Ratbag Rhys Coffin says he will pay outstanding wages by Friday, let’s see if he does

RATBAG: Rhys Coffin

RATBAG: Rhys Coffin

Rip-off ratbag Rhys Coffin reacted quickly after our first post about him appeared here on Monday.

Within hours he had emailed one former We Love Media Group staff member – owed $6k – to update him. Amazing as there had been no contact since mid-December.

At 12.01pm, the following was received:

“I have been trying to get hold of people in my network over the christmas break who can help me to get cashflow in so this can be resolved and I’m at work today to continue with this. I will have a concrete outcome this week. 

“Will keep you updated.”

Fifteen minutes later, another email followed:


“I’ve got hold of 2 debtors just now and have set up meetings to collect funds for we and thurs. Will update as I know.

“There is $10k outstanding FYI”  

So it seems he jumped into action pretty quickly after being outed on this blog.

The former staff member is, however, taking these emails with a grain of salt.

“I’ve heard it all and been promised payment so many times before …

“I’ll believe it IF I see it in my bank account,” he says.

At the same time, the former general manager of WLM confirms that Coffin has asked him for bank account details for three former staff members.

Coffin also called me yesterday, during which he told me he was looking at invoices.

I will be monitoring the situation closely and have now identified another 9 victims of this serial ratbag, all owed thousands.

During my discussion with him I pointed out that staff get paid first, and his excuses were the excuses of broke ratbags the world over. He was silent when I pointed out that he seemed to have plenty of money for lavish restaurant celebrations with his missus…but nothing for his staff.

I also pointed out that given he can’t pay staff, nor presumably their PAYE that it was highly likely his “business” was insolvent, unable to meet day to day expenses. He should recognise this because he has a string of failed and struck off businesses to his name.

He said he would pay by Friday.

We’ll see!


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  • Sally

    Even he gets the outstanding $10k don’t think it will go far if he owes thousands.

    • Yup. Qualified preference might well be a factor.

    • $10k will just cover two of his victims.

      • The Accountant

        But leave a multitude of sponsors and involved parties with empty promises and nothing to show for it.

      • connedtoo

        Haha, I believe I am the other person….i have heard nothing from Rhys….he’s lying…..I’ve been home thru the hols……not tht hard to find

  • Not Clinically Insane

    How many of those companies were liquidated? If there is string how is the Registrar allowing him to remain eligible to be a director?

  • spanishbride

    Whaleoil, the FairGo of the internet :)

  • The Accountant

    Bulldust, bulldust, bulldust.

  • Moves

    I think his photo maybe a tad out of date. Looks like he has used the same photographer as Helen Clarke.

  • connedtoo

    Yeah right….

    he has my invoice and my bank account nr…..heard nothing…..some people may get some money…but we have no idea how many and how much…

  • Metoo

    I was conned and not a normal wise move at my age with my business experience, however he is well versed in this activity. Fortunately I saw the writing on the wall after three weeks and ceased my involvement but has left me currently unemployed. The GM was however a very upfront and communicative man and has also had the foresight to back out. There is no IRD issues as Rhys had everyone on contract so we had to pay our own taxes and all costs including our own mobile phones, vehicles and all costs, tablets or laptops to show prospective customers the websites etc. One of my major issues during my (training!!!) periods was traveling with him in his car and him telling me explicitly about his young daughter being sexually active and his partner’s sexual preferences in the bedroom. That was also an early flag although I am no prood I’m sure she would be shocked if I called her and told her what I had been told by him. If we all take him to the small claims court at a cost of $50 we may not get our owed money but will at least have him black listed with the courts.

    • connedtoo

      Yeah, but we will spend yet more money to get nowhere….I personally think he has no intention of paying…..would like to ensure no-one else falls for this trick…

      • Metoo

        I agree connedtoo. This site is going on my facebook page now to spread the word.

        • connedtoo

          Yep…everyone in Franklin and Manukau needs to know

  • Metoo

    Nothing in my bank account but not surprises there!!!! More empty promises even to Whale Oil