Saturday nightCap


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  • Warren Murray

    How much?

    • andrewo

      More than if you bought a car and a plane…

  • Whatever they say Mr Whale,,,you have never removed any of my comments.
    I think that pretty well sums it up.

    Keep it up!!!

  • waldopepper

    regardless of wether this is indeed a working prototype or simply a well demonstrated plane that has car qualities, i think the problem with car planes will always be that the tests to get a drivers license v a pilots license are substantially different. a pilots license is significantly more difficult to get, and who wants to study for a year to be able to drive their car. perhaps when computer software is up to the task of autopilot flight from start to finish AND humans are happy to be removed from the equation and will entirely trust their lives to a computer, similar to the transport option in logans run, then these might work. until then i think human nature will prohibit them.

  • andrewo

    All that effort to produce a vastly expensive vehicle that is a crap as a car yet barely flies. Exactly who is its target market?