Remember the manufacturing crisis?

Remember the manufacturing crisis?

The opposition parties all declared that manufacturing was in crisis in New Zealand. They held their own inquiry then had a meeting to announce that manufacturing was busted and they could fix it.

That same day new figures were announced that manufacturing was far from crisis and was in fact booming, and ever since that fateful day the opposition parties declared their crisis manufacturing hasn’t looked back.

Now manufacturing has hit a 10 year high.

Activity in New Zealand’s manufacturing sector rose last month to its highest level in a decade.

The BNZ-Business NZ performance of manufacturing index rose to a seasonally adjusted 57.7 last month, the highest reading for a December month since 2004, and up 2.1 points from November’s 55.2 reading. Meanwhile, the annual average reading was 56, unchanged from a year earlier. The index, where a reading above 50 indicates growing activity, has been in expansion for the past 27 months.   

Manufacturing activity remained above the key 50 level in four of the five sub-indices, with only employment recording a contraction of a seasonally adjusted 49.4. New orders recorded the highest reading at a seasonally adjusted 62, while production was at 61.7. Deliveries rose for the second consecutive month to 58.7, while finished stocks fell to its lowest level since August of 50.4.

Three of four regions reported expansions, with the Central region posting its first contraction since August of 49.3. Meanwhile, Otago-Southland rose to 66, Canterbury/Westland recorded 60 and the Northern region fell to 56.9 from its 62 reading in November.

About the only thing Labour hasn’t declared is in crisis is their own party.

Hopefully they won’t ever take the drastic step of uttering those fateful words.


– NZ Herald


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  • geoff2112

    Whatever happened to their “enquiry” as to what went wrong for them in the last election?

    • johcar

      Hushed up perhaps? Too many unpleasant truths?

      • Nyla

        very hushed … so funny really

    • D.Dave

      Couldn’t find enough people willing to do the job. They are bringing in some Irish builders and Filipino dairy workers to figure out how they made such a monumental balls up.

      • Aucky

        The Filipino dairy workers weren’t interested because they are too busy working to buy their first herd of cows. They all vote and when they do they vote for National.

  • stanman

    Crisis what crisis !!

    A completely overused word to describe non events manufactured out of Labours ar..

    You are correct- Labour have an internal crisis which they failed to label

    Meanwhile productivity is up,inflation is down,unemployment nearly rests at the level whereby only the down right useless and lazy cannot find employment,migration to NZ is well up..CRISIS? bahhhhh

  • Cadwallader

    The only crisis in NZ is the fact the country cannot locate a workable Opposition. Having said that, the country is doing very well without that type of superfluity.

  • ozbob68

    I saw some numpty on Stuff comments advocating for halting immigration to relieve the housing costs. Yet we are already in a resourcing crisis for finding trained personnel to fill jobs (most of my co-workers are foreigners – I couldn’t do all their work and mine too).

    • David Moore

      Wages will then need to rise then won’t they? Your resourcing crisis is actually a wage crisis.

  • kloyd0306

    To Labour/Greens (go on, admit it, they’re one and the same) – everything is a crisis, including support for their own party.

  • Grant

    I can still picture Shearer, Norman and Winston sitting at that table showing the results of their enquiry which came up with their own policies as the solution to the crisis. I think it was then Winston realised how stupid they looked and distanced himself. They thought the voters were stupid and would fall for it, thank goodness most are not.

  • ex-JAFA


  • pisces8284 .

    They need to specify which manufacturing is booming. Textile manufacturing has been in crisis ever since major clothing manufacturers moved their businesses to China or got their clothing made there. There are plenty of factories with expensive machinery in them going to waste. OK, that is progress and of course offset with all the cheap clothing we are able to buy. But to lump all manufacturing into one category is misleading.

    • David Moore

      Textile manufacturing has been in decline in the western world for about 100 years, what makes you think anyone expects that to change any time soon?

      • pisces8284 .

        I didn’t say I expected it to change. Just to specify which manufacturing sectors are booming

  • rua kenana

    Seems the manufacturing crisis has gone to the same great unknown where the alleged Auckland housing crisis will be in a few months, despite the best efforts of the Key/English govt, aided by Brown, to keep the latter going.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    As opposed to what Labour would have intended with bolstering up uneconomical and inefficient manufacturing through subsidies the manufacturing industry have surged ahead. Largely this is a result of a strong, healthy, growing economy and they are gaining their share of the pie.
    It proves the point that there are goods that can be competitively manufactured in NZ and then there are those that simply can never be. Times have changed and this industry is showing it’s ability to make gains from those changes while some others just fall by the wayside.
    Tacit proof that Kiwi’s can but it is also likely that many safety signs on the shop floor will need to be multi-lingual to ensure the by cultural workforce get the message.
    Meanwhile those that might have filled some of those spots are busy whining about inequality or pay rates and missing out on their share of progress.