Pick up your Dirty Pigs and move, we have a Mosque to build Infidel [UPDATED]

[When we talk about people who follow the ideology of Islam not integrating into their host countries we are not exaggerating.Many many immigrants, cultures and religions have moved to Western Countries but only one Ideology expects the host country to change to accommodate their medieval beliefs and desires. This video of what happened to an American Pig Farmer when a Islamic group bought land right beside his farm is a Prime example.

They deliberately bought land right beside a Pig Farm and then did all they could to pressure him to leave because their Ideology considers Pigs unclean. Thankfully the Pig Farmer has fought back but it is clear that the harassment of his business will continue until either he or they give up. He even offered to buy their land off them in an attempt to solve the problem that they created.
My advice to him is to start spraying them with Pig fat every time they set foot on his land. Appeasement will never work, he needs to run them off. They started the war he needs to finish it or they will finish him.

UPDATE: A reader provided a news report that offers a totally different view of the situation to that shown in the video. Basically it says that the Farmer was not a pig farmer but bought pigs and raced them because he believed they were trying to force him off his land because they asked him to remove his stock from their newly purchased land.This news report has the ‘ slant ‘ that the neighbourhood with one exception are not tolerant of the Muslims and want them to leave.


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  • Jaffa

    Let the smell of frying bacon waft over them!

  • Hard1

    The Rata usually begins its life cycle as an epiphyte as a seedling high up in the branches of contemporary forest trees; from where roots descend down the host to reach the ground. This evolving root system simultaneously sends out horizontal systems which eventually encompass the host trunk, absorbing the timbers within the live developing tissues. The entire fibrous structures then join together and fuse to form an irregular trunk which often outlives the supporting tree.

    The Muslim usually begins its life cycle as an epiphyte seedling in the branches of contemporary suburbia; from where ideology penetrates into the host social system to reach liberal panty waists on the ground. This evolving political system simultaneously sends out horizontal sleeper cell systems which eventually encompass the host bureaucracy, absorbing the weakest within the live developing society. The entire fibrous structures then join together and fuse to form a dictatorial abomination with an inflexible ideology which often outlives the supporting society.

    • conwaycaptain

      Beautiful description

    • Nic C

      What an outstanding metaphor Hard1… very nicely put.

  • conwaycaptain

    Over millennia the UK has welcomed religious and political refugees and they have all assimilated into the population and accepted the laws and customs of the Brits.
    Now this so called religion of peace has arrived and expects the community to change. This will not happen as the fight back has started in Germany, France where a well known author has written a book on a Muslim becoming President and what will happen.
    Le Pen will eventually get into a position of power and watch out. In the UK people are getting fed up with these people trying to get into the country and there is a back lash building.
    The Yanks with their gun culture will fight back and it wont be peaceful especially in Red Neck States in the South

  • Orange

    My butcher is married to a muslim lady and he sells great piggy meats.

  • timemagazine

    Rachel Smalley should go there and make an in depth analysis of this situation.

    • D.Dave

      She knows a bit about Lard(o’s)………….

  • 1951

    The buyer new about the neighbour before purchase. It took just seven days to show his true intent. Nothing peaceful with that decision.

    • Michael_l_c

      The neighbours to Western Springs Speedway did it. Lifestyle blockers do it to real farmers, including complaining about the smell & the noise. Live close to an airport there will be planes etc.

      I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

      • Hard1

        Look at the tens of millions required to satisfy the noise haters next to Western Springs Speedway. How may Council employees live in that area ? Onehunga people are way over the noise from Waikaraka speedway. Little chance of the Council being interested in moving that.

        • HSV325

          I live in Onehunga and love my V8’s so Waikaraka doesn’t bother me one bit. I also bought in the area knowing the noise was there and not with the expectation that enough whinging anti noise nazis in time would get it shut down.

          • Hard1

            It is a beautiful suburb with very solid houses, 10 minutes to the airport and Highway 1, 5 minutes to the magnificent sanctuary of Cornwall Park. You’ve done well.

      • 1951

        Lifestylers of the urban-dream-world cult usually can’t hack the work and sell-up. People who can’t hack the sounds of planes usually choose to live else where, the “oh the noise is too much” Western Springers are held in disdain by those who don’t agree. This man who knowingly bought land next to a property that he new would not be acceptable, then proceeds to apply pressure on the owner of the property, should also be held in disdain. Nothing hypocritical about that.

        • Michael_l_c

          1951, either you misunderstand or I was unclear.
          Those who have been there for years should not be harrassed by the newcomers & in the case of WS Speedway, whilst it bores me silly, don’t move next door if u don’t like it.

          • 1951

            Sorry, we are on the same wave-link then.

        • Rod

          Situations like Western Springs are caused by the Council. They establish district plans with low permitted noise levels, then wonder why new residents ask for these to be enforced. A bit like the situation where they own halls and other community facilities in residential areas, make these areas low noise and then allow the premises to be hired for noisy events. They can’t have it both ways, either the venue complies or individual residents are permitted to have their parties complete with ear-splitting stereos.

  • Raibert

    Why buy a property next to a pig farm, then show no tolerance to the existing neighbours / community? Don’t believe it is just an attempt to promote Islam, more likely trying to drive down property values. Thus enabling the purchase of a greater area of land, then enable more substantial influence over the community.
    Islam seems to be the most prominent religion which is intolerant of others beliefs and customs. There seems to be no live and let live in the Muslim way of life. Which then begs the question of why any Muslim wants to live in a Western democracy.

    • Tippex

      Way less sand in most western democracies.

  • john Doe

    Mr Baker the pig farmer is a very polite man. I would not be so polite. I would suggest various other places where Mr Fotouh could stick his Mosque.

  • Albert Lane

    This type of argument is not confined to religious intolerance. In Wellington harbour there is an artillery saluting battery up on Mount Victoria to recognise naval and VIP shipping that enters the harbour. It’s been there since the 1800’s. Some years ago somebody bought a house near the saluting battery, and then campaigned for its removal on the grounds that it was noisy. Hopefully they never achieved their wish.

    • Tippex

      Akin to buying near an airport and then complaining about the noise. Seriously, what were they expecting to hear? Classical music?

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Fatouh is arrogant and his arrogance is what drives his expectation of Mr Baker.
    I trust Mr Baker will remain courteous but steadfast and not be budged by arrogance

  • HSV325

    He should start up an outdoor BBQ cooking course specialising in pork products with the BBQ’s stragetically placed for maximum effect.

  • Effluent

    I once went to school in a location about 1 mile from a maggot farm. On days when the wind blew westerly, the stench was palpable. Perhaps Bubba should diversify the range of stock on his farm.

  • Clutch Cargo

    It never ceases to amaze me why environment court hearings or council planning meetings take so long when it involves pressure groups forcing existing legal and consented activities to stop or move.
    The first question should be “is the activity you are protesting about legal, approved and consented?”
    The second question asked should be ” were you aware that the activity you protest about was there when you purchased”
    If the answer is yes in both instances, the following advice should be delivered which involves both sex and travelling.
    Cant see more than 5 minutes per hearing here. I would drive many miles to shout an environment court judge a beer should this advice be administered.
    Here’s the hypocrisy……most opponents could not afford to purchase in the first place if it wasn’t for the pig farm, speedway, airport etc. They buy cheap, force out the detractions, reap the value increase. That attitude is dishonest and criminal and the perpetrators need to be identified as such.

    • Effluent

      I don’t think they have zoning in Houston, or at least, they didn’t when I lived there 20 years ago. There would be no consenting issues for the farm or the mosque. That’s Texas for you, and it’s why the property prices are so cheap there.
      I also think that Mr Fatoaf night do well to consider that most Texans are gun owners, and the road signs on the outskirts of Houston all look like colanders. Bubba and his friend’s don’t take well to incomers telling them how to run their lives.

  • Goldfish

    What was interesting was Mr. Kamel Fotouh’s comment that “only 30 people or so” would be worshipping at the mosque.

    If he is being truthful, that number is suspect. It sounds more like the stereotypical cult. Why such large plans for such a small number of people? Why are the other 60+ mosques in Houston not suitable for him? Why is a “community centre” needed out in a (semi) rural area?

    • andrew carrot

      Americans take the rap for a lot of things, and I must admit that their folksy, naïve approach to international politics hasn’t helped their cause too much over recent times. But get between a yank and his bacon and the fight taken to the usurpers will be brutal. The strategic oil policy will be a miniscule point in federal history compared with the nation’s response to the need to protect access to pork products.


    They should dress the pigs up as Muhammad too…

  • Platinum Fox

    Mr Baker could perhaps buy or lease the other neighbouring properties and expand his pig farming activity.

  • Tony

    Bury some pigs on their land (or say you did). That will sort the issue out….

  • Huia

    This is so typical, no intention of integrating at all. The new land owners have bought then want to change everything to their way. How is the pig farmer going to get on when that tower starts wailing and calling the faithful to prayer? will that upset his pigs. He may need to build a tower of his own and start playing “oinking” in a very loud tone to call the faithful to the pig races.
    The arrogance of Kamel Fotouh (or is that camel foot) is frightening as is the fact there are already 60+ mosques in the Houston area.

  • xennex

    Fox News is not a reliable news source.

    The Muslim association bought the farm in 2004. They asked the farmer to remove his cattle from their new land. The farmer, confused, believed the Muslim association wanted him off his land and decided the best response was to hold pig races, which he did in 2006. The video shows pigs from a completely different farm (actually in a different country). Now Baker, the farmer, doesn’t want to back down for some reason.
    So how accurate was Fox News’ coverage? About typical for them.

    • spanishbride

      The farmer was confused? I do not see why he would be confused. What I do know is that the Qur’an says it is ok to lie to Infidels. Your explanation does not make sense to me. He would know if he was grazing his cattle on some one else’s land.

      • Willard79

        Well I guess it’s called ‘balance’ and that WOBH held itself to a higher standard.
        This is an old story and you’ve presented one slant to it and whipped up a bit of anti Muslim sentiment. Fortunately some of your readership knows not to take it at face value and to do some basic research and get an informed view.

        • spanishbride

          Thank you for providing the link. My ‘slant ‘ as you call it was based on the evidence available to me which was the video I provided. It was not my intention to deliberately mislead, it was based on the facts that I had.

    • MaryLou

      Xennex – can you give a link to your source material?

      • xennex

        Did you search? Here’s a news article from a decade ago.
        So why is Fox News picking up decade old news now? Why have Fox not presented both sides of the story? Why did Fox not clarify that the Muslim association only wanted to cows removed from their own land?
        The whole saga is pretty sad, but it’s the way that (shee)people lap up the openly misleading & biased ‘news’ from Fox that ticks me off.