Remember showerheads and lightbulbs?

Remember Clark with the help of the Greens wanting to legislate your life to the point where you would be prevented from having a “wasteful” shower?

It seems the Europeans never managed to throw similar bureaucrats out.

They’ve already banned powerful vacuum cleaners and outlawed traditional lightbulbs.

Now Brussels has come up with a new way to force us to save energy – and it will be particularly hard to swallow for coffee lovers.

EU bureaucrats want our new percolators to switch off automatically within five minutes of brewing.

New measures came into effect yesterday which demand that everything from computer modems to ‘smart’ televisions must have the ability to go into standby mode if no task is performed for several minutes.

Although coffee machines bought at Christmas are likely to be exempt from the ruling, new ones must meet the stringent EU energy regulations.

As with vacuum cleaners, it is understood shops can still sell the old models while stocks last.

But it could prompt another retail frenzy as people rush to snap up percolators that do not go on standby after several minutes.

Yes.  Coffee percolators that are forced to not keep your coffee warm by turning off after two minutes, and vacuum cleaners that aren’t allowed to be powerful enough to suck dust from your carpet.  

The European Commission says the changes will save consumers money on their electricity bills and be better for the environment, but critics say it will leave people with cold coffee.

The new rules state that drip filter coffee machines that have insulated jugs to keep the drink warm must power down their heated plate or element five minutes after brewing.

Those with non-insulated jugs must go on standby within 40 minutes of use. Espresso machines should turn off after half an hour.

It is the latest in a string of controversial energy-saving changes brought in by the EU.

Traditional lightbulbs have already been axed and Europe barred powerful vacuum cleaners in September – which sparked a stampede to buy high-power models in the UK.

The EU is also expected to impose limits on high-power hairdryers, irons, kettles, toasters and even lawn mowers.

This is what happens when you keep a trough filled with tax payers money.  At some point, some idiot at a desk feels they need to earn the money they’re getting and they make up these sorts of suffocating rules.

Don’t for a moment doubt that this is the way of the Green Party of New Zealand, and the Labour Party similarly drift into excessive micromanagement of people’s daily lives.

It is vital we extinguish these kinds of ideas as soon as they are mooted.  Because once they get a toe-hold, you can kiss your warm cuppa goodbye.

From yesterday, new devices connected to the internet 24 hours a day such as modems, routers and smart TVs and printers must also go into standby mode when not in use.

Stupid thing is, when they make these compliant devices for the EU, you can bet they’ll end up here too.  Personally, I have stuff running all the time, and if they’re going to be turning off my computer equipment because not doing so is against the law, I can foresee some civil disobedience in my future.

The changes to vacuum cleaners prompted public outcry in what was later dubbed ‘Hoovergate’. The directive banned vacuum cleaners of more than 1,600 watts in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and this will be further reduced to 900 watts by 2017

It’s coming.  If not via our government, then by stealth.

– Mail Online


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  • ex-JAFA

    Tim Taylor must be rolling in his TV grave.

    Speaking of TVs, what’s this about them shutting off if no function is performed for several minutes? Do users have to keep adjusting the volume or flicking channels, rather than settling in for a good long Coro omnibus?

    • shykiwibloke

      How about politicians that switch off automatically if noone listens to them.

      • Yeah, right, whatever…

        That technology exists already. It’s called “An Election.”

  • T. Akston

    Wondering why your gas barby doesn’t pump out enough heat ? The gummint has regulations for the manufacturers / importers so that we (the payer of the gas, who apparently don’t know best how to cook a feed) won’t waste energy. Nanny state is on the job already, snuck this in while we were pre-occupied with shower heads. Like rust, the bureaucracy of do-gooders never sleeps. We pay your wages, we are the customer, just leave us alone please.

    • FredFrog

      Which is why I have given up on gas BBQs. They are hopeless for cooking steak properly.

      I found a quality US made Char Griller charcoal BBQ at Bunnings for a very good price last crissy, bought it, brought it home, presented it to Mrs. Frog, informing her that it was her crissy pressy to me.

      I will not allow horrible gas BBQs to ever darken my door again.

  • Dave

    Oh to be able to visit the UN HQ, unannounced yet somehow legal, and also visit Helens personal home, and inspect everything from energy consumption, to showerheads, and her personal vehicle/s. I can guarantee both Helen and the UN would be found wanting in this department, the same old, same old, it just applies to the masses, not us!

    • dgrogan

      She’d own a Prius, surely?

  • RightofSingapore

    Is there suddenly a power shortage in freaky deaky Europe?

    • OneTrack

      Too much reliance on “green” energy?

  • shykiwibloke

    How dumb. Many devices use more power on startup, than when standing idle. Europe will be vacuuming twice as long to get the dust up – halving the engery and expecting the same amount of work violates the laws of physics.

    • pisces8284 .

      It’s cheaper to leave your heat pump on all day rather than turn it in when you get home

  • 1951

    Like the water thing. We have one of the highest rainfall levels in the country yet we have to pay towards having unnecessary-council-employee come measure our bore level every month. The whole thing is totally unnecessary here.

  • caochladh

    If your vacuum cleaner or hairdryer is under powered, won’t you need to use them for longer to achieve the same result as the higher powered ones and won’t that defeat the purpose of what is trying to be achieved? I read that the Muppet’s are now looking to ban power hungry smartphones.

    • OneTrack

      The leftards who inhabit the Greens and the public sector didn’t study any basic engineering when they were doing their BA or PhD (PolSci). That was icky. And “hard” – you even had to know “maths”.

    • dgrogan

      The Greens never let science or simple economics get in the way of ideology. Besides, should we have carpets at all? Grass mats might be more sustainable., right?

  • Aucky

    The petty bureaucrats are already at work. For how much longer will you be able to use your current logburner or fireplace?

    • OneTrack

      Len is on that case.

    • pisces8284 .

      You already can’t buy ones that stay in overnight, we’ll be hanging on to ours until it falls apart

  • Melissa

    Who are these ridiculous people? I’ll have to go back to having frizzy hair during our humid summers, not to mention my cold coffee. As for vacuuming, forget it, who wants to be doing that for hours one end then getting a huge power bill at the end because I’ve been using so much electricity. Dirty house, dirty me, frizzy hair, cold coffee, yay!!! I think some people live in La-la land!

  • JAFA Gazza

    Aren’t the EU those muppets that move the entire parliament…from staff ( hundreds of them…if not a couple of thousand) to furniture and reams of files …to Strasbourg once a month to have a four day meeting? Cost? $250m Euros a year…just to have a meeting….and they want to talk to US about pollution… efficiencies…? Pfft on the lot of the hypocritical nonces. Also…as an aside…when was the last time tbe EU accounts were signed off? Oh yeah…NEVER. And we listen to them??

  • Backdoor

    There is a simple answer to Cameron’s concern about the modem being turned of when not being used for a period of time. Set your emails to check for new messages every one minute. That way there is action on the modem and computer.

  • Andy

    Be afraid: it’s happening here, via the Christchurch City council, their proposed new district plan is calling for shower head restrictions, light bulb restrictions & much, much more. ( including all new house build for future disabled compliance, which is pretty much the same thing as disabled compliance). The good citizens are walking blindly into a new nanny city state & large compliance cost, though there’s a reasonable chance it can be stopped ,(see,10602,10588,10590,10593,10592,%2010623,10624,10605,10591,10589,10627,10621&hid=27788 see section &

  • Steve

    Showerheads, lightbulbs and the next gem off the block in the EU’s noble cause to save the planet are cars that won’t go up hills!!

    Yep folks, you read it here right on Whale Oil!

    • Albert Lane

      Just try buying conventional light bulbs in Aussie. Their last Labor government really stuffed up again.