Saudi Arabia’s great big wall to keep out ISIS

When Israel built a wall to keep out terrorists the left-wing and media called them racist and creating an apartheid state. They continue this insult to this day.

I wonder perhaps what those same people, including anti-semitic cartoonist Malcolm Evans who is now residing at Martyn Martin Bradbury’s hate-speech blog will say about the Great Saudi Wall being built to keep out ISIS.



When a raiding party from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attacked a Saudi border post last week, it was no mere hit on a desert outpost.

The jihadists were launching an assault on the new, highest profile effort by Saudi Arabia to insulate itself from the chaos engulfing its neighbours.  

The Saudis are building a 600-mile-long “Great Wall” – a combined fence and ditch – to separates the country from Iraq to the north.

Much of the area on the Iraqi side is now controlled by Isil, which regards the ultimate capture of Saudi Arabia, home to the “Two Holy Mosques” of Mecca and Medina, as a key goal.

The proposal had been discussed since 2006, at the height of the Iraqi civil war, but work began in September last year after Isil’s charge through much of the west and north of the country gave it a substantial land border with the Kingdom to the south.

The border zone now includes five layers of fencing with watch towers, night-vision cameras and radar cameras.

Riyadh also sent an extra 30,000 troops to the area.

It is not the only fence with which Saudi Arabia has chosen to surround itself. Despite the difficulty of access to westerners, the country is relatively open to fellow Muslim nations, particularly during the Haj season when pilgrims from across the world come to Mecca and Medina.

However, that is changing in changing times.It has also created a physical barrier along parts of the even longer, 1,000-mile border with Yemen to the south.

If these guys are too radical for the Saudis, then what does that tell you about ISIS.


– The Telegraph


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  • JC

    “If these guys are too radical for the Saudis, then what doe that tell you about ISIS.”

    It tells me “You reap what you sow”. Apart from oil, Radical Wahhabi Islamism is a leading Saudi export.


    • sandalwood789

      “…Radical Wahhabi Islamism is a leading Saudi export.”

      Yes, it is. The Saudis are spending many millions of dollars per year setting up mosques all over the world.

      • Intrigued


        Cited in “Because they hate” 2008, Gabriel, B:

        “Between 1975 and 2002, the Saudis spent over $70 billion to spread their noxious brew of arrogant and intolerant Islam all over the world. In Pakistan alone, the Saudis spend approximately $350 million per year to operate madrassas. The Saudis have built 210 Islamic centers, 202 colleges, more than 1,500 mosques, and almost 2,000 schools to “educate” Muslims about their “sacred obligation of jihad” to make Islam “supreme in this world.”Alex Alexiev, “Wahhabism: State- Sponsored Extremism Worldwide,” Testimony before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security, June 26, 2003

        “…the amount of money pouring into U.S. universities from the radical Wahhabi Saudis as revealing as it is distressing. As of this writing, the extent of influence peddling that has taken place is as follows: King Fahd has donated $20 million to set up a Middle Eastern studies program at the University of Arkansas; $5 million was donated to UC Berkeley’s program by two Saudi sheikhs linked to al Qaeda. Harvard has received $22.5 million, and $28.1 million has gone to Georgetown…$11 million to Cornell; $5 million to MIT; $1.5 million to Texas A&M; $1 million to Princeton. Rutgers received a $5 million chair endowment, as did Columbia, which tried to conceal the source of funds. Other recipients of Saudi- tainted monies include UC Santa Barbara, Johns Hopkins University, Rice University, American University, the University of Chicago, USC, UCLA, Duke University, Syracuse University, Howard University, and countless others. We pump the gas; they pump their way into the hearts and minds of young freshmen.”

        I hate to think what the figures are by now in 2015!

        • MaryLou

          And I wonder if there have been any endowments here?

          • Intrigued

            Yep looks like it! Just did a very quick google search and found this!
            It raises some very interesting questions that ought to be asked of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It doesn’t say how much the check was for and that would be interesting to know.

            “Last updated: 1/14/2012 2:03 PM

            Saudi Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand Hands Check to Head of Islamic Endowments

            Canberra, August 30. Saudi Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand Hassan bin Tala’t Nazer handed over here today a check to Head of Islamic Endowments for Propagation and Education in New Zealand Mohammed Jalaleddin as financial assistance provided by the Kingdom for endowment works in New Zealand.

            Jalaleddin expressed his appreciation of and thanks to the King for this assistance which will benefit Muslims in New Zealand.

            The ambassador also received a cable of thanks from New Zealand’s foreign minister to the Kingdom for supporting Islamic endowment works for propagation and education in his country.”

          • MaryLou

            Well done on the research! Two things jump out: 1. We ACTUALLY have a Head of Islamic Endowments, and 2. They didn’t want to say how much the cheque was for?!?

            If there’s actually a position like that in existence, one must assume he handles a fair few cheques??

          • Intrigued

            Mmmm…yes and I think this is what might be described as the “thin edge of the wedge” as I’ve also discovered the following article from August last year:

            It seems the Saudi King is paying millions of dollars to have nearly 2000 of his people educated in New Zealand universities. It’s when they start sponsoring a Middle Eastern Studies programme or faculty and install an academic from Saudi as chair or senior lecturer that we will be in trouble – if they haven’t already! That’s what has happened in the US and everywhere else so it’s bound to be the case here. Soften up the minds of our young to their propaganda of hate of Western ideals of democracy and free speech etc along with their pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic, anti-US, anti-Israel and anti-Christian rhetoric.

  • john Doe

    Fortunately NZ does not need to have walls and ditches to keep the scourge out. We do however need to review our immigration policy to keep more Muslims from entering our country until this world war against terror has ended.

    • Rex

      This war will never end john. so ,your,other suggestion is the logical one.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Great – we can stop inviting in more “refugees”, and check the radicality of those wanting to migrate or “work” or “study” here.
      Meanwhile, the ones already here are busy out-breeding us at a far greater rate than our allowance of new migrants, and we support them doing that.

      Yes, we pay the bills.
      And we will pay the piper.

  • paul468

    Totally agree – too late after they are here. Stop them getting in is the solution. We only get one chance at this. Stop all muslim immigration.

    • I.M Bach

      The plate is still available.

      • bristol

        As is…

  • steve and monique

    We just need to stop allowing Muslims in . And as far as those already here. Any sign of trouble, and see ya later. They simply cant be trusted, and will destroy what we all hold dear.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Social networks is the answer.

      Any sign of trouble, and see ya’s ALL later (that is, every single member of their extended family, associates and regular contacts – anyone that could possibly have given them encouragement and support – financial, ideological, or moral)

  • Wallace Westland

    I have no sympathy for the Saudis. They have been fuelling and funding radical Muslims like Hamas and Al Qaeda for years and years.
    They are the most totalitarian of nations at applying Sharia law and are a truly miserable, humourless bunch of gits when you have to deal with them personally.
    It would come as no surprise to me if the nutbars in ISIS decided to attack their precious enclaves and I’d happily watch if a couple of tactical nukes were launched to sort the lot of them out if it happens.

  • symgardiner

    The Saudi’s have bought this on themselves with their support and funding of these groups. You couldn’t payment enough to go anywhere near Saudi or UAE at the moment. I’d rather go to Iran. At least they are not complete nut jobs.

  • rangitoto

    I suspect the house of Saud might have more to worry above inside the fence than outside.

  • Amanda Atkinson

    Israel’s walls were not built for self preservation. They pushed Palestinian people out of their home and villages, then built the walls so those people could not get back in. The sad sad thing about all of this is that the terrorist extreme Jews (Zionists) are not held to account for all of this. Before Jews first started arriving en mass in Israel after WW2, Palestinians and Jews, by and large, happily co-existed. That continued during the beginnings of the mass migration. Most of the Jews arriving in Palestine, just wanted a safe home, and they found it, “alongside” the Palestinians. Sadly, amongst these Jews, were the Zionists, the extreme terrorist Jews. Their goal, was not just to move to Palestine, but to drive the Palestinians out, and take it over, have it all for themselves. That is what caused all of this. Most Jews just wanted to share Palestine/Israel. Zionists wanted/want the Palestinians either out altogether or dead.

    • spanishbride

      The Jewish people are not terrorists. Inside Israel Jews and other religions co-exist and everyone is equal. They even have gay beaches. You will not find that kind of tolerance and democracy in any other Middle Eastern country. The only terrorists are the ones with the repeated stated aim of driving the Israeli people into the sea. The only terrorists are the ones who refuse to stop firing rockets daily into Israel, building tunnels under the border and until the wall was built sending suicide bombers across the border. It is not possible to co-exist with Hamas who want the genocide of the Jewish people. Israel have tried appeasement and giving them land but they want all the land and Israel removed from the map. It angers me that people like you blame ‘ Zionists ‘ when there would immediately be peace if Hamas stopped their terrorist attacks against Israel. The wall is only needed because of Hamas.
      Try being a Christian or Jew or gay in Palestine and see how long you live.

  • Albert Lane

    I think you’re missing something here. In 1948, when Israel was formed, the adjoining Arab states decided to invade and to destroy it. They told all Arabs to leave their towns and villages in Israel (which they did), and they were told that when the Israelis were eliminated, they could then return and resume their lives. However, according to the references I have read, the Arabs got an unexpected hiding, and have had several similar hidings during several wars that have occurred since 1948. My reference material also says that the Israeli government also has several Arab MPs. And by reading further, Arab countries have over the years forced Jews to leave, and they have had to abandon their homes and properties, and there has never been any compensation or apology. Most of the refugees have found refuge in Israel, which is under threat by Hamas and Iran and Hezbollah etc. By looking at your comment, you give one side of the argument, but you fail to look at the historical implications, and by looking at them, you will also find that the Palestinians are actually not Palestinians but Jordanians and Egyptians and others. The land they want is actually not theirs historically. Yes, there are two sides to every argument, and I am sure that a number of our readers will be able to clarify the matter as to what is actually going on over there.

  • Luis Cannon

    And when the wall is breached they can escape to their upmarket properties in major cities of the world and live on the proceeds of their Swiss bank accounts.