Paris cop deliberately run down by car

Nobody dares mutter the “I” word…

A motorist has deliberately driven at and injured a policewoman outside French President Francois Hollande’s residence, according to French media.

It was not immediately clear if the incident was linked to the fatal shooting at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7, and comes amid a high security alert in France.

The four people who were in the vehicle quickly abandoned it, but two were detained by police. Two others fled the scene, and there is a manhunt on for them.

Eyewitnesses say the driver deliberately ran over the policewoman.

“She [the injured policewoman] says that the driver looked at her in the eye and did not pull on the brakes, and that he voluntarily hit her. Three witnesses nearby say the same thing,” a delegate of the police union Alliance, Stephanie Weber-Boyer, told Europe 1.

The officer was taken to the hospital and will be monitored for some time, according to iTV. Hollande was quickly at the scene of the events.

There is no glory in going out on a limb and getting it wrong, but we don’t have enough details yet.  It is however pretty disturbing that people are trying to murder police by running them down in a car.

Once again, it may be a lone wolf sort of thing to do, but the motivation is generated centrally.


– RT


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  • john Doe

    A car is certainly a weapon in the wrong hands. It was not a “lone wolf” attack with 4 in the car. These people seem to operate in cells so yes the use of the “I” word could be well appropriate. We will have to wait and see.

  • Richard

    This type of attack is issued as a directive straight from the top of ISIS, don’t be scared to call it what it is.

    Expect a lot more of the same, especially targeted, as we see today on police/law enforcement and military personnel on the streets.

  • jaundiced

    This is the second female policewoman targeted – is this a pattern?

  • Andy

    On a vaguely related theme, my award to the man with the biggest balls in the world goes to Tommy Caldwell, not just for the first free ascent of Dawn Wall in Yosemite, but this too:

    ” In 2000, he escaped from Islamic militants who were holding him captive in Kyrgyzstan by pushing an armed guard off a cliff before making an 18-mile trek to freedom.”

  • Pete

    It will be labeled as Road rage.!

  • stephen2d

    Mods and Cam, I’ve checked several sources directly in France, as well as Media, and I believe you can remove this news item. As hard as it is to believe it in the circumstances and after all these horrible events in the last week or so, it was only a panicked kid who, before hitting the policewoman, took the wrong turn and got scared when he realised where he was. Car was not stolen and they were all apprehended a few minutes later. Even “Le Parisien”, who is never shy to kick the scandal in the teeth, has reported it…

    «Il s’agit d’un simple accident de la route», précise une source proche de l’enquête. «Les faits sont distincts des attaques de la semaine dernière et aucun lien n’est établi» avec les attentats survenus à Paris, indique le parquet de Paris. Selon la source proche de l’enquête, le jeune conducteur de 19 ans a paniqué après avoir emprunté la rue de l’Elysée à contre-sens et a renversé cette policière en faction devant l’Elysée quelques mètres plus loin.

    • mike

      Sometimes I despair at the state of the human race, and no its not that things like this happen… it’s the people who jump off without facts and make unsubstantiated claims.

      For those of you who jumped in and quickly made the leap that this was a targeted attack by a terrorist group shame on you. You… we… are better than this!

      Jumping to conclusions and making claims without evidence are what I expect from a reasonable and intelligent people… I expect that nonsense from the MSM, Labour and the Greens!

      • El Diablo

        The news stories I’m reading are saying it appeared to be that the driver deliberately targeted the police woman. I also can’t find any source telling me if they driver was muslim or not. Until these facts come out one can’t be sure, which I believe was pointed out in the original post. Seems to me the authors above are the ones jumping to conclusions that this ISN’T an islamic terrorist attack.

        • mike

          You’re right, you can’t be sure… but despite that fact people have already reached a conclusion, and they did that by making assumptions based on nothing more than their own prejudices.

          That’s called jumping to conclusion.

          I haven’t reached a conclusion because I don’t know the facts, and reserve my judgement until I have those facts. That’s what a rational person does.

          EDIT: And yeah we all trust the media! Not.

      • Chris EM

        In light of what has happened in France recently, and the fact it was reported the driver looked the policewoman in the eye and did not brake, “jumping to conclusions” seems fair enough in this case, in my opinion.

        • stephen2d

          I am to find out from a reasonable source that “he looked her in the eye”. If the cops say “it’s ok, he panicked”, I believe them. Not the media, but the police.

      • Garbageman

        Heres an idea Mike how about you let us come to our own conclusions without you pushing your “shame on you b/s” or heres a thought add to the thread like stephen2d has without acting like some smarmy overbearing teacher, because im struggling to see where all these people are that are “Jumping to conclusions and making claims “

        • mike

          I’m sorry is it wrong to ask for use to be reasonable?

          • Garbageman

            W/O rule # 1

          • intelligentes candida diva

            Any prizes for knowing it, I do :-)

          • john Doe

            Rule#2. Don’t tell lies. There are 5 comments below not 7 and I for one was not jumping to any conclusion.

          • mike

            Chris EM, El Diablo, Pete, Andy, Jaundiced, Richard and John Doe… that’s 7.

            And yes John you did jump to a conclusion “These people seem to operate in cells” shows that had made an assumption that the perpetrator was a Muslim terrorist.

            How about you all be honest with yourselves?

          • john Doe

            Bollocks. Before your comment there were five commenters. Too hot to debate but I might finish with that if more authorities/goverments jumped to conclusions (as you put it) a bit sooner then the world would be a safer place now.

          • mike

            Or some clown with his finger on the button would have ended it all.

            I prefer my government to show restraint and act when they know what is happening.

          • El Diablo

            umm you’re accusing me of jumping to conclusions for making a post specifically about NOT jumping to conclusions. I’m with Garbageman on this one.

    • Citizen

      and further down, it says, that there is no clear link to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, but that it was a clear and deliberate act. Si aucun lien n’est établi entre cet accident et les récents attentats, Stéphanie Weber-Boyer, déléguée du syndicat Alliance, interrogée sur Europe 1, évoquait toutefois un acte délibéré : «A priori, il n’y a aucun doute sur la volonté du conducteur de percuter ma collègue. Elle affirme que le conducteur l’a regardée dans les yeux et n’a pas freiné et qu’il l’a donc percutée volontairement. Les trois témoins à proximité affirment la même chose.» -Le Parisian.

  • Sweet Lips.

    That saying keeps popping up a bit to much at the moment would you say? “Lone Wolf”

  • I thought the word ‘lone’ was equivalent to ‘one’ or ‘single’ – how do you get four – or many, many more – ‘lone wolves’!!??? Is everyone involved in ISIS a ‘lone wolf’ – or do we describe whole organizations now as ‘lone wolves’? Does this mean the Nazis in WWII were ‘lone wolves’ outside of mainstream German society? Hmm… it seems the world now has a bad case of amnesia and ‘head-stuck-firmly-in-the-sand’ syndrome. Hitler could have learnt a thing or two from these guys – i.e. “don’t invade a country with an army, just send ‘lone wolves’ to form a fascist society in Europe who would then do his killing of Jews for him – with approval!!”