And they say my comments section is dreadful

The mainstream media and the disaffected left like to claim that the comments section here at WOBH is dreadful.

Fairfax owns?used to own a fair chunk of Trade Me, even after they sold some down, until 2012 when they dumped the remaining shares.

Here is just one example of comments that stand at Trade Me.

deaththreat to PM

Wishing death on the most popular Prime Minister New Zealand has ever seen?

You won’t see that in my comments section, nor against anyone else. But there it is in the Trade Me message boards.

The narrative doesn’t suit the media though, they have to demonise and attack this site, they do it I believe out of fear.

Though if you asked them they would revert to their position of 12 months ago that blogs are irrelevant and not at all influential.

Bit of a disconnect there as they say in the trade.

For a blog that is so ineffectual and irrelevant they sure put a lot of energy into trying to destroy it. If they put as much energy into their sub-editing then maybe their tired old rag of a newspaper might have some credibility.

As for the commenter above…I suspect they don’t realise that if asked by the Police then Trade Me will hand over their details in a heart beat. They aren’t as anonymous as they make out they are.


– Trade Me