Saturday nightCap


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  • symgardiner

    What a pile of nanny state socialist BS.
    If Uber doesn’t mature it will die. A bit like JetStar that many people won’t fly because of the service levels.

    • Mark

      Yeah Andrew,why do you hate freedom?
      If Uber doesn’t address it’s issues,competition will force it to.

  • JJ

    I think I prefer Eleanor Catton.

  • hrs

    A lot of rhetoric, but not really any substance. Alarmist cries. He is basically saying market forces are evil and lead to exploitation – the answer to which is nanny state regulation and union based taxi drivers.

    • Never in the dark…..

      Not just me then.

      It may be derogatory, but he’s the epitome of a whinging pom.

    • Matt Pearce

      Agreed, him saying its bad for prices to go up in an emergency is rubbish, that system works, If the prices don’t go up then who will risk driving around in an emergency without extra compensation