Repeat drunk driver won’t be deported


Of course he won’t.  It’s all about catching us 1 km/h over the limit, and not actually dealing with the real problems that kill people on our road.

A recidivist drink driver who drunkenly ploughed into two young girls on a suburban street has successfully fought deportation after arguing it would be unduly harsh to separate him from his sick wife.

Fereti Aiono, 29, was jailed in July 2012 after he hit two girls then aged 11 and 7 who were walking along a suburban Manurewa street.

Aiono, travelling at speed, went off the road after he swerved to avoid another vehicle. The girls were flung over a fence by the impact and received serious injuries.

The younger girl was in a coma for 10 days and in hospital for months.

Police estimated Aiono’s speed in the 50kmh zone to be up to 93kmh. He had been disqualified from driving less than a month before, also for drink driving.

Aiono tried to drive his car from the crash scene but it was too damaged so he fled on foot.

He was sentenced to two years, 10 months in prison and after his release he was to be deported to his native Samoa.

Aiono appealed to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal saying that he had no home or job in Samoa and his wife would not go with him as she was a New Zealand citizen who was sick with rheumatic fever. She required a monthly penicillin injection and she would have to pay the full rate if she moved to Samoa with him.

Two of his four children also had medical issues, the tribunal was told. Aiono told the tribunal he took “a hard look at himself” while in prison – losing 50kg and recognising his alcoholism.

The tribunal said Aiono had a close relationship with his children and a “strong and healthy relationship” with his wife.

via Stuff

via Stuff

It said that deportation would “bring those family relationships to an end” and therefore deporting would be “unjust and unduly harsh”.

The tribunal also ruled that due to Aiono’s “low to low-moderate” risk of re-offending it would not be contrary to the public interest to allow him to remain in New Zealand.

The deportation order was quashed though due to the “residual risk” of alcoholism, the order was suspended for five years, dependent on Aiono not receiving another conviction in the period.

The suspended order “should also serve as a signal to the appellant that the New Zealand public will not tolerate him falling again,” the tribunal said.

What do you have to do to get kicked out of the country for being a total drop kick?   His family can go back to Samoa too.  It’s not as if they are kept apart for the rest of their lives.

This sort of things makes me sick.

It sends all the wrong messages to penalise someone for a 51 k/hr speeding ticket while at the same time letting a guy who cashed into a girl causing a ten day coma off the hook.


– Ian Steward, Stufff


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  • RightofSingapore

    Maybe he makes people laugh?

  • Tom

    If he was Asian he’d be gone already.

  • crosstherubicon

    If he was white/British he’d be gone pretty quick.

    • Albert Lane

      But if he had committed the crime in Britain he’d have been allowed to stay. They are just as silly as we are.

      • crosstherubicon

        No Britain ten times worse and leads the world in stupidity and cowardice.

  • The Whinging Pom

    But those who are pinged for 1 kph over the limit are normally law abiding citizens who pay up diligently on receiving the letter regarding their heinous offending, so from the police’s point of view job done:

    a) Revenue gathered
    b) Photo/media opportunities aplenty for Mr Cliff et al to show ‘they’re doing something about it’

    What more do you want?

  • williamabong

    Silly man, all he had to say was that he wanted to be a doctor and he would have been discharged without a conviction.

    • Albert Lane

      That’s not as silly as it sounds. When I was in the Army, I had a mate who was a lawyer in a country town, and who was quite interested in my new career. When he defended a young feral in court one day, the lawyer told the judge that his client wanted to join the Army, and a conviction would mean that he wouldn’t be accepted. The judge agreed, and didn’t convict the feral. And when the lawyer proudly told me what he had achieved, I was not impressed and told him so.

  • Cadae

    He ran into two kids and then tried to drive off, then ran away leaving the severely injured kids. The very worst of behaviour – I wouldn’t trust him at all – it’s not only an alcohol problem he’s got.

  • Rex

    Read this yesterday and was incensed. The pathetic tribunal that lets this “person” stay in OUR Country should be SACKED!

    • Damon Mudgway

      Unfortunately his ‘family’ here trumps the other families he wrecks. The Tribunal have their hands tied in bureaucracy just like any other Govt department.

  • pisces8284 .

    I immediately zone out when I see the msm compulsory sad photo accompanying stories like this

  • Huia

    This infuriates me. He and his family should be gone, all the bleating about the sick wife is just hogwash. If he cared that much about a sick wife then he would be working trying to improve their lot not boozing continually. The dropkick on the tribunal also needs to be taken to task.
    This family must be costing us a fortune as tax payers, there is no reason on earth this woman cannot get her monthy injection in Samoa, she does not have to stay here and bludge of us.
    The fact that he plowed in to two children walking along the street and has caused such grief and stress to the two little ones injured and to their families should see him gone from NZ.
    He’s had chance after chance and not taken them so he can take the next flight out of here.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Another glowing example where a sob story trumps the real story and turns the judicial system into a toothless monster.
    Apart from the major drain on the public purse this individual has inflicted substantial suffering, trauma and pain on others and next time it might be even worse. There is sure to be a next time but the prospect of continued offending does not seem to match the elevated sob story presented.

  • Lemuzz

    He was doing 43klms over the speed limit!!!! Not just 51klms in a 50 zone

  • crosstherubicon

    Being brown or any other minority now is such an advantage.

  • Whitey

    I wan to know what justification was used to determine the man’s risk of reoffending is “low to moderate”. He has a history of drink driving and driving while disqualified, and doing so in a very dangerous way. He seriously injured two children and abandoned them at the side of the road. You have to be a sociopath to do something like that. My understanding is that people who fit that profile are highly likely to reoffend.

    This is a prime example of the kind of driver the Police must focus on if they really want to make the roads safer.

    • Albert Lane

      Yes, it doesn’t matter how many ferals the police focus on, it’s the inept judiciary that are the problem. The police must get very angry at the stupid sentencing system we have, and the judges’ inability (or unwillingness) to do their jobs properly.

      • Rob Neil

        Absolutely right! Spineless judges who live in ivory towers divorced from the real world are the problem.
        The Police are undoubtedly even more frustrated with such “wet bus ticket” “justice”. It annoys me to see this issue compared with efforts to lower the road toll. All the fuss and noise about the “no speed tolerance” fails to recognise its point – to lower the average speed on the roads. It is an inescapable fact (proved repeatedly in jurisdictions around the world) that there is a direct correlation between reduced mean speed and lowered road toll; it is actually not about targeting any individual speeder – clearly, just one motorist doing just 1 km/h over the limit is not necessarily a problem. However, unless everyone slows down, the average/mean speed will not reduce – and nor will the toll.

  • Wendy

    Oh look, and his brother beat a man to death.

    What a family.

    • Warren Murray

      Thanks Wendy, I wonder what reason the murderer will give to avoid Deportation, when he is released?

      • Dave

        he already has the precedent tucked away for his “future stay in NZ card” Oh, my brothers wife is sick, and they have sick children, they need me here to assist them.

        • Albert Lane

          These are the same excuses that illegal immigrants in Britain use to stay in Britain, and they always work. One guy even got to stay because his cat would become homeless (true). It seems obvious that our lawyers have been reading the Brit papers, and they’re using the same excuses.

    • Eddie Nunns

      10 points Wendy for Investigator Journalism
      I ask Pete to give you Todays Award.

      • Wendy

        I was actually trying to find out who the people were in the photograph. I wondered whether it was Carmelite, the girl he put in a coma for ten days and her mother, or if it was his own family. I failed. But my failure is less than whoever wrote this piece and didn’t name the people in the photograph.

        • Miss Daisy

          Wordsworth Rd resident Sina Murti and her daugther Perseiuz survey the damage the crash caused. – This was the tag on the photo used in an article in Stuff in Dec 2011

          • Wendy

            Interesting. No wonder they weren’t named for this article…they have absolutely nothing to do with the story.
            Good on ya Stuff.

  • Michael_l_c

    Aiono had been convicted and disqualified for drink driving in late 2012. He then drove whilst disq’ and had been drinking. When he crashed into the girls one was trapped under the car and he tried to drive off. One girl suffered probably permanent injury.

    • Damon Mudgway

      The only thing I can see Aiono being is a total and utter scumbag. He WILL drive drunk again, there is no doubt about that. Aiono and the like are the reason why there will never be zero road toll. And the academics talk about education to combat road deaths. The whole thing would be farcical in the extreme if it were not for the tragic outcomes.

      Educate Aiono? A chimp would be easier to teach.

      • Michael_l_c

        How many kids is he going to produce & does he work or are we supporting him

        • Albert Lane

          As there appears to have been no mention of his work record, it seems pretty obvious he never had a work record. Just a record.

  • Warren Murray

    Why are we looking at a pic of who I presume to be is sick, long suffering wife and his daughter? Show us a pic of the scum bag!

    The Police’s decision to lower the speed tolerance was an administrative one. I don’t agree with it, but I don’t see how it has a link to the decision not to deport the loser who appears to be a fat recidivist alcoholic drink driver.

    • Eddie Nunns

      The Link is : A law abiding citizen can get penalized for 1 kph over the limit Yet a Repeat Drunk Driver gets no Penalty

      • Warren Murray

        Thanks, but if that is the case, it fails. He was penalised for his crime (too lightly considering the harm he caused). He should be deported, but has managed to avoid that. Time will tell whether that decision will be revisited. I suspect the chances are high that he will be before the courts again. By then he will have fathered more sick kids.

  • I.M Bach

    Send this clown back, NZ doesn’t need/want him. If he was so worried about his sick wife or whatever he’d be at home by her side, not out wasting the family’s )probably)meagre funds on booze. Also; where’s the picture of the injured kids? Where’s their story? Is he going to pick their current and/or ongoing medical bills? That tribunal should be investigated, what a stupid decision.

    • Albert Lane

      If this had happened in any other western country, I bet he would have been sent to jail for ten years and then deported. Our judicial system is totally weak-kneed. It wouldn’t surprise me if the judge apologised to him for the initial deportation order. When people knowingly break the law (and boy, did he knowingly break the law), they have only themselves to blame. I hope it will never happen, but if (or when) he re-offends, if it’s the judge’s daughter that gets injured, it will be karma.

      • I.M Bach

        Not that I would wish injury on anyone’s daughter you have a point. I feel certain that if that had been the case then decision would have been different. Judges are out of touch with reality, in the main.

  • Dave

    a few serious questions, since this repeat drunk violent man has been allowed to stay in NZ.

    1) as he has been banned from driving indefinitely…… will he be deported immediately upon any breach of this? how many more people does he get to kill, maim or injure ?

    2) one if not both of his latest victims have lifetime injuries, is he going to pay into their ongoing medical costs or to cover their discomfort, since he is so worried about family……

    3 I will place a wager, this man will re-offend with 15 months, and even after that our woeful justice system will still let him off.

  • Albert Lane

    I’m shocked that he didn’t simply get a few days of home detention. The courts were cruel to send him to prison.

  • damm good thrashing

    With a little luck he will soon kill himself while drunk and do us all a favor.

  • KiwiKaffir

    So he already lost his licence for drunk driving so how does the judge comeup with the statement he’s a low risk of reoffending? It sounds like it was a great opportunity to rid the country!

  • KiwiKaffir

    Along with his brother we are better off without them!