Would you say this woman is another Eleanor Catton type?


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  • Andrea

    only one thing to do at that hahahahahahahaha PMSL

  • knight

    Only if that woman had to fly to some book festival in India, work a taxpayer funded arts type job, and whinge that she embarrased to represent short-term profit obsessed politicians intent on destroying the planet.

    After successfully getting the old mainstream media to publicise her views worldwide, and then attract a like minded audience on twitter, facebook, and soundbites from teenager pop stars, and elderly authors…… then yes…she could well be a so called type.

    I just saw a silly bint fall on her arse on an icy road.

    • All_on_Red

      Things we will never see. Eleanor Catton in India calling them out on the rampant rape culture which exists there…

      • ex-JAFA

        Well as an ambassador for New Zealand (although I can find no mention of her name on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website), she does have to exercise a degree of diplomacy in what she says…

        • All_on_Red

          Indeed and her comments to date prove what a good job she is doing in that regard. What a fine representative of our country she is./ sarc

  • Genevieve

    Well she is a little like Eleanor, formed a crazy opinion, voiced it, and ended up on her a*** looking rather foolish. ;)

  • bluehibiscus

    Eleanor, is very boring for one so young.

  • labourmustbeliquidated

    I hear Eleanors book is a pretentious piece of crap too, which is not surprising because books that win awards usually are.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Waste of money?
      Effort = time = money, Paper = murdered trees = money, Ink = petrochemicals = money, Grants to Eleanor = taxes to us = our money, etc. etc.
      So yes, there are many levels of waste.

  • Nz front

    I think Eleanor needs a intervention maybe.