

      Don’t make fun of him whatever you do.

  • Citizen

    So he’s basically saying if someone provokes you, and you ate offended its ok to kill them, and anyone else that happens to be around as well!

  • Andrew Gibson

    What about the “no excuse for violence” mantra? Derek seems to be suggesting violence is ok when someone laughs etc at you…not sure how that would play out in, for example, a domestic violence scenario?

  • JRyan

    DF, all respect for you is gone. A pathetic evaluation of a tragic situation. There is only one way to deal with these programmed human robots, exterminate them.

  • Effluent

    On this basis, I should be perfectly justified in using deadly force to attack TVNZ and the Herald, as I am outraged by their criticism of all I hold dear on a daily basis, or maybe just pulling out a few of Guyon Espiner’s nostril hairs with a pair of rusty pliers, if that seems excessive.
    Oh wait, I forgot that we don’t do this sort of thing in civilised countries; we conduct out debates in writing, not with bullets. Just in case anyone interprets this post as a threat of violence, I am making a joke.
    Derek Fox has just made a complete fool of himself, and doesn’t need anyone else’s help to add the the impression that he is an idiot.

  • Gaynor

    Passing some of the blame to the victims at Charlie Hebdo, saying that they went too far with the cartoons is like blaming a rape victim saying that being raped is her fault for dressing provocatively.

    • Cadwallader

      It is worse in the sense that should you follow Fox’s line it is blaming a rape victim on the grounds she might dress provocatively. Emphasis on “might.”

  • Derek’s world would be one where you can’t poke fun at anyone, as it is with most countries where it is a crime to parody the government. Presumably Derek pines for the day when Aotearoa will have the type of third world authoritarian indigenous government that treats free speech not as a right but as a “privilege” that should be handled “responsibly” – the language used by the Chinese Communist Party and indeed almost all authoritarians.

    This tired bitter geriatric has been responsible for the creation of much media in New Zealand, and he thinks if the “wrong people” ridicule the “wrong people” you can expect to be murdered.

    So he should be laughed at, be offended Derek, you want to confront opinions you hate with violence – the tool of the barbarian, not argument or laughter – the tools of civilisation, which shows how utterly weak your arguments actually are.

  • Kevin

    Someone should do a cartoon of Derek Fox in a loin cloth with a bone through his nose feasting on the corpses of the French journalists. Sitting next to him is one of the terrorists with an AK47 and underneath is the caption “Awesome feed, bro!”

  • kehua

    To be honest Fox is more a fool than a radical, such statements as his do not bring any merit to the debate, they merely reinforce the insignificance of the man himself.

  • benniedawg

    I was of the opinion that Derek had something between his ears. Now think he may just have his head between his legs face up and and a loose bowel has done the rest. What brings a semi intelligent being to write this rubbish? No wonder the left are so fearful of expanded powers of monitoring dubious people if he lurks amongst them.