Rankin calls for Burqa ban at Waitangi


Outspoken Ngaphui leader David Rankin had called for a ban of the burqa at Waitangi.

Presumably not just for Waitangi Day but all times.

With the 175th?anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi approaching, the Ngapuhi leader David Rankin has called for a ban on burqas being worn at Waitangi, citing cultural reasons:

?Islam condemns cultures that do not comply with its rules.??We therefore see Islam as a direct threat to our rangatiratanga (sovereignty) and our culture,? he says. ?

Mr Rankin, the senior descendent of Hone Heke, says that a number of Maori are starting to see Muslims as the new colonizer.???They are coming to our country and refusing to accept the indigenous values of Aotearoa.???He says he has had discussions with members of the Muslim community over the last twelve months who have said they oppose carvings on marae, which they see as idols, and oppose ?our karakia, our tangi rites and rituals, our origin beliefs, and Maori faiths such a Ringatu and Ratana.?

?By banning the burqa at Waitangi this year,? says Mr Rankin, ?we are reminding the world that no-one can force us to change our culture.??We respect other cultures, but they have to understand that they must respect ours.?

Good on him, adherents to Islam do not respect our culture so I don’t see why we should respect theirs.

The most ridiculous thing I saw yesterday was some Muslim women at the beach in full burqa while their bearded oppressor was wandering around in his shorts and singlet, and then to top it all off they pulled out the rugs and started their prayers…all the while with my BBQ pork smoke wafting across them. He managed a frolic in the ocean while his chattels sweltered in the burqa and only dabbled their feet in the water.

Disgusting. Good on David Rankin.