Revisiting Green party press releases

In 2008 the Green party issued this press release:

The Green Party is warning that today’s record breaking crude oil price of US$100 per barrel is just the first flirtation in what is going to be a long term relationship with triple digits in an ongoing trend of rising oil prices.

The price of oil reportedly surged during the first trading day in the New Year with light sweet crude rising US$4.02 to US$100 a barrel in New York.

“The era of cheap oil has been over for some time. While today’s price breaks a psychological limit, the long term trend indicates that oil may not be consistently priced this high until July or August. However, that’s very short time in planning terms and it is extremely urgent that we re-examine our budget priorities for roading, public transport and freight,” Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons says.

While today’s price of US$100 did retreat soon after breaking the record, prices will never retreat back to the lows of just a few years ago.

“While there isn’t any need to panic, it is a clear signal that we should be planning for an oil constrained future. This means changing the way we get around, investing in more public transport and better urban design that supports walking and cycling. You only need to look at the major cities around the world that were built before the oil age to see that vibrant, exciting lifestyles are possible without depending on the private motor vehicle.

“If you read my latest Bill to be drawn, Climate Change (Transport Funding) Bill, you’ll see a phased programme for refocusing priorities towards more sustainable transport and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.”

The BBC reports today:

The price of Brent crude oil has fallen below $50 a barrel for the first time since May 2009.

It fell more than a dollar to $49.92 a barrel in early trading on Wednesday before edging back above the $50 mark.

Slowing global growth and increased supply of oil and gas have pushed prices sharply lower in recent weeks.

The price of oil traded in the United States, known as West Texas Intermediate crude, has already fallen below $50.

Many observers expect the price of oil to fall further as North American shale producers continue to supply increasing quantities of oil and gas, and the oil-producing group Opec resists calls for cuts in production to support prices.

“With no sign that Opec will do anything about over-production, it seems likely that we could well see further declines towards $40 in the coming weeks,” said CMC Markets analyst Michael Hewson.

And the NZ Herald runs an article that says:

The drop in fuel prices – to the lowest in more than four years – is expected to have a knock-on effect on other products as businesses spend less on transporting goods, meaning lower prices for consumers.

However, shoppers may be reluctant to flash their hard-earned cash after being burned by the global financial crisis, experts say, and may put the extra dollars into savings.

New Zealand has seen a record run of price cuts, with 16 over the past three months, as a combination of falling global crude oil prices and a strong Kiwi dollar works in motorists’ favour.

Remember when you see a Green part press release it is based on what they want to happen not what will happen.

The best policy of dealing with the Greens is to ignore them.


– NZ Herald, Green Party


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  • exactchange

    Not a bad way of holding the pollies of all stripes to account. Could be a regular feature perhaps.

    Folk do rather like to see ‘the biter bit’.There is a long running thread on the Trademe Politics / Opinion message board with the subject ‘Poll Has Hone Winning Easily’. Start date 19 September. Well over a thousand posts, no signs of stopping any time soon.

    • Cadwallader

      Immediately before the 2008 election when planning for the Rugby World Cup was gearing up our local Greenie candidate was spouting off how the Cup would be an economic disaster and would bankrupt the country.The next utterance was about the emissions from the visitors to the country for the event. Now, if there were to be sufficient visitors to NZ to alter emissions levels, wouldn’t that hint that the Cup was going to be a financial success? Anyway the government changed the Cup was won and thanks to JK’s team so has NZ (and the Greenies remain light years from governance.)

  • dgrogan

    “The best policy of dealing with the Greens is to ignore them”.

    Fortunately, Cam 90% of the voting electorate agrees with you.

  • Hard1

    “However, shoppers may be reluctant to flash their hard-earned cash after being burned by the global financial crisis, experts say, and may put the extra dollars into savings.”
    Economist ?…….Check
    Seen the record spending in the last 2 weeks ?…….Check
    Write gibberish……….Check, and get a cheque for doing so.
    Expert and Economist are mutually exclusive.

  • johnnymanukau.

    THE GREENS!!! Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

  • Josh Metcalfe

    In all fairness back in 08 I don’t think anyone would have expected that the Saudis would tank the oil price to force the US out of oil production

    • Michael_l_c

      Josh ‘Force the US out of oil production’ or do as the US asks and put pressure on Russia. Russia is the country that is suffering the US is near self sufficient in oil. Russia is causing enormous problems & likely to invade other surrounding states.

      • Josh Metcalfe

        Except that US self sufficiency is predicated on the oil price being high enough to make methods of extraction have a high enough profit margin

        • Cadwallader

          This equation is open to review if Canadian tar-sands are included in the available supplies. The price of extraction and conversion is modest by world standards. Check out the Province of Alberta’s specific economic web-page. Interesting place in interesting times.
          The low price will in all likelihood curb exploration in the seas around NZ due to the cost/difficulty of extraction. Oil truly is a fascinating topic currently.

  • Michael_l_c

    I love it when politicians spout predictions like this. If the greens were sure that prices would increase then they should have backed themselves and gambled on the futures market. They could have funded their wacky party forever with the winnings.
    All mouth, no backbone.

  • niggly

    More of these “exposures” please! It is in the Public Interest (of all media actually) to dig through the archive of public Green Party press releases and expose their flagrant propaganda and mistruths, and remind the public of this (because every 3 years during the elections, all these Green Party mistruths are forgotten by the MSM and thus the public, in favor of their cuddly, lovey dovey, small furry animal image instead)!

  • Steely Man

    EEEK! Which to believe: A news item in The Herald or a Green Party Press Release!

    • taurangaruru

      Both probably written by the same hand

  • danielnz

    How could the Greens have been so very wrong? Not just off-base but completely and utterly wrong. You’d have to question the sanity of anyone who took anything they said at face value.

  • BR

    Everything the greens come out with is always exactly as it appears; definitely suspect.


  • GT

    I am certain they said we would be out of oil by now back in the 70’s now we have over supply & the world is a bigger place now! Oh well just have to leave the bicycle clips & sandals in the cupboard for a while yet

    • taurangaruru

      They & their fellow travellers also claimed we were entering another ice age back in the ’70s. Now we are supposedly at threat of being burnt to a cinder as the earth over heats. Have they ever made a prediction that has come to be? Given the track record their claims should be treated as scaremongering & their “high priests” as snake oil salesmen.

  • Cadwallader

    The best line I have heard about the Greenies comes from Larry Williams: “If the Greens don’t like it, then you know it’s a good idea!” Says it all.

    • Mythrandir

      Except they’re not Greenies they’re Phonies. I wish we really did have a Green Party. What can I thank the Phonies for. The Child Discipline Act. Pathetic.

      • Cadwallader

        Well you can’t actually thank them for anything. They’ve never been a part of a government so their presence is irrelevant as well as being irritating.