Too powerful not to be shared

This has been shared before in a comment on the blog but it deserves a wider audience as many of you may have missed it.

This short video goes a long way to showing us what we are up against as Infidels. In this example the target of the Muslim’s hate was a Jewish Professor but make no mistake we are all infidels in her eyes. The hatred that she has been brought up with from the cradle is the exact same hatred young muslim children are being indoctrinated with right now all over the world. We have no concept of it but when you watch this video you will realise that there is only one effective response to this kind of fundamentalism. This is not a person that can be reasoned with, this is not a person capable of empathy, this is a indoctrinated human being who will bring up her own children the same way she was brought up, with hatred and murder in her heart.



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  • Michael

    Hosting “Hitler Youth Week”? Screwed up. And then she essentially confirms she would rather every Jew in the world was butchered than live in peace.

    Here’s self-confessed liberal Bill Maher condemning Islamic acceptance of violence on Jimmy Kimmel this week. Sets out clearly the view our left-wing activists should take.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Bill Maher is very very good at teasing out the facts in this situation. I hope everyone takes a minute to watch this.

    • Cadwallader

      Michael, Maher almost gets this right, but it doesn’t extinguish the fact that he is a self-preening glib prick! His message would’ve been better delivered in writing.

  • Cadwallader

    Her pomposity and self-righteousness declare her position extremely vividly. I can only imagine the destructive affect the MSA is having on campuses in USA. Does anyone here know whether a similar Association exists in NZ universities?

  • conwaycaptain

    The Jews make up about 0.03% of the worlds population and have amassed more Nobel Prizes than any other people.
    The Muslims make up 25% of the world and have amassed 6 Nobel “Peace Prizes”
    What has the Muslim world given to the rest of the world in the last 300 years apart from wars and violence?? The West has had the Age of Enlightenment from the mid 17th century until today really. What has Islam contributed to this???
    Spain publishes more books in translation than the Islamic world publishes in a year!!!

    • Kevin

      Arguably Islam gave the world the alphabet and the number 0. But that was a long time ago. Since then it’s been all downhill.

      • rangitoto

        Huh? The alphabet used in Europe is Roman which is in turn based on classical Greek. The number zero was an Indian (Hindu) invention.

        • Kevin

          That’s why I said arguably. Some people say Muslims invented the alphabet and zero, others say they didn’t. I haven’t looked into it deeply enough to know exactly where the truth lies.

          • rangitoto

            The word alphabet which refers to the first two letters of the Greek alphabet (alpha, beta) might be a clue and the fact there is plenty of Roman and Greek inscriptions from hundreds of years before Islam existed. The number 0 one is just a misunderstanding due to Fibonacci learning of the new numbering system from Arabs. Hence they became known as Arabic numerals in Europe.

    • Dave

      After watching the video many times over when it was originally posted, I took more of an interest, the achievements of the Jews is quite increadible given their numbers and small corner of he world.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    She is pompous for sure
    I guess she knew telling it straight she was in a country where she wouldnt get shot at or her head severed off for her position.
    Islam as a dominant religion is becoming increasingly arrogant

  • Wallace Westland

    Precisely. “If you don’t condemn Hamas then obviously you support them…case closed”

    That cow is just a prime example of what is wrong with these people. She comes to a western democracy where she can get an education.
    Had she and her poxy family of worthless jihadists stayed home she would be wearing a burka, subjugated and in virtual slavery. Had she opened her mouth like that in the land she so clearly misses she’d have found herself on the receiving end of a dirty great pile of rocks.

    One would like to think Homeland Security actually do have her number. The ungrateful bush pig and all her family should be rounded up and put on the next plane back to Palestine where she can find out what it’s really like to have a Hitler Youth meeting.

    • murrayirwin

      Wallace I can’t support the inflammatory language (bush pig, poxy, worthless etc) but it’s hard to escape the underlying truth in your argument. She would indeed be subject to brutal response should she speak like that in her – er – homeland?

      • Wallace Westland

        Good for you Murray. So how would you describe the whiney po faced slack jawed tub of lard and her goat shagging incest loving family?

        • murrayirwin

          I guess not as eloquently as you Wallace.

  • Bill Hanna

    I found this a useful interview for further context. if I shut my eyes I can hear the left wing apologists we have right here in NZ

    • spanishbride

      I couldn’t listen to the apologist for long. He made the professor the bad guy, fancy that! That poor hate filled woman was pressured into saying what she said by that nasty Jew it was all his fault.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Thats the trouble today in dialogues and communication, people want to skim topics rather than make a decisive answer or comment.
        In the topic posted video I thought good on the professor for pushing for a direct answer and good on the woman for giving a direct answer finally.

      • dumbshit

        what amused me was that his reply started by dishing DH for asking a question instead of answering one, but then proceeded to do exactly the same himself and avoid a direct answer!

  • Annie A

    I felt an actual chill up the spine with that ‘approve.’ I hope the rest of the students responded with disgust.

    • spanishbride

      What upset me most was the lack of response from the audience to her chilling answer.

      • Kevin

        I would have yelled out “Nazi!”

    • Kevin

      She basically said she approved the genocide of an entire race. Definitely chilling and made so by the fact that right from the start she tried to come across as reasonable and civilised.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    The Jews are GODs chosen people and that is that. You can analyse it intellectualise it but its that simple
    Mohammed on the other hand is only a prophet of God.

    Bad attitude sister in the video, old commands from God older than Mohammed teach “Do not kill” & God being omnipotent is all loving, wise, forgiving but also has wrath so perhaps a little humility and tolerance would be helpful

  • Steely Man

    I Like that Horowitz uses the term “Agressives” rather than “Progressive” when describing left wing politics.

  • Patterson

    I imagine if some of the apologists (not pointing the finger: Derek Fox!) for extremist Islam were around in the 1939 they would explain away Hitlers violence with long explanations about how Germans were offended and insulted and carried out a justified “utu” …. stone age explanations for stone age cultures…

  • Imogen B

    The woman is a token Muslim full of ideological claptrap.
    If IS have their way she will meet a very unpleasant end for showing her face, speaking to a non-related man, leaving the house unescorted, or a myriad other incomprehensible crimes against Mohammad.