And they say my comments section is dreadful

The mainstream media and the disaffected left like to claim that the comments section here at WOBH is dreadful.

Fairfax owns used to own a fair chunk of Trade Me, even after they sold some down, until 2012 when they dumped the remaining shares.

Here is just one example of comments that stand at Trade Me.

deaththreat to PM

Wishing death on the most popular Prime Minister New Zealand has ever seen?

You won’t see that in my comments section, nor against anyone else. But there it is in the Trade Me message boards.

The narrative doesn’t suit the media though, they have to demonise and attack this site, they do it I believe out of fear.

Though if you asked them they would revert to their position of 12 months ago that blogs are irrelevant and not at all influential.

Bit of a disconnect there as they say in the trade.

For a blog that is so ineffectual and irrelevant they sure put a lot of energy into trying to destroy it. If they put as much energy into their sub-editing then maybe their tired old rag of a newspaper might have some credibility.

As for the commenter above…I suspect they don’t realise that if asked by the Police then Trade Me will hand over their details in a heart beat. They aren’t as anonymous as they make out they are.


– Trade Me


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  • The Whinging Pom

    I’m sure Ms Vance’s keyboard is running hot as she dashes off an opinion piece expressing outrage at this.

    • coltheman

      Yeah right! A case of Tui is on the way to your house.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Or more likely Andrew Little is the next PM!! LoL…

  • Tippex

    Agreed. TM comments take ‘Vile’ to a whole new level.

  • Crookednose

    TV3s comments section to news items are just as top quality as trade me.

  • Jas

    The funny/ironic thing is the likes of John Key and the other people she hates so much are the ones providing the money so she can live on a benefit being a bludger.

  • HSV325

    Wonder if savanna71 is selling anything at the moment?

    • Chris EM

      Selling a manifold for a Mitsubishi Evo which is steam driven?

  • Rex

    Why isn’t someone like this arrested for inciting people to KILL the PM!? Surely it is a crime?!

    • coltheman

      That TM comment was referred to the GCSB yesterday.

    • spanishbride

      No, the PM deleting his texts is a crime ( according to the Greens at least )

  • And yet TM message boards have seen such a large number of people people banned for considerably less than that. They used to have good moderatorsand even better “nannies” that seemed to read every comment and report every second posting.

  • Captain Darling

    Hmm someone at tradeMe must be reading this blog, that comment has now been deleted.

    • Will Travers

      Sadly, the whole article has been deleted.

    • Will Travers

      But laughably enough the whole savana71 account has also been deleted!

  • cows4me

    I reckon this type of comment should be encourage, it highlights the total lunatics, scumbags, fruitcakes that seek something other then what we have. It’s great advertising for what the society these anarchists would have us living under.

    • Whitey

      Yes, that’s one of the important things about freedom of speech. It lets people tell us what their agenda really is.

  • steve and monique

    Gutless, and shows the depth of idiocy that is rife within the left.

  • Rick H

    Hamilton, Boy Racer with fav quote “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”

  • Rick H

    What is it with these lefties, the way they “hate” John Key like they do?
    He has done nothing whatever to deserve any of this hatred. In fact, he has probably done more to help these very lefties than anybody else in a very long time.

    Think of the last 4 Labour Leaders; all of them have been absolutely dreadful, yet nobody at all speaks about them in this hateful way, let alone talking about killing any of them.

    It just makes no sense at all.

    • Jas

      Because he is successful and has money and stopped them winning under MMP which in a normal course of events means they always win. Remember before him they had 9 years of power.

    • Nige.

      It has to do with the colour of envy.

    • Positan

      Labour = Personal and political inadequacy. End of story.

  • caochladh

    If you want to watch one of the best takes on MSM modus operandi, then you need to view the BBC comedy “Hacks” with Michael kitchen.

  • Spiker

    In the days before the internet it was hard to know who these people among us were. Now they have means to openly advertise their murderous thoughts to anyone who wants to look.

  • Hoju

    If you look at questions on his/her past Trademe auctions you will see the following comment:
    “Fair enough, could you email me as i would like to buy michelle8(at) savanna71 (413) 2:51 pm, Tue 25 Nov ”
    For somebody who’s life is so public you’d have to wonder why he is expressing the desire to knock off the PM.

  • Christie

    Your blog is the best moderated blog by far. Comments are mostly well thought out and relevant. Beats every other blog hands down. PS – why is it OK to make statements like that about the Prime Minister? I was never a Helen Clark fan, but I would never have said – or even thought – anything like that about her. What ever happened to respect? Kim Dotcom brought us to a new low in the election campaign, didn’t he?

    • Hedgehog

      Shows the type of voter that is pro Greens or Labour and I’d prefer they keep him. He has no pride for NZ or other NZers, just a hater.

    • Oh i did think it about Aunty Helen, but i would never say it, do it or encourage others to do it. it was just an expression of my anger towards her government.

    • Davo42

      “Comments are mostly well thought out and relevant. Beats every other blog hands down.”

      I think it comes down to the IQ and reasoning skills that seem to be abundant in whaleoilers. Often I read an article and form a certain opinion, but I always take the time to read others contributions first. Sometimes I find a comment that already states my position, and sometimes I read one that changes my point of view. The Mods can spot a troll or Wally a mile away and deal with them, this is why I keep coming back.

    • Gaynor

      The msm lead the way with disrespect towards our Prime Minister … Many a time I thought John Key should have walked away from some interviews.

  • sarahmw

    Well that will teach me not to go on Trade Me more often. Didn’t know you could comment like that and here I was thinking it was for buying and selling stuff. Comments like that wouldn’t pass the Mod here, standards here too high and quality is expected.

  • Tom

    Funnily enough the person who made the stupid statement hasn’t been banned.

    I might get stuck in and use Trademe to put all my death threats on.

  • caochladh

    The thing is, that most of the idiots who have managed to kill public figures have written about it in “social” media first. The idiot that wrote the piece in TM needs a good going over by authorities. I was thinking whilst commentating that the term “social” media doesn’t really fit the bill for the angry left, the outraged, the disaffected and the lunatics.

  • ProudChiwiSince1990

    If savanna71 gets a knock on the door from the men in blue, 100 bucks say that John Campbell will be wetting himself all over it claiming the GCSB is indeed ‘spying’ on kiwis. People should really learn that free speech does not equal free of consequences.

  • Michelle

    It is scary that these people are out there with their hate speech

    Surely it is a crime or at least it should be we hear about hate speech from Muslim’s but not a peep out of the MSM they will be happy to sit back and let it happen, despicable

    l hope they get hauled up before the courts but not going to hold breath, which is sad for all of NZ

  • Rod

    A bit late, name and address will be well and truly noted by the GCSB. As it should be.

  • Media Steriliser

    About me says “Our beautiful big, forever in our hearts 13/1/2012” – wonder what that means