Order your own Whaleoil cap here!


Well, we’ve gone and done it.  After years of readers begging (complaining!) that they wanted to have some branded Whaleoil gear, we’re doing our first run.

This one is to work the bugs out of the system, so a little tolerance if there are any glitches will be appreciated.

If you want to own one (or more) of the above collectors items, they are $35 each, including GST and delivery.

To place your order, go to the order page.

Please don’t ask me any questions about it, these Products of the Month are run by a dedicated Merchandising Team headed up by Pete.


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  • Pete

    Ordered..and paid. :)

  • Michael Wagener

    So many people I could pack by buying them this. ..

  • Muffin

    ordered and paid, cheers guys. Hope at $35 you are making something off them! seems a low margin.

    • friardo

      If you order a reasonable number, caps come at under $1 each, add transport, marketing and distribution. WO probably aren’t going to lose on the deal. Nor should they of course.

      • Muffin

        Thats interesting, I had no idea you could source them at that sort of price. In that case it is hopefully worth their while!

        • friardo

          Check out good old alibaba.com

  • Justsayn

    I might order one for delivery to Kim Dotcom.

    • edee

      The perfect accompaniment for his orange onesie.

    • kayaker

      There won’t be one big enough.

    • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

      The money shot would be Mona wearing only the cap for promotional purposes.

  • EvoDriver

    Very cool! I won’t be ordering one because I have a big head and all caps, even one-size-fits-all caps, are too small (and the bonnet of the caps keep getting caught up in the sunvisor of the Evo). But I look forward to future releases.

    • Tom

      Me too, my 62cm bonce fits SWFA in the way of hats. All that empty space…

  • symgardiner

    Nice. Ordered.

  • Monty

    Ordered and paid. Master Monty wants one to wear to school. Very very tempted to order a second one.

    • dgrogan

      Wow. Brave boy. Be prepared for the teacher or principal to confiscate it though. Can’t have free speech [with a right wing narrative] after all can we. :)

      • Monty

        True but the little bugger loves going against the grain. He told Annette king that he hated National just to annoy me. He then had to tell her that if he ever voted Labour -greens he would be disowned and disinherited

  • Greg M

    Yeah I’m in. Hope it sells well.

  • Garbageman

    Thanks, will wear with pride

  • Vladath

    Ordered & paid.

  • caochladh

    Bought two in case one gets souvenir d.

  • sarahmw

    Bought one and it is going to the hunting n fishing fanatic in Minnesota

  • Bought one – well done Pete. Can’t wait for the T-shirt!

  • Spiker

    Looks like the don’t have one of those nasty buttons on top that interfere with ear muffs?

  • Dumrse

    Must have one. I wouldn’t want to be the odd one out at the next New Zealand Herald summer picnic.

  • The wildman

    Marketing 101:cater for 100% of consumers.could you please design a square shaped model so if the lefties want one they would at least fit?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Ordered and paid. Will wear it at Pasifika – see if Len Brown runs away this year as he did last year

    • Nige.

      i will mine to the Nelson markets and see if Marion Street stares at me like a deer in the headlights like she did last time.

  • Michelle

    Ordered and paid

  • jude

    I have ordered and paid for one. Would be keen for the fedora,I do think we could get the numbers. Even without the Whale logo it is still a fundraiser. We could twink our own whale onto a black ribbon:)

  • Nige.

    i would like some sew on patches for my black leather jacket.

  • Nige.

    Personally I would just say that buying a cap like this comes with the responsibility of NOT BEING A DICK HEAD while wearing it.

    • Wallace Westland

      Is it OK to poke my head out the window as I give the middle finger to the next queue jumping lump of maggot pus that tries to cut me off on Wairau Rd to get onto the Southern Motorway in the mornings?
      Or should I just keep taking the shotgun and wait till the T shirt with the logo on the right sleeve comes out?

      • Nige.

        Well..I think Cam would prefer you engaged in robust debate and managed to show others that Whaleoil is not full of rednecks….maybe even surprise some people.. But…OK!

  • Wallace Westland

    Ordered and paid. Shirt next pls. hehehe

  • JD

    done and will don with pride among all the greenies here