Some people really don’t understand what halal means

A restaurant in Western Australia is copping a flogging for serving halal meat.

The dopey owner thinks that halal just means that the animal was blessed without realising that there is actually a prescribed manner in which the animal must be killed.

A WEST Australian cafe owner says she was horrified to cop abuse from strangers on social media for selling halal meat, but has also been swamped by messages of support.

Mahaini Taylor, owner of Bunbury’s Mots Cafe, which sells traditional Cocos Malay cuisine food, said one negative review on their Facebook page sparked a torrent of anti-Islamic comments. “It’s been really overwhelming. It’s been crazy online,” she told ABC radio on Wednesday.

“There were a lot of irrelevant things … that we’re supporting terrorism and all of that. It was a real shock. It’s horrible.”

She said it appeared many of the people who had posted the comments didn’t properly understand what halal meat was, so the cafe embarked on an online education campaign.

Sounds promising…but wait.

“Halal meat is no different to any meat anywhere around the world,” the cafe posted. “The only difference is how it’s been slaughtered. Halal meat is hand slaughtered. Halal is simply blessing the animal with words of appreciation, and the sacrifice of its life, to feed mankind.”

Yeah, nah.

Halal meat must be not only slaughtered in a prescribed manner it must also be prepared according to Shariah law. 

This is the proper way halal meat is slaughtered:

Dhabīḥah (ذَبِيْحَة) is the prescribed method of slaughter for all meat sources, excluding fish and other sea-life, per Islamic law. This method of slaughtering animals consists of using a well-sharpened knife to make a swift, deep incision that cuts the front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins. The head of an animal that is slaughtered using halal methods is aligned with the qiblah. In addition to the direction, permitted animals should be slaughtered upon utterance of the Islamic prayer “in the name of God.”

In other words Halal killing dictates the animal faces Mecca when it is killed and it must bleed to death, not be otherwise slaughtered. We get around this in NZ by only stunning the animal with electric prongs thru the head and then slitting the throat whilst it is stunned. Only a Muslim can slaughter the animal. Most killing chains in NZ underwent re-alignment so we could export meat to Iran, I believe this happened in the 80s.

This is far from just giving an animal a “blessing”.

Personally it doesn’t matter to me at all…meat is meat it has to die somehow. I prefer mine organic…as in I’m the one who chose the animal and then killed it and butchered it myself…but many people think meat magically appears on the plastic tray in the supermarket and is grown like that.

However it is dead wrong to say that halal meat is just meat that got a blessing.

Check out this video from FIANZ (Federation of Islamic Associations New Zealand. There is a bit of a fright 7:28 as a word of warning. The slaughtering process is shown at 8:10….not just a blessing there I’m afraid.

If you are squeamish at watching animals being slaughtered then don’t watch the video.




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  • Sunshine

    I go out of my way to purchase or obtain non halal meat and goods. I will not support muslim or Islam ideaology in any way.
    Do people realise that most meat in the supermarkets is halal. We are kowtowing big time to the Muslims.

    • Richard

      “most meat in the supermarkets is halal” really?

      • Reaper

        The majority is slaughtered to halal requirements, yes.

        For more info:

        • Richard

          Wow, that’s….I’m shocked.
          I don’t buy red meat or fish just the occasional chicken.
          I hunt all my own meat/pork/cattle/fish.
          Isn’t this state enforced religion?

          Edit: People kick up a stink about religious instruction in schools and yet this is the status quo for meat supply?

          • Reaper

            A lot of it is exported to Muslim countries so, starting around 1979-80, freezing works were converted and later built to accommodate halal slaughtering (line facing Mecca, etc.) It does not all get certified, but can be.

          • Sunshine

            It goes way beyond just meat and dairy products. Look on your food labels, often there are halal ingredients.

          • Sunshine

            Better avoid Brinks and Turks brands then as they are halal certified.

          • WeaselKiss

            Well, my perception is they kick up a stink about Christian religious instruction in schools but hey, bring in any other of the faiths and that’s ok.
            The kids have to have their minds broadened you know!
            Just what ever you do, don’t talk about the God of the Bible or Jesus or anything related ;)

      • tjb

        Well if half your market cares about bein halal and half doesn’t – of course you’re going to slaughter it halal so that you can use the whole animal and reach both markets.

        • Richard

          It’s more an issue of half your market cares about being Halal and the other doesn’t realise they are purchasing Halal meat.

    • And all those secular lefties and atheists have no problem with this
      particular kow-towing to religion but jump up and down with indignation
      about a Christian prayer spoken in Parliament.

    • Goldie

      It isn’t kowtowing – it is because NZ sells about a billion dollars worth of meat to Muslim markets every year – and it is parts of the carcass (heads, etc) that other markets are not interested in. So pretty much all animals are halal slaughtered because it is worth about 10-20% of the value of every animal.

      • pak

        Halal certification extends far beyond just the meat industry.

      • Sunshine

        Of course it’s kowtowing when you have a 21 page document from the Ministry of Primary Industries outlining the strict rules and regulations for NZ industries to comply with sharia law.

        • Goldie

          NZ industries do not have to comply with halal regulations – it is entirely voluntary. It is only if you want to export to Muslims that you have to comply with halal requirements imposed by those Muslim customers. I have no idea why you think that NZ companies have to comply with Ministry for Primary Industries halal regulations – it is totally voluntary and only for companies who wish to sell to Muslim customers.

          • Sunshine

            The documents I was specifically referring to are on search for halal on this site and then look at the document Animal Products (Overseas Market access Requirements for Halal Assurances ) notice 2014 and also the doc Approved Halal Organisations which are the organisations made up of Muslim people here in NZ who get to ensure that our meat works and any other industry that has halal ingredients is run the way that Islam wants it to run so that Muslims can have halal goods.
            Originally NZ produced a small amount of halal meat and ingredients for halal markets. Now almost every meatworks slaughters according to sharia law. The only thing we still get to dictate is that the animal must be stunned first. Watch out for that to be pressured to be changed as is happening in Australia now.
            Originally, industries etc could opt in, but increasing demands by overseas markets for exporters to have halal certified goods or no trade deals along with the push from NZ muslim organisations and the voluntary aspect has been eroded.
            For those wondering just what is now halal, look up those Approved Halal organisations and they have lists of food manufacturers, abbattoirs, pharmaceuticals, water, poultry farms, financial institutions, dairy industries etc that are halal certified. It’s not just a few things for muslims.
            Not everything that has been produced or processed according to approved halal methods is certified or labelled either. The onus is on non Muslims who do not wish to support the Islamic ideaology in any manner to work out what is non halal.
            Why should pretty much all our meat in shops and supermarkets in NZ be halal? Without labelling too!
            Like it has been said before, wake up people of NZ, the islamification of NZ has already begun.

          • Goldie

            The official halal assurance is only for halal certified meat that is exported to Muslim markets. Because of the economies of scale, meat companies find it easier to just do almost all halal slaughter, and send to different markets.
            Stuff that is in supermarkets cannot be labelled as halal because it is longer halal because it has been mixed with non-halal (haram) product.
            If you object to meat, I suggest you approach the various meat companies and try to source meat that has not been slaughtered by a Muslim.

          • Sunshine

            I am fine for meat supply as I don’t purchase from meat companies, i get it from the family farm. Some people don’t get that choice and many are unaware that our meat industry has crossed into operating under the rules of Islamic practice. Yes official certification is for export, but the point is because of the Muslim insistence world wide, our government and primary industries have capitulated to this demand strict halal process which is dramatically different to how we used to carry our abbattoir process. All our meat or virtually all our meat is slaughtered as if we lived in a Muslim country. It is just so so wrong. If we don’t stand up and fight for NZ traditions, the NZ way of doing things and our westernised way of life, it will disappear and we will living in a vasty different country.
            To be honest I am not opposed to a Muslim being a person who carries out the slaughter. I do object to every person who is allowed to carry out the slaughter in NZ being a Muslim and that only Muslim people can do so.

    • stephen2d

      Let’s not overreact. It has nothing to do with “financing Islam” or “supporting” or “not supporting” muslims. As long as no one is misbehaving, forcing others to do something or threatening my way of life, I don’t care what religion they are, as long as they are peaceful – but truly peaceful, not in the MSM kind of way. Halal hysteria is a bit over the top, in my opinion. Yes, the animals are suffering (I think) and it looks cruel – so that alone may push people to avoid halal meat (if they can avoid it, someone rightly pointed that most meat in NZ is halal certified anyway – but I think it is done in a slightly more caring way using stun gun first). But a lot of other animals are killed cruelly, like ducks to get the foie gras, which I adore. So, what do we do there?

      • pak

        I think if you do a bit of reading up on the whole halal rort – which is by no means confined to the meat industry and becoming increasingly wide-spread you would see that it has plenty to do with “financing Islam”. The halal tax is levied on many everyday items and you probably don’t even realise it. There is plenty of information available to support the claim that halal funds are channelled through to the Islamic Brotherhood, which inevitably means at some time it will be used against us, and we are supporting it by purchasing halal certified goods.

  • dgrogan

    Much like the way IS behead un-believers – except the un-believers are not necessarily pointed towards Mecca and certainly not stunned first. If you think those animal slaughter images above are shocking, try watching an actual jihad beheading.

    WARNING: graphic

  • pak

    The halal rort is growing fast and is now a multi-trillion dollar industry world-wide. Halal certified food involves a fee paid to an Islamic certifying body and this means any halal certified food we buy incurs an Islamic tax under Sharia law. Part of this then apparently funnelled through to the Islamic Brotherhood and others. The little halal symbols are on a huge variety of everyday food and are becoming an increasing part of our Western diet. We are not just talking about meat here. It has been described as “Stealth Jihad in the West”. Even Cadbury’s chocolate is catering to them including promoting sharia-compliant, halal-certified chocolate bunnies and eggs for Easter! So Muslims celebrate Easter now? I have been shocked at some of the everyday items I have found the halal symbol on now I am actually looking for it.

    • spanishbride

      Yes that is my main concern, not that NZ is profiting from supplying the Islamic market but that we are funding terrorism against the West. How they must laugh at the ignorant Kaffirs / Infidels funding their own slaughter.

      • pak

        I have no doubt they do ridicule us for our ignorance over this, and that is why it is incumbent on us as individuals to get educated in such matters. My eyes are now wide open after doing some research on halal. It is a great concern to me and one which is not widely known about so was very happy to see the subject raised here today.

    • richard.b

      I remember seeing the halal symbol on bottled water a couple of months back.
      Really! How does that work?

      • WeaselKiss

        It means they have dug a Mecca-facing trench in the ground and the water flows therein briefly, before being bottled.
        I remember in the late 70’s the mini stink surrounding the introduction of Halal at the Horitiu works where our lambs went. Many farmers were suspicious back then. I think many could not explain why they were suspicious, they just were.
        I heard recently they were even considering making bacon halal!
        Ok I made that bit up about the bacon, and the water trench, but the rest is true!

        • Sunshine

          All NZ lamb is halal unless it’s homekill by a non Islamic butcher. I am not joking here!

        • rangitoto

          An amusing thing is that they buy ‘magic’ zamzam water. No idea why they would want it as the zamzam well in Mecca was defiled by the Qarmatians over a thousand years ago. There is even fake zamzam water which some Moslems sell to other Moslems under false pretenses. Anything for a buck..

      • pak

        It means the dumb producers of the water have paid for it to be halal certified and you have unwittingly contributed to the ever-increasing coffers of those who wish us harm. I find it utterly ridiculous that anyone in New Zealand is catering to the small number of Muslims here by selling halal anything and making everyone else pay for it. And maybe what WeaselKiss has said!

        • Bartman

          There’s market diversification and business risk management, but there is also a line we must draw to protect our way of life. This will become an interesting point of contention as the heat turns up on Islamic influence on western countries and culture.

          • pak

            Agreed and very fair point Bartman. For me though the “halalisation” of so many products is already well out of kilter.

  • Huia

    Will not buy halal things, just will not do it.
    Thankyou for the warning when the video reaches 2.28, that was truly horrifying, however what has been seen cannot be unseen and I will have to learn to live with that image I guess.

    • pak

      I do my best, but the problem is it is not always readily apparent and sometimes difficult to find the halal symbol – but I do look now and it is pervasive. Some people seem to think halal only refers to meat – but dozens of companies are paying for halal-certification covering many ordinary, everyday products.

  • Tom

    There was a works in Otahuhu that I worked at when I was at uni that had two Sunni guys doing the hala kills on the beef line. There was a handy sign pointing them towards Mecca for when they did their prayer at each kill session (begining of the day, after smokos lunch etc).

    Only thing is, it didn’t point to Mecca, it pointed to Eden Park

    • Don’t you realize that Eden Park is Mecca to a large segment of Aucklands population.
      The fact it is on the way to the real Mecca is just a co-incidence.
      BTW, my old man worked at a “Freezing Works” back in the day when they passed the “Facing Mecca” test.
      There were no magnets to be found… honest!

  • johnnymanukau.

    Very interesting those frozen chicken stuffing rounds. Good ammo for the back passage when they are on their noses praying ! just thinking or not.

  • Hans

    They face Mecca and say Allah Ackbar i guess! from a Christian point of view this is meat offered up to an idol and should not be eaten

    • Bob D

      Well, yes and no. Christians are free to eat anything – Christianity sets us free from the Law in that sense, but if we choose to abstain from meat offered to idols it’s because we are protecting others whose faith is weaker, those who may see it as a stumbling block.
      ‘Therefore, as to the eating of food offered to idols, we know that “an idol has no real existence,” and that “there is no God but one.”’
      ‘However, not all possess this knowledge. But some, through former association with idols, eat food as really offered to an idol, and their conscience, being weak, is defiled.’
      -1 Corinthians 8:4 & 7
      In other words, if eating for example with a former Muslim, who is a convert to Christianity, be sensitive that they may so abhor the religion they came from that they refuse to eat halal. If so, simply out of respect for them, refrain yourself. But it’s not law-based.

  • Bartman

    They can keep their barbaric ways in their home lands, thanks very much. I was shocked to see Helen has turned to the dark side, but really there’s little difference between Islam and the UN in terms of world domination objectives!

  • sandalwood789

    As pak has mentioned the halal industry is a complete rort. I mean, “halal water” – just ridiculous.

    A little hint here for any employers or schools who are being pressured into offering halal food – *don’t*.
    You do not need to – Muslims *can* eat ordinary non-halal food if that is all that’s on offer.

    Quote – “If one is forced because there is no other choice, neither craving nor transgressing, there is no sin on him.”
    Quran 2:173

    The very best thing to do is to stand one’s ground and refuse to supply halal food.

  • Left Right Out