Outrage! Offensive! ban the ads, boycott the firm!


People these days are “outraged” and offended by the stupidest things.

In the UK the ads shown above have caused “outrage”.

A private taxi firm has sparked outrage over a ‘sexist’ advert that has attracted a wave of complaints.

The advert for Southampton-based West Quay Cars features a larger, middle-aged woman with the caption: “If I Start To Look Sexy – Book A Taxi.”

Members of Southampton University’s Feminist Society criticised the advert and called for students to boycott the firm.

“I was horrified to see a recent ad by West Quay Cars which featured a middle-aged, larger woman with the words ‘If I look sexy, book a taxi’ advising people not to drive drunk or make bad decisions after drinking,” wrote one campaigner, who did not want to be named.

“It’s disgusting that in 2015 sexism is alive and well in Southampton, enough for it to be an acceptable ad campaign, especially in the New Year when companies too often try to make a profit over negative self body image.”

The taxi firm denied the poster is sexist, adding it was disappointed with the negative feedback.

“We apologise for any offence that may have been caused by either of the posters,” manager Lee Haynes told The Tab.

Why apologise, stuff the whingers. As usual it was Twitter induced outrage…people who run businesses really need to understand that hashtags and outrage on Twitter is meaningless, literally no one but those rowdy shouters and whingers cares. Ignore them.

Good grief some people are precious.


– The Telegraph


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  • The Accountant

    How is it sexist when it takes the proverbial out of both sexes?

    • Captain Darling

      Exactly, I wonder how many men will be “outraged” over the stereotypical 70’s male night clubber. I’m picking none.

  • Gaynor

    Haha they are funny and clever.

  • Cadwallader

    These are hilarious. The message is clear and cogent. They remind me of an old country and western song…
    “I was feeling single,
    Drinkin’ doubles
    Woke up in a whole heap of troubles!”

    • Reaper

      Or this one

      • Dave

        Amazing, very talented, and not one shocked feminist in the audience that i could detect!

      • Wasapilot

        Made my day LMAO!

    • Monty Bank

      Ummm, hope the correction don’t get me in a whole lotta trouble but the above contains a mondegreen…

      I was feeling single
      Seeing double
      Wound up in a whole lotta trouble

      By Wayne Kemp
      And on Emmylou Harris’ Elite Hotel

      Am a big fan of hers, and used to spin her a lot in a former life as a (student) DJ.

      Edit: spellos

  • Diddle_De_Dee

    Amazing, isn’t it. All this murder and mayhem going on in the world today and not a word of complaint about it from these morons. But…run an add on the telly with a harmless and obvious humourous content and out of the woodwork they crawl with their pretence of being deeply offended. If you don’t agree with it then don’t look at it or watch it, but don’t go telling me what I should or shouldn’t see.

    • wooted

      Poor things, they are desperate to find things to be offended about. And Muslims stoning women to death just doesn’t do it for them.

  • Wallace Westland

    Good grief. Don’t apologise run more adds the same or better and keep offending those people. The majority that are not so easily offended will flock to your taxi company just to keep it running to annoy the bejesus outta the precious ones.

  • ex-JAFA

    These are humorous and nothing like the actually offensive ads we used to have here: (message to men) “If you drink too much, you might sexually assault a woman”, and (message to women) “If you drink too much, you might be sexually assaulted by a man”.

  • STAG

    I’ve said it before here, Twitter is for morons and anyone who reacts to a tweet is fool.

  • dgrogan

    Not surprised she withheld her name. Bet she didn’t laugh at Charlie Hebdo cartoons either. What a sad cow.

  • Dave

    “Members of Southampton University’s Feminist Society criticised the advert and called for students to boycott the firm” Well, thats 100 or so who won’t use the firm, meanwhile, thousands of others have “that image”burnt into their minds as they get legless and then realise……. Oops, its time to call West Quay Cabs, before i regret this!

    PS: did they complain about the male image, or is it their latest poster in the loo of their meeting rooms??

  • The Whinging Pom

    Whenever some trendy lefty/feminist/greenie/hippy (delete as appropriate) calls for a boycott of a company on the basis of their personal outrage then the response is clear – so long as the product is up to it those who despise this sort of attack issue-based politics should give as much trade to the attacked company as possible.

    That way we’d soon see the relative strength of the increasingly-irrelevant-yet-very-noisy middle class left and the rest of society.

  • caochladh

    “People these days are “outraged” and offended by the stupidest things.” That’s because there are more stupid people in the world today who just cannot comprehend anything outside their myopic view of their own little world.

  • Wasapilot

    I am horrified and outraged that some people are horrified and outraged, over this advertisement.

    Boycott the twitter thingy feedy thingys of all who are horrified and outraged, and demand an appology from all those who horrified and outraged us.

    For Gods sake, some people need to get a life.

    I thought the ads were very clever, and again I feel horrified and outraged at those who are horrified and outraged at these advertisements, I sense some will be horrified and outraged by the thought of me being horrofied and outraged at those who are horrified and outraged.

  • Teletubby

    Are you saying that guy isn’t sexy??? Dammit I’m gonna have to change my look.

  • Murray Smith

    The saying “Get a life.” comes to mind. The adds are funny and true.
    When you see some humperlump solo mothers around, you realise alcohol must have a lot to do with conception.

    • ex-JAFA

      When I see them, I think “Gee, it’s nice that these people go to all the Blind Foundation functions and make sure they’re getting some loving.”

  • Catriona

    Wel, I guess the lady in the advert agreed to be in the advert right? Or did the agency just grab a random photo of a random lady and use it anyway? For goodness sake people …….. stop being so damn precious about inconsequential stuff!

  • johnnyB

    Going by the students I know the Taxi co shouldn’t be too concerned that the University’s Feminist Society is suggesting a boycott – by far the most important statement on the Adverts for them is in that little bubble ‘Lowest night time fares in town”.

    • Catriona

      You’ll always get crazy feminists at Universities. They’ll always find something to be angered about. End of. It’s what they do.

  • Isherman

    So if this the level of preciousness that the 3rd wave of feminism has got to, just imagine what the 4th wave will be like, outrage at a woman with a sense of humour?

    • sheppy

      I suspect it will be outrage at nobody getting outraged over something.
      These morons are going to suddenly wake up and find they have lost half of their life being outraged and achieved nothing worthwhile in the real world

  • Yeahright

    What are you saying, my gold chain is not sexy? I am offended!

  • GT

    Seems very strange that no one has made much noise in the article about the one on the left is that because it is on the left or it is just a mere male as the loony lessies refer to men
    Just goes to show how narrow minded these PC types are

    • Cowgirl

      No doubt they did the one on the left to even up the score, but yet there is still screeching. It’s not sexism if there’s a bloke too! Perhaps we should be outraged that there’s no transgender one as well.

  • Will Travers

    Well passed the beer goggle limitation point.

  • Catriona

    The reality is that there are women out there who look just like the woman in the advert.

  • Rodger T

    Such a shame ,Universities used to be centres of learning and reasoned debate,now they are infested with students and Lecturers who have skills no better than Pavlovs dogs.

  • The wildman

    Once again the feminazis are getting oxygen.frankly i think they are stealing it.

  • Just a thought …

    Outrage is the new ” must have ” accessory for any self respecting leftie to wear with pride …….. it matches oh so well with their little “hypocrisy” one piece …….

    edit clarity

  • Aaron Lucas

    Because we should judge a book by it’s cover? Some of the worst people are good looking and smart dressers.