Russel Norman resigns as co-leader of the Green Taliban

A picture paints a thousand words:

A beaming Metiria Turei watches on as Russel Norman falls on his sword   Picture/ Felix Marwick, Twitter

A beaming Metiria Turei watches on as Russel Norman falls on his sword Picture/ Felix Marwick, Twitter

Russel Norman announced his resignation at 11am this morning in what Green sources tell me was really a bloodless coup.

Expect the male leadership role to now pass to Kevin Hague who has been plotting this move for some time.

Because of the way the Green constitution is worded this has been a bit of superb low bastardry from Kevin Hague.

Hague has consistently topped members votes in the Greens to retain his current number three spot and the Green constitution requires a vote from the members for leader…one Kevin Hague would have won easily after the Greens disappointing result in the general election.  

If the Greens or Hague believed in smoke-filled rooms then this plotting would have indeed required such a room plus a list of faceless men.

Norman will have been quietly approached and politely told that using the constitution they would play out the coup by the rules and ultimately end Norman’s role at the top.

An ultimatum would have been issued and the option of resignation with dignity placed on the table.

It was inevitable.

So Russel Norman has gone after achieving nothing much in his time as leader.

No more will we have to endure his Aussie whinging in the parliament.

Fortunately for New Zealand his demands to be Finance Minister will never be met, but the Greens still remain batshit crazy and probably more-so now Metiria Turei is the dominant leadership partner.

Unfortunately for us all the Ginger Whinger will remain on parliament for the time being.

I expect the Greens to shed quite a lot of support now.


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  • fergus

    So one numpty will be replaced by another co-numpty.

  • mike

    Someone looks very happy!

    • Richard

      Like the cat that got the Tofu.

    • Carl

      Do you think she and Kevin asked Grant Robinson for advice of stabbing the leader in the back.

      • Richard

        Possibly, but she would have had to get Kevin to do the stabbing as she isn’t equipped….but then again.

        • Cadwallader

          She has a castle full of cardboard swords so I expect she is well equipped to take out her adversaries.

        • JAFA Gazza

          I see what you did there! :)

  • Bart67

    Meteria looks like the cat that has swallowed the cream, doesn’t she! My opinion of her as a somewhat nasty piece of work appears to be pretty much on the mark. That’s four opposition partly leader scalps for John Key now isn’t it?

    • Richard

      I like how you have referred to them as “partly leaders”…Freudian slip?

      • Bart67

        Freudian? Possibly so, but devastatingly accurate nonetheless!

    • Cadwallader

      The cat that has swallowed lots and lots of cream. Perhaps the leadership will be decided by a play-war outside her loony castle at Waitati?

    • Carl

      5 if you include Aunty Helen.

    • Benoni

      When JK sends a “Party Visionary” offshore that is the scalp I’m waiting for.

  • Carl

    Russel did manage to say your name in question time in the last six months more than anyone ever Cam

  • Stuarts.burgers

    Can we all join the Greens and vote for Steffan Browning or will they do like Timmy did to Catus Kate when she tried to join the Labour Party .

  • Dave

    Please, please Wussell, please stay in NZ, its clean and green, its got a great welfare system, its got a nice climate, whereas over its a harsh dry brown land, devoid of green evegtation! The health and education systems are not great for your families needs, and the green party here is a total joke. I suggest you look at Northland, the Motueka area or the Central Otago Area, all are clean and green and miles away from normal kiwis. Aussie is not an option, please stay in NZ.

    • ex-JAFA

      Oh, thanks a lot, Dave. Just ‘cos you don’t want him back there doesn’t mean we want him to stay here!

      I’d suggest somewhere he can’t upset the neighbours. Fiordland sounds nice.

  • Sweet Lips.

    I can go back too watching the house sit and not hear his squeaky voice, drives me insane.

  • Monty

    I was really hoping Gareth Hughes would step up to the plate. No matter the Green party (as you say remains Batshit crazy) and as long as the Greens exist as the only viable co-alition partner of Labour then the majority of New Zealanders will avoid both and consign them to the opposition benches forever

  • Hughesy

    Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

  • Grizz30

    The greens have a problem. The wrong co-leader has resigned. The crazier, least tolerable leader is staying. This only weakens their credibility.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Agree, material girl contributed zilch. She has no credibility when talking about the poor whilst wearing designer jackets and live in a castle.

  • Alfred12

    Great news, coincedence that he has been in parliament for 9 years?? Any bets on him resigning this year and collecting his tax payer funded super?

    • Grizz30

      It will only be for 7 years.

      • Alfred12

        so we are stuck with him whining for 2 more years albeit less than before!

        • Rick H

          No. I heard the whinger (whining ginger) talking to Larry this afternoon. He says he’s had 9 years, and will finish in May this year. So, looks like the “never ever been voted in” and “Never ever had a constituent” will be on for the 9 years benefits.

          Imagine that, working at the same job for nine years and accomplishing absolutely nothing in that time.

    • ShortBackwardSquare

      That will certainly have been part of any discussion – making sure he will qualify for his ‘entitlements’. He will now make a living on select committees and the like for the rest of his career, and achieve very little.

  • Grizz30

    Now its Winston’s turn. That will be the day.

  • Teeps

    Cam, was Norman (allegedly) deep in the dirty politics crew to take you down? And if so, is this the beginning of the blood letting before the truth comes out? Are there any other heads to resign in the coming weeks citing ‘personal reasons’ who may have been involved?….. just wondering….

  • SmokingMonkey

    Norman is choking on his tofu sandwich,
    while Metiria Turei takes time out from chewing her cud to
    suppress a childish giggle. Entertaining

  • Rockfield

    Rod Donald’s untimely departure had two rather unfortunate outcomes:

    That bloody Nandor Tansocks got another term in parliament and thus gifted the opportunity to retire on an ex MP pension and smoke dope for the rest of his life.

    AND, Dr Norman appears on the scene, spare us the Aussie Commie.

    All is forgiven Rod.


  • Sally

    Kevin Hague! He who emailed Cam and wrote a opinion piece here on WO.
    Wonder what Labour will say about that.

  • Alfred

    There is a God, although putting Hague into the co-leadership spot shows he’s got great humour.

  • GoingRight

    Don’t think Kevin passes the ‘blink’ test

  • Steely Man

    Someone said the Greens should be called “Left of Labour” ….or Lol

  • Teeps

    And in tribute…. Question 1: to Dr Russell Norman…. referring to your speech, “do you stand by all your statements?”….

  • Rodger T

    So,did he get his flag back?

  • CheesyEarWax

    Good riddance, less commies from the beehive the better. Its time also for the Greens to drop the co-leadership setup. Its bad enough to have one batshit crazy leader let alone two.

  • Surely they will also put Material Girl’s status to the voting test in May?
    Isn’t that in the constitution?

  • Davo42

    The story I heard is he is off to join ISIS because he hasn’t been able to terrorise Kiwi’s as he had hoped.

    • And they promised him his own flag …..

    • bristol

      Wow! That looks like a serious head injury. Politics aside, get well soon Wussell.

      • Albert Lane

        It’s swollen.

  • Justsayn

    I’m a little sad to see him go.

    His leadership was a part of the reason that swinging voters could not bring themselves to vote for Labour (or the Greens themselves) in the last election. I can only hope that his replacement is equally unelectable.

    • They’ll find another fruit to put in the loop!

  • andrew carrot

    “No more will we have to endure his Aussie whinging in the parliament”
    He’s staying in Parliament isn’t he?

    • SVlover

      Only until May I believe.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I wonder what sort of job one gets with a qualification based on thesis on a failed minority political party?

    • sheppy

      One at the public trough making life worse for regular Kiwi’s by stealth. There’s one thing for sure he’ll keep interfering in peoples life’s in any way he can. Question time however will be more watchable with the sound on

    • Richard

      Ironically….leader of the Green Party, and the vicious cycle continues.

  • Ross15

    Something had to happen in the Green Party to make changes.From the Green’s perspective the wrong leader has left first ,but I think, in time, both will be gone.
    But Teeps’ comment below is interesting.
    For those true believers in all things Green ( conservation etc.) their party has been wrecked by the current far left leaders –as has happened in many overseas Green Parties. In advertising speak –the brand is truly tarnished , if not ruined.
    NB. I am not a Green supporter –far from it.

  • Michael

    I’m going to miss those tirades against foreigners and their investment choices made in his Strine accent. Not really.

  • Captain Darling

    So long Wussel we’ll really miss you. Yeah right!!

  • Michael

    NZ dodged a massive bullet now that this socialist will go no where near a finance portfolio.

  • Cadwallader

    This news doesn’t really have much weight as let’s not forget it is just a re-shuffling of a few list MPs. Sabin going has more impact as a by-election is looming. Who is likely to be National’s candidate up North?

    • Albert Lane

      John Banks.

      • kehua

        He was a useless Electorate MP just as he was a useless Mayor of Auckland, go back and check out the numbers.

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    Mike Sabin has resigned from parliament. Interesting timing. I wonder which of the two resignations will get more airtime?

    • Wussell’s demise has probably been known by Key’s office for some time which is why Sabin’s resignation has been perfectly times to attract minimal attention as media focus on Wussell. The look on Material Girl’s face is priceless, she is obviously lapping it up. Totally inappropriate.

      • Bobb

        What do you mean “totally inappropriate”? Completely in character for her. (and her mates) LOL

  • Rex

    I must be psychic as only,this morning for some reason I,was thinking “I wonder if Wussell goes if Hague will get the job”! We all know Norman was a disaster,but Hague will be even worse! A really creepy guy! I,am amazed Turei has not been pushed as well.

    • Albert Lane

      Yes, but Russell said he was resigning so he could spend more time with his family. Now where have I heard this excuse in the past?

      • WeaselKiss

        Hang on!
        You mean…he’s….he’s…breeding!?!

        • ex-JAFA

          Yes, with a *Canadian*! One of the Paquin sisters.

          • wooted

            If his one is as cute as her sister I don’t understand why he always looked so miserable.

  • Pete

    Turei’s ego will be inflated even more after this…expect a shopping spree. !

    • zakspeed

      At least she will finally contribute something of use by pumping some money back into the local economy, all be it our hard earned tax dollars!

      • TomTom

        Doubt she contributes much to the Dunedin economy. She’ll probably spend all her very hard earned money in the flash shops of Wellington and Auckland.

        • Eddie Nunns

          We have Flash shops in Wellington ??

  • JustanObserver

    But … But … But …
    John Key won’t have any more single-word answers to give to question-time in parliament.
    “Does the Prime-minister stand by all of his statements?”

  • Karma

    I thought for a moment he’d have to get a real job, then I realised he’d still be on the payroll as an MP. Guess one doesn’t want to stray to far from the trough.

  • Bobb

    Kevin Hague eh? To borrow from Winston Churchill… “There is not one single social or economic principle or concept in the philosophy of the green party which has not been realized, carried into action, and enshrined in immutable laws a million years ago by the white ant”.

  • Nige.

    I think the fact that he has been in the headlines SOOO MUCH in the last 6 months or so speaks volumes.

  • KGB

    Doesn’t Turei look delighted in that photo.

    • BJ

      Smug, in fact.

  • WallyAnchor

    “Turei said she and Norman were partners in crime”
    Is that an admission of something in particular? Or just in general…?

  • Igotta Numbum

    In other news, the Reserve Bank print unit sheds 30% of its staff, citing lower projected minting requirements.

    • Albert Lane

      And Prime News has fired all its staff, as they will now broadcast Channel 3 news.

  • Teeps

    And now Sabin “resigns”….

  • Isherman

    Cows4Me must be out in the paddock, though he might have been first up to wish his Aussie pest mate farewell..for me, I’ll miss him like a hole in the head, but it seems he will be around for a bit yet anyway. So what does this do to the Greens vote share, and where does it go? Andrew will be calling a war room meeting as a result I suspect, trying to figureout how to absorb any vote drift. Greens (in their current form) at 6%?, all good news so far.

    • Luis Cannon

      If Andrew had any sense, he would deal the coup de grace to the Greens with all the ammo he has.

      • Isherman

        But then that leaves another problem in that NZF become the only possible support partner, and with the current polling between the two of them it just isn’t enough, so at around the 24-25% mark, they need more options not less. that then creates a hydra headed monster that no one wants. Any way they try and count it, until they can become a 45-50% party, they’re buggered.

        edit: added word for clarity.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Dear Dr Wussel, was this John Key’s fault?

    • SkeptiK

      Was what JK’s fault? That his wife got pregnant?

      • CheesyEarWax

        JK’s fault that he resigned, as he always blame JK.

      • OneTrack

        It’s always John Key’s fault.

  • Richard

    A stroke of genius getting Sabin to “retire” not one hour after Norman?

  • SkeptiK

    Can they have Hague and Turei as co-leaders? I thought they had to have representatives from both sexes?

    • D.Dave

      so they need 3 co-leaders then…..

  • Speights Cold and Wet

    and the good news just keeps rolling on

  • Cadwallader

    To be fair we need Labour to have one of their few MPs to resign just to balance the books. Mallard? Cunners? Goff? Who cares which one?

    • Isherman

      Absolutely..I’d personally like it to be their strongest link in the chain, they who pose the biggest threat or is the most credible potential leader. Problem is I cant actually decide who that person is, lol. Shearer? Adern maybe?

    • KGB

      Winnie will do his bit soon no doubt. He always has an offering.

  • Harriet Bond

    I don’t belive this Coup conspiracy for one second.. To suggest that The Greens don’t value Russell is wishful thinking, the reaction to his resignation fomr within the party has been unanimously gutted.

    • SkeptiK

      In that case pretty much the same reaction as the Labour party had when Cunliffe got scuttled then…

    • ex-JAFA

      Well, that’s what they’re saying publicly, anyway.

  • DavidW

    so who is next on the Green Party list then?

  • George Carter

    Cam, clearly according to Wussel you are the main driving force behind everything that happens in New Zealand. To that end could you give us an insight in to how you pulled off this master stroke?

  • Annoyed

    Sorry, I just can’t get past Turei’s entire demeanor. Sane people don’t act like that in those circumstances.

  • caochladh

    You would think the Material Woman would have had the decency to stand in the background looking sombre, but no, there she is front and centre smiling like a Cheshire cat. If that’s how they treat their own, aren’t we lucky they are not able to “treat” us.

    • OneTrack

      Consider it a warning of what the hard-left Greens would be like if they ever get near power.

  • Rodger T

    I gotta say,in a smarm off she`d beat Cunliffe ,hands down.

  • conwaycaptain

    In 3 years he will be a PolSCi lecturer at Vic

  • LesleyNZ

    Kevin Hague to be a co-leader of the Greens? Suppose that will be a good thing.The Greens will continue to slide in popularity.


    Russell no longer asking his ‘probing’ questions in parliament will put a dent in the free publicity forCam and WO…

  • Eiselmann

    As much as Russel world view was on the wrong side of nuts, I think we will find that he kept the Larper in check. Unrestrained the things you could imagine she’ll come up with in the future will make her 2014 self seem positively rational.
    So sit back and watch as the greens dive head long into new levels of lunacy

    • caochladh

      The next pick would seem to have more effrontery than the other two combined……….

      • Aucky

        We can very safely assume that he has ‘come out’ then?

      • Iva b ginn

        Kevy can exchange notes with Robo, On how to sort out material Turei.

        • caochladh

          Robo’s too plain – Kevy needs professional advice from someone like Bob Moodie, especially in the dress sense department. Bobs caftan, sandals and socks ensemble was pretty chic.

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    This surely must qualify as one of the ‘political comments of 2015’….

  • MrBarrington

    From Weasley Wussel to Kuleless Kevin…. frying pan, fire… meh…

  • Nz front

    Holy s**t, he wanted to be a finance minister what a joke. He did say during the election year he wanted to print more money. That is just dumb, and now he is resigning. I like to see the disappointment on his face. It makes me chuckle hard out.

  • WhaleBoyNZ

    Is this not a bit egotistical?:

    “Russel Norman’s resignation as Greens co-leader ‘a vote of confidence in me’, says Metiria Turei”

    • rantykiwi

      I have one word for that – Sociopath

  • Claire Kelly

    How come he has to go but her with the jackets gets to stay? That grin on her face makes me want to punch her in the throat…..

  • KQ

    Still green, still Taliban. No change there.

  • terrynaki

    This Turei,heard her at a public rally when the then labour government were closing schools in reviews,she sounded on that day reasonable and back up points with good arguments and facts.
    Saw her at a meeting in Wellington in 2014,she was outside protesting,what a complete fruitbat,nutbar.
    I was to say shocked that a person who screamed and yelled at people as they pass through the entrance,I watched her for about 2 minutes,she never let up,completely unhinged.

  • Rodger T

    John Armstrong at the `erald has gone completely ga-ga over Normans resignation.
    And I quote, “a mighty eucalyptus has fallen”…… stop it please ,I can`t take this much humour in one day.

    • pak

      “The Mighty Eucalyptus has fallen” – give me strength. What has Norman actually achieved? All Armstrong seems to be able to come up with is “re-branding” the Greens so they no longer described as “whackos” and “lentil-munchers”. I am not sure he has even achieved that but in any event has added “Green Taliban”, so not entirely successful “re-branding”!

    • The Whinging Pom

      Perhaps he means mighty eucalyptus in the sense of the sort of extra strong lolly you suck when you’ve got a cold?

    • Genevieve

      Ah, the mighty Eucalyptus, that would be the Australian native that is very shallow-rooted and prone to falling over. “May cause great danger to structures and people when falling despite it’s thin papery appearance”

      • Wheninrome

        They are referred to as widow makers, sort of appropriate.

    • rantykiwi

      Eucalyptus are somewhat prone to catching fire… we can expect Wussel to crash and burn soon.

  • oldmanNZ

    I want to see the texts between kevin hague and turei!

    That would be interesting, the true colours of greens will come out

  • timemagazine

    Comarad Turei looks very happy in the background.

  • niggly

    According to the radio MSM, Russel says he’s quitting the leadership for “family reasons”.

    But hang on a minute, couple of weeks ago when Ian Fletcher, announced he would quit as GCSB “leader” also for family reasons, the cynical left-wing MSM, Labour and Greens went nuts and demanded a detailed explanation as to why he was standing aside.

    What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander, so MSM & Labour, will you demand that Russel explain in detail why he is standing down?

    Or do you not want to go there? If not, another practical demonstration why NZers prefer to go to WOBH for the NEWS to understand the real reasons why Russel is standing down!

    • Aucky

      When Soper gave his views on ZB this morning for the resignation he made a great play of the personal family reasons but made no mention of Hague’s white anting campaign of the last few months. As if Soper didn’t know – come on! If Soper was truly unaware then it’s time for him to depart the Press Gallery. His credibility slips further with every passing day.

  • Grumpy of Onehunga

    I wept when I heard he was going……………tears of joy!

  • KGB

    He was actually the best of a bad bunch. He spoke well and always knew the detail. What ever credibility the Greens had with voters will be lost. No-one takes ‘the knitter’ seriously, do they?

  • axeman

    Agree he’s been hobbled. Its a pity he doesn’t quit altogether Oh well that may still come later in the parliamentary cycle as he is only a list MP

    • Left Right Out

      As are all the green coat tailers

  • Left Right Out

    What a great day…. the sun is shining, it’s Friday, Wussel is gone!!! now how to get rid of Meti….. I think the grin in the above pick says it all for her… she is stoked beyond belief

    • Sailor Sam

      Waiting for the 9 years period, so as to qualify for the pension, to be up later this year.
      He entered parliament in 2006, do th maths.

      • pixman55

        But you Forget was Nandor Tanczos who resigned Before his 9 year term was up and there for he Missed out on All the perks ..Free or discounted Airfares etc .Nandor only left so that Russell could get into parliment and get some Media attention before the election. .Russell is only stepping down as Co ‘Leader not as an MP. he wants to get what Nandor gave up. .Nandor worked for years on the Clean Slate Bill but Gave it to Phil Goff to present to Parliament..Phil Goff got it Passed and got all the Praise .that shows Me what a great person he is . No big Ego like Russell ..

  • Shoreboy57

    Angry Andy won’t be unhappy to see the back of the self-appointed leader of the opposition.

  • Luis Cannon

    Expect a lot more drivel from Motor Mouth as she tries to push her Taliban agenda.

  • Well, the Pol Science Job may be available… but I hope not at a top 200 university. I can see him getting a job at Waikato or Woolangong. And muttering into his port about how he was shafted just as he completed is red takeover of the greens.

    The irony is that he is the patsy.

    Turei and the Green leadership were as involved in the last election campaign as well. They failed: if Russel goes, so should they.

    I predict the cray-cray will increase, and list MPs exposed. Which will put the spotlight on those placemakers, sitting in their list seats, quaking in fear at any questions from… Annette King.

  • Ilovelife

    I know our comments are not meant to be short and are meant to add to the discussion but I just can’t contain myself…HOORAY!!!

    • Disinfectant

      Careful what you wish for. They just might come up with a good leader.

  • The2Game

    So a never-close-to-being-elected-in-his-own-right Red Greenie is replaced by another never-close-to-being-elected-in-his-own-right Red Greenie and that another never-close-to-being-elected-in-his-own-right Red Greenie will get to sit next to a further never-close-to-being-elected-in-her-own-right Red Greenie…

    Hard to get enthused…

    And re that pic of Metiria’s loathsome smirk, if she is that happy over a fellow Red Greenie’s demise, just imagine her paroxysms of mirth should John Key ever suffer an injury more serious than a stubbed toe!

  • Bartman

    Time to dust off the Kevin Hague dossier!

  • GMAK

    The problem is that the greens they opporate in a vacuum of crazy. Any voice of reason is sufficated and shunted out. If you suck a crazy out of a position another crazy will take their place. They are loosing someone who comes across normal and reasoned in many ways (until of course analyse his words) to some one who is more fitting of the policies. They will loose support and it will most likely go to little labour as it will be the borderline batshit crazy voters who wouldn’t vote for Cunliffe. MSM and Little will claim a huge swing to Labour ignoring the fact that National will still probaby poll in the 50’s…………anyway someone should tell Metiria not to look so happy while the party goes through such antough time. Oh and at the next election they will wear clown costumes and change their name to the extremly silly party………good grief

  • Second time around

    Metiria says (ODT) that “Russel’s decision is a vote of confidence in me, in our
    caucus and in our party”. Unless she is totally irrational her utterance has to give substance to the rumours that Russel was asked to move on.

  • oldmanNZ

    “So Russel Norman has gone after achieving nothing much in his time as leader.”

    I think you should thank him for his contributions to Whale Oil?

    • pixman55

      Russell the Aussie Red Head did try to Get into Bed with JK and the NATS but Key rejected his advances .Russell deserted Labour hoping the Polls which had them getting high was enough to get Johnkey as a buddy. the Greens deserted the party Because of that.

  • Catriona

    Ooh, Dirty Politics just gets dirtier. As for Kevin Hague, well, he’ll be a great ambassador for the Greens as there is no way he will ever be able to sell himself to the voters imo. So Green’s just slide further and further into oblivion.

    • Sailor Sam

      How can he be green, when he belongs to the ‘rainbow faction”?

  • Dog Breath

    He can now have his flag back.

  • steve and monique

    Does this mean he is going back to Aussie. Hope so.

  • Wallace Westland

    OMG till I read this I was unaware. Frightened the living daylights out of my kid with the whoop.
    Finally the whinging Australian has been put down. A man I truly despise.
    Why come to our country to tell us how to live? Do it in your own. Sanctimonious nasty evil lil ginger.
    Whhooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • G M B

    Put him up for hostage negotiation and he can lose his head

  • Rick H

    None of them have ever had a “constituent”. None of them have ever been elected into a seat. The lot of them should just disappear.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      The voters have considered not even one of them to be capable enough to be an MP, let alone trustworthy enough.
      But, “birds of a feather . . . . .” so perhaps it is good to have some place for them to flock together instead of spreading their ‘bird-flu’ all around. And, they do help reduce Andy’s share of the electoral cake to manageable proportions.

  • stanman

    great news-goodbye-bugger off

  • Curly1952

    Good riddance. Does Wussel Norman stand by his resignation?
    The best news I have heard in weeks.
    Is he going because the Police investigation into “Dirty Politics” and Cams stolen emails implicate him and his numerous contacts with the fat german? Hmmm I wonder

    • LovetoTeach

      I really hope it is that (or a coup) and not that his wife is sick again. He looked a bit emotional in that clip with Paddy Gower

  • damm good thrashing

    Why stop at the leadership…..let’s get rid of the party.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    Well I have called him the toxic green-tongued wussel, but that green-eyed heap of margarine behind him just can’t help itself.
    The look of absolute rapturous joy at the prospect of her next co-leader being completely in line, ie. equally gay, must be the pinnacle of rainbow (sorry, “gween”) achievement

  • Day Day

    Metiria should put her co leadership to the vote. To reestablish her legitimacy. Is she co leader for life or something?

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      To be completely fair and representative, actually they need 6 co-leaders:
      Straight male (they just lost that one)
      Straight female
      Gay male (next in line, apparently)
      Gay female (the self-anointed everlasting co-leader ??)
      Trans something-or-other
      Bi (or is it bye, or bye-bye ?)

      • Adios Africa

        No its at least 7 – you forgot to include someone who is sane.

        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

          And why do you insist on demanding things which are utterly impossible?? Somebody SANE?? And in any case absolutely against the(ir) constitution !!

  • Dumrse

    Without reading all posts below……. This calls for a public holiday celebration. Advance Waitangi Day by one week given we now have something to celebrate.

  • Bayman

    I heard in Turei’s statement that this is supposedly some sort of endorsement of her leadership. How does she figure that?

    Her partner in crime resigns, they got less seats and she’s doing a good job?

    Cue Tui Ad

  • NZ 2014

    Metiria Turei sometimes wears fancy jackets worth $2,000 each, pointed out by the National party last year, they keep talking about inequality the hippocrates, typical Left wing rubbish, I am amazed some people get sucked in by the propaganda of these guys.

  • Bryan

    i see greens have dropped down to 9 so maybe people are starting to see through them for what they really are, a bunch of free loaders with moaning mouths they we the taxpayers 75% fund yet they cant even win one seat nor are they interested in being accountable to one electorate.