Sarah Torrent has real bad taste in men and I am not talking about Kim Dotcom

Sarah Torrent has been described as a victim of poor treatment at the hands of NZ customs. Kim Dotcom and the media have claimed that she was picked on because she is staying at his place. What they all neglected to mention is that there are many reasons why she would be of interest to Customs. I am not an award winning journalist like David Fisher ( heck, I am not even a journalist ) but I do know how to use google and look what I have uncovered about Sarah Torrent.


Exhibit A would have to be her boyfriend.

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 10.34.13 PM Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 10.33.14 PM Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 10.32.20 PM

Want to read her boyfriend’s article? Have a look here.

Lovely chap isn’t he? The kind you would love to invite around to tea to meet Grandma.

Sarah appears to share his views too which is just super as having things in common is what keeps a relationship strong right?

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 10.31.53 PMOf course this delightful specimen of humanity has other hobbies beside racism. She also likes to pose with weapons. I wonder if she has a gun license and I wonder what Obama thinks of her attitude towards him?


Add to all this her involvement in Bitcoins and the fact that she was born in Syria, we don’t really need to throw Kim Dotcom into the mix to give NZ Customs a reason to be concerned now do we? Mind you her boyfriend is a hacker and maybe just maybe Kim Dotcom might have a little job for him. Dirty politics II perhaps?

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 10.59.42 PM

Let’s not mince words shall we? This is one hard core, anti establishment,hacker dating, racist, anti-Semitic, bitcoin trading daughter of Persia!  Syria!



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  • murrayirwin

    You guys do some great work here on Whaleoil… Wouldn’t have found this story otherwise….

    • Watcher

      I would never have found it either given that I have been herald free for 6 days now.

      • Dave

        And I doubt you would have ever found the whole truth in the Herald either, they seem to be singing from DotComs song book once again, well, DotComs paid writer seems to be singing for him again, truth in the piece about her was buried or ignored, it was not a balanced article.

  • Wheninrome

    I thought she looked like a blow up doll in the herald photo. Maybe she is a blow up doll.

    • Cadwallader

      “Blow-up” and “Syria” in the one post make for uneasy reading.

  • cows4me

    She sounds to much for Kimmy, he’ll do himself a mischief with that one, I hope he has medical insurance.

    • conwaycaptain

      I hope she has medical insurance KDC will SQUASH her

  • Wheninrome

    With this type of acquaintance wanting to visit it begs the question where are Kimmy’s political thoughts directing themselves.
    Is he now politically alienating himself from New Zealand, does he then become a persona non grata and able to be sent back to where he came from. There must be questions and answers on his immigration form concerning this type of thing.

  • Reaper

    Will Kim be introducing her to his good friend Hone? Perhaps they can all get together and discuss humility.

  • Pete

    She’s just a sweet young graphic designer according to Fisher, probably over here to design a new line in back packer friendship bracelets…

  • coventry

    Is KDC just shopping for an experienced prison monthly exercise facility ? For when he spends time back in the US of A.

  • Wheninrome

    NZ Customs upping their game, I suppose better late than never.

    • zotaccore

      But she ended up gaining entry – but why? Is she a threat? I’d say yes and she will no doubt be a collaborator in another KDC messed up scheme. At the very least she should be under surveillance.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well you SHOULD be a journalist SB! Sarah E Torrent is not nice – at all. I think the NZ Herald power/s that be need to stop and have a good look at the journalists they employ – no wonder customs stopped her – they would have known all this. I wonder – is she also involved in the lifestyle that Mona was involved in? Glad I cancelled my complimentary NZ Herald yesterday – after one week of receiving it. Why would anyone spend money on a newspaper that employs journalists who do not know how to do basic research and who like to cuddle up to criminals; and of course the nameless Editors who present editorial opinion as fact in an unbalanced and biased way?

    • Jacquelyne Taylor

      No she should not for the same reasons you decry the Herald you supposedly stopped subscribing to a long time ago Lesley..
      So why bother getting it again even for free? I have a good memory. I remember you saying so.

      And people still subscribe to the Herald for free or not for the same reasons they come here presumably? Probably not to similarly read opinions and assumptions which unfortunately are often presented as fact, also in an unbalanced and biased way too?

      • LesleyNZ

        The NZ Herald called me. I probably should not have bothered, but the lady I talked to was so nice.

        • pak

          Ha – know the feeling Lesley! Very nearly weakened myself after third call as Herald sometimes have good recipes and liked getting the TV schedule – plus was beginning to feel sorry for the people who were calling me and just doing their job.

  • Wheninrome

    So who is paying her bills. He is broke isn’t he, or have I missed something.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Her new sugar daddy KDC.

      • [MOD] One of our rules here: don’t tell lies. Either qualify it with “I imagine that KDC is paying” or have proof. We do not use this blog to float rumours.

        • CheesyEarWax

          My apologies, should have known better.

  • Watcher

    She is one mucked up lady.
    I really hope that as she matures she figures out what it is she actually is and represents. At the moment she comes across as a sandwich short.

    • spanishbride

      Apparently she is an ex Muslim but she appears to have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Her ‘ love ‘ is full of hate towards the Jewish people and black people. In his article he makes the most ridiculous statements. The funniest thing is that for white supremacist he looks like an Arab. He certainly has an Arab nose and I should know given my heritage LOL.
      Here is one of his statements for you to judge for yourself. Total nut-bar in my humble opinion:
      ‘If you believe the mainstream portrayal of World War II, the citizens of
      the United States sacrificed for the benefit of the Jews. My
      grandfather sacrificed his youth serving the Armed Forces, going blind
      in the defense of a foreign peoples. After we finished rescuing Jewry,
      we invited them into our home. We treated them as honored guests. They
      repaid us with treachery. They did the same thing to us that they did to
      the Germans. They took control of our systems of finance and law. They
      hyperinflated our currency. They corrupted our daughters and demanded
      they subject themselves to sex work to feed their families. These are a
      people that have made themselves a problem in every nation they occupy,
      including ours. What’s saddest is that we are the enablers of this
      problem. The Jews abused our compassion to build an empire of wickedness
      the likes the world has never seen.’

      • Watcher

        Yip I read that.

        Thats him, he’s a mental piece of work and so is she as she cannot see the wood for the trees.

        Puts our dear germanic resident in perspective though, and that is a good thing. A nice dose of cleansing WO sunlight, is good for the soul. Well my soul anyway.

      • Huia

        Is there really such a thing as an ex Muslim?
        What a load of codswallop from the boyfriend, another loser who can only hit the ‘look at me’ factor by putting this sort of retarded thinking on the internet.
        She is a dangerous ill educated, twisted try hard, with at least one and a half brain cells, but also very much of the ‘look at me’ ilk. Hence the pulled up skirts (really have seen better drumsticks on a chicken), posing with guns and pathetic messages. Stupid bint.
        Wonder what the facts are and what she is really doing here in NZ especially with the Giant Onesie.
        Corruption at its best.

      • Orange

        She says she is a hard out nationalist which I thought meant national socialist or nazi?

      • Kevin

        I love the fact he whines about not being able to be an expert witness …

  • Jacquelyne Taylor

    Just one small question SB? Confused? Since when does Sarah Torrent born in Syria, make her a daughter of Persia?

    • spanishbride

      I have noticed that some women from Iran don’t like to say that they are Iranian and say instead that they are Persian. I have seen other Middle Eastern women from other countries refer to themselves as Persian so that was how I was using it. It is a general term for a woman from the Middle East. I could call myself half Persian instead of Lebanese for example.

      • rangitoto

        She claims to be Semitic which would mean Arab or Jewish rather than Persian.

        • spanishbride

          Today, the word “Semite” may be used to refer to any member of any of a number of peoples of ancient Middle East including the Akkadians, Assyrians, Arameans, Phoenicians, Hebrews (Jews), Arabs, and their descendants.[2]
          Ok you are factually correct and I am in error to use the word Persian to describe someone from Syria. Factually only those from Iran can be decribed using that word my apologies.She is deliberately being mischievous however when she refers to herself as Semite as we all know that being anti-semitic is commonly held to mean anti Jew

          • Jacquelyne Taylor

            Thankyou for the acknowledgement that you are factually incorrect spanishbride although it would have been good to see that and the apology directed correctly given I brought the subject to your attention…

            ‘She is being deliberately mischievious however’.
            We ‘all know’ and ‘commonly held to mean’ are not facts either they are highly polarising assumptions that are not necessarily true..
            I am not anti assumptions, unless of course ‘we all know they are commonly mischievious’.
            I am pro facts though, rather than added perhaps’s maybe’s and ‘mind you’.

            So I did mind you..

            She is Syrian born, and a Semite by your own admission. So you either didn’t google properly or perhaps you too are/were being mischievious?
            See what I did there?
            Were you? If so why? Just so you can link all those linked names/countries assumptions together to make an added back ‘story’ out of nothing to Fishers?
            In this you sounded just like a Herald journalist in my opinion and it wasn’t him..

          • LesleyNZ

            Jacquelyne – what is your point? You ask the question when you already know the answer. Are you trying to catch SB out here? You sound like you are a sympathetic supporter of Kim Dotcom and his choice of friends.

  • ex-JAFA

    Has she cause KDC to breach bail? (pic)

    • Watcher

      Good point dear fellow.
      I am sure that Coatesville is just a tad further than 80K’s

    • Reaper

      One can only hope.

    • Dave

      Perhaps we also need to look beyond anything the fat one tweets and cries, he is a BS artist of the highest order, smoke screens will be everywhere, my money remains this is all about him and business deals, his bitcoin stash, and a young attractive lady to please him. Compared to you Kim, she might as well be a hobbit!

  • mommadog

    I had read of the boyfriends article and I’m not surprised his home is the Ozark Mountains. Having lived in Arkansas for 18 months there are some great people but some real hillbillies that don’t come into the cities, don’t finish school, live in fear and superstition passed through the generations and it often includes racism.

    • spanishbride

      If he is a hillbilly he is a very sophisticated one given his imprisonment for hacking. I wonder what the broadband is like in the mountains?

      • mommadog

        He has certainly moved on if he has come from that hillbilly background. However there are also well off people who buy land in the mountains and families/groups that get into guns and survival training in case the end of the world is close. A very interesting mix. The mountains give plenty of space to hide out if that’s what someone wants but there are also some great places to stay, hike, swim, canoe and generally hang out as a “tourist/visitor”. Its very pretty and I took my parents there when they visited me.

      • Aucky

        Probably about two banjos in width.

  • George

    Real news, real facts and great journalism. KDC’s real colours are coming home to roost. Is this why he hijacked the Mana Party and despises JK? Only white non Jews should be in charge?

  • tinfoilhatguy

    The good people protecting our borders do an awesome job with little thanks. They keep a lot of weapons and drugs off the street, and keep a large number of undesirable people from setting up shop here. If they had reason to detain Sarah for 7 hours, then that’s good enough for me.

    From the looks of the background material they got it right.

    • Huia

      But they let her in didn’t they? someone with that kind of thinking and those kind of contacts shouldn’t be here poisoning our well.

      • ex-JAFA

        Seven hours might be time enough to get a surveillance warrant approved and to slip some sort of transmitter into her luggage…

    • KGB

      I do however wonder if she should have been allowed in at all. Based on evidence provided by WO, she could have been denied entry.

  • Albert Root

    Any chance of an opinion piece from Currie or Fisher? Rudman’s never received an award, so maybe it’s his turn to milk Jabba the German?

  • Wine Man

    This girl is neither intelligent or bright, lets just hope her visit to DotCrim will only put her on the radar of the FBI in the states, if she isnt already, I am sure there would be a few female African Americans who would like to teach her about the US prison system.

  • fred flintstone

    NZ immagration seem to let any one enter the country.
    Take Russell Norman as an example.

    • peterwn

      They did tell Holocaust denyier David Irving he was not welcome and told the LAX check-in not to board him. MSM journos who invited him to NZ were rather upset.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Kim has a very fragile ego and needs to get attention. The thing is he’s
    got nothing – he’s a major yawn, so he settles on a bit of media limelight by proxy.
    Someone female, not too bad to look at and not too bright will do fine.

  • xennex

    Correction for your article: Gun licenses don’t exist in the US.

    • I think if you are under 4 you need a letter from mummy, though ….

    • manuka416

      Er, yes they do. Gun laws differ by state, with many different permit requirements for acquiring and carrying firearms.

      • xennex

        Some states require a permit for certain classes for firearms, but licenses as we know them don’t exist. There’s a difference between a permit and license – the permit allows the purchase of the firearm, whereas a license allows continued ownership. I should have been clearer.

  • caochladh

    Fisher should take a leaf out of his mate’s DotCrim book and change his name to Fizzer.

  • Kevin

    With the copy of Mein Kampf, the photos, the jews run hollywood tweet, and this, anyone who doesn’t think Kim Dotcom is either a neo-nazi or neo-nazi sympathiser has his head in the sand.

  • Guest

    While Customs was fooling with this silly little girl how many real terrorists slipped by?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    OK, I will ask the question.
    “Why is she here and when will she leave?”
    What’s that? she will stay at the Mansion as long as KDC is here?
    Check for hidden data in private places.
    Overboard Pete Mod? you think about it

  • I.M Bach

    Quite a few people praised the border authorities for detaining and questioning this individual and I agree, they were quite right to detain and question her. Where they fell down was not rotating her on the spot and showing her the ‘exit’ sign on the border.

  • Warren

    KDC will have a motive for this jew hater to be here. Just hope Jk has good security especially for his son while out with his mates. Until this fat German is out of the country Jk and his family are his target.