Police take death threats seriously

Police have followed up all the death threats I have received, and generally it results in a visit from the good people in blue to explain something about the law, and what will happen if they ever do it again.

Rachel Stewart has laid a complaint, as she should, and some very, very, dense people will discover that they aren’t as safe behind their keyboards as they thought they were.

Stewart says she has been subjected to a string of malicious messages this week, including threats to rape and kill her, following the publication of her fortnightly opinion piece in Fairfax papers, among them the Manawatu Standard, on Monday.

This week’s article, headlined “That high-pitched whining must stop”, talked about irrigation schemes, water quality, the low milk payout, workplace regulations, suicide, stress and farmers complying with the law.

However, the backlash to the article turned sinister, and Stewart says “sexist, standover tactics and personal slurs” were posted from accounts using pen-names and then circulated via Twitter by prominent members of New Zealand’s farming community. A hand-written anonymous note saying: “See we not so DumB we Don’t No where u live. Bitch.[sic]” was also delivered to Stewart’s house, prompting her to lay a complaint and for police to launch an investigation.

Stewart said she accepted people would disagree with her or criticise her work, and she welcomed robust debate. However, responses of an overtly sexual or derogatory nature abusing individuals were offensive and unnecessary.

“No one has discussed the issues raised in the column at all – choosing instead to attack rather than engage.”

Stewart said she was appalled that several prominent members of Federated Farmers and Dairy NZ “favourited” or retweeted crude comments. Dairy NZ did not respond to questions.

Federated Farmers spokesman Don Carson said there was a staff policy about social media use, and rules and conventions the hundreds of elected regional representatives were usually familiar with.

“We were aware of the tweet exchanges as they came through, but we saw nothing other than [Rachel’s] statement that she received those threats and they came from Federated Farmers,” he said.

“We would view any threats very seriously, as does the criminal justice system . . . but until those allegations are backed up, or otherwise, we have nothing more to say.”

The tweets have since been removed, but Stewart was in touch with Twitter, which was retrieving them from online archives.

“Free speech is important to me but hate speech is unacceptable . . . I don’t believe you can say things about rape and death, or using a bull to inseminate you, shagging girlfriends or putting you with the offal, and get away with it,” Stewart said.

“I’ve written columns about millions of subjects, in fact I have written 108 of them over the last 4 1/2 years, and none of the issues I have touched on have delivered the same amount of hatred.”

“People may disagree with what she has to say, but she has a right to say what she wants to say and she shouldn’t be subjected to personal attacks for that.”

There is a feral underclass in this country.  It tries to silence you with threats of violence, rape and sometimes even death.   Social media has allowed these people a platform that has exposed this ugly underbelly of New Zealand culture.


– Lucy Townend, Manawatu Standard


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  • cows4me

    While those making these threats are stupid and cowardly Miss Stewart should take pause. I wonder if the irony is lost on her when she wished an early departure form this existence for Cam. Not so funny now is it Miss Stewart.

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    Why the need to over embellish “millions of subjects”, and 108 articles in 4.5 years? At that rate (24 per year) she must have started writing 41,666 years ago just to reach 1 million articles. So Lucy is a vampire at the least or maybe a goddess? I wonder if she knew jesus or mohammad? Lucy will know if global warming is a trend or man made as she has lived though so many weather cycles now.

    • Bobb

      Lucy Townend didn’t make those claims, Rachel Stewart did. Townend merely quoted her in the article.

      • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

        So Rachel is the vampire then? Or perhaps she was Eve …

  • unitedtribes

    If you forgive her for her hypocrisy her article should not have attracted the threats that she said it did. The article to me seemed like a townies mondayitis rant. Not nearly as aggressive as one of Cams “socialist farmers dam” posts. Do you get death threats for those posts Cam?

  • PeterPumkinEater

    Death threats. When that happens you know their argument has been lost.